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Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/8/08
Now members are allowed to ask the moderators (not including team council members) to open a new Team that is currently not in existence. For example, Team Yoru or Team Kusu Kusu. To do this, you need to meet the following criteria:

1. You must not be a member in any teams already in existence, such as Team Hearts

2. You must not be part of the Staff in any way (not in Team Council or the Main Council)

3. The Team must be based on a Shugo Chara from the series not a human from the series.
For example, Team Kiseki is a possible team to set up but not Team Tadase

4. The Shugo Chara you choose must be one that is really from the series and there is information on that Shugo Chara. It cannot be a Shugo Chara that is rumoured that one of the characters have.
For example, Team Cross is not available for the moment since there has not been an appearance in the anime or much info on her. But a team can be set up on her once she makes an appearance

5. The Team name can be anything related to the Shugo Chara.
For example, to set up a team for Kiseki, you can call your team "Team Kiseki" or "Team King" but you need to tell us which Shugo Chara is your team for

6. Your Team cannot be for a Shugo Chara that already has a team in existence.
For example, you cannot have a Team Ran since Team Hearts is already in existence

7. You will be made the Team Chairperson once the Team has been approved and set up, but please note that if your team has low demand, it may be removed by the Main Council

Note: This thread is for creating a Team only! If you wish to join a Team, please post at the "Team Application" thread!
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Posted 5/3/10
Team Temari i<3 temari
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