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What do you like about Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryuu? What do you also dislike?
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31 / F / Ninja Headquarter...
Posted 1/18/09 , edited 1/18/09
Likes- How deeply and sincerely he loves
-All of him is Gorgeous....
-His strategic mind and calm expression
-His arrogance...yeah...I tend to love arrogant characters (Byakuya, Sesshomaru..the list goes on..)
-His....FANGS! ^^
-When he loosens up with Yuuki...and is relaxed.
-Him as a CHILD! KAWAII!
Dislikes - He doesn't smile enough
-The lonliness he endured.
-His bond with Rido...(if not for that...he'd of killed that bastard! >_>)

Likes- Woohoo! Silver hair! Major plus
-Character design...huge plus. On the outside...he's totally perfect!
-When he's covered in blood...
-Cocky attitude...brave til the end.
-He's a good cook! Alwayz good thing in a guy!
-Also love him as a CHILD! Too cute!! But...sorta masachistic! j/k! ^^
Dislikes -"pity me" attitude
-The fact that he can't accept WHAT he is...
-His obsession with killing ALL vampires. Yeah ONE killed your parents...not all of them! (Don't hurt the Night Class!)
-How he treats Yuuki...during like...a majority of the manga.
-and someone else said...his "suicidal position"
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F / ~~eArTh~~
Posted 1/18/09 , edited 1/18/09
both r cuten cool...
kaname:he likes yuuki(even though she iz his sis)
Posted 1/18/09 , edited 1/18/09

-He doesn't hide his feeling; he will just yell out loud if something is wrong
-His voice is definitely charming
-His love and loyalty towards Yuuki
-His possesive nature(dude, if you like someone and you are not possesive towards the person AT ALL, something is wrong with you!)
-his hair
-...and he knows how to cook(Aww, come on, that makes him cute, seriously xD)

-He respects Yuuki
-His calmness and maturity
-Cleverness. He knew how to kick his enemy's butt, REAL HARD and AT THE RIGHT WAY.
-His arrogant pride. You can smell his royaltiness MILES AWAY 8D


-His hatred toward Vampire, it is quite annoying >__>
-"Yuuki....Yuuki....Yuuki....Yuuki...." Could he just stop calling Yuuki? Yuuki is not the only girl in the world!
-His emoish side, come on, we don't want another emo character in an anime D8
-[-insert his angry, panicking look when he saw a vampire-]

-Sometimes he acted like a stalker to Yuuki(My friends told this to me xDDDD)
-It seems the only person he will ever respect is Yuuki (damn, he hasn't say thank you to Zero for slaying Rido, YET)
-Manipulative, I don't have to explain much about how he sucked Shizuka's blood(which caused Zero to be blamed for killing her) and used Zero.
-He tend to hide his feeling, so we won't know what the hell his is having in his mind D:

I'm done.
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