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F / Irvine, CA
Posted 12/8/08
You have a container full of Kimchi in your fridge right now.

You or your parents start singing when drunk.

The main reason why you want to go to college out of state is that you can get away from your parents.

Your parents are shorter than you.

You call a Korean older than you "Oppa/Hyung" or "Unnee/Nuna"

Your parents think church is a social event.

You had to miss out on Saturday morning cartoons as a child, attending the dreaded Korean School.

"No-Rae-Bang" is a common household word.

Your main source of income is New Year's.

Everyone asks if you're Chinese.

Your parents think anything goes with rice.

Your parents have never kissed you.

Your parents have never kissed each other.

Failing a class means finding a new place to live.

Your mom rents Korean soap operas and watches them daily.

Sleeping on the floor is nothing new to you.

Your parents yell your Korean name REAL loud in public places.

No matter how hard they try, your parents will never pronounce "wood" correctly.

You think ramen is the fifth food group.

You have to translate for your parents when ordering fast food.

Your mother has a short haired, curly perm.

Your parents still tried to get you into places half-price saying you're 12 when you're really 14.

You ask your parents help on your math homework and 2 hours later they're still lecturing you about how they knew it in 4th grade.

You have a 40 lb. bag of rice in your pantry.

You've had a bowl haircut in one part in your life.

You've had to sit through karaoke videos with ugly Asian women attempting to dance in a temple or park.

You've had to eat parts of animals they don't even put in hot dogs.

Piles of shoes tend to make it hard to open the front, back, and closet doors.

You hear (your name + eee (optional) + yah) every time someone calls you.

Your parents insist you marry someone Korean.

People see a bunch of scribble on chopsticks and ask you to translate.

Your parents simply cut off the green/black part off the bread and say "Eat it anyway, it's good for you."

Your parents have either forced you to play the piano, violin, or both.

Your parents read about some super nerd who has no life and got in the paper for scoring highest in the SATs and ask why you can't be more like him.

When an Asian girl with a white guy or an Asian guy with a white girl walks by, your parents STARE at them with their eyes popping out.

When you go to buffets, your parents make you eat until you think you're going to hurl, and even after you do, they say, "Good, eat more."

Your parents never participated in the "American" traditions of Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. You'll say, "Where's Santa Claus?" and they'll reply, "Santa Claus! Ptch! He's dead!" And then you'll start crying.

After you're get off the phone with someone from the opposite sex, your parents will start interrogating you about that person. You'll talk to someone from the opposite sex two days in a row, and your parents immediately think there's something going on.

You bring home straight As, and your parents say, "So? You're supposed to get that!"

When the bill comes, you practically beat each other up- saying that YOU'LL pay for the bill.

You either have to be a doctor, lawyer, or some big-time business tycoon.

There's a bottle of Soju in your parents' fridge.

You can't believe your parents could have conceived children.

You go out two Fridays in a row, and they yell that you go out too much.

You have the ability to tell the different Asians apart (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese).

When you had your first loose tooth, your parents promised to not to pull it out but just to LOOK at it, but when they did, they just yanked the baby out.

You think EVERYTHING is racial, like if someone is mildly rude to you.

You ridicule your parents' or Korean-Korean friends' taste in melodramatic K-dramas and K-pop, but you secretly watch and listen to it in your bedroom.

You think that anybody who doesn't agree that Francesco Totti OBVIOUSLY deserved a second yellow card in the 2002 World Cup is a racist.

You become physically ill when you are forced to consider the fact that in the past, maybe, just maybe, your parents actually had sex.

Your parents don't believe that partying and socializing with girls/boys is a healthy part of teenage life.

Your parents regard marrying a Chinese person as "interracial marriage".

You think that anybody who makes a less-than-laudatory remark about an Asian athlete must be a racist.

You regard archery just as much as a sport as boxing.

You get the sudden urge to speak Korean when around Korean people, even if they are majoring in English composition.

You have unwavering pride in the fact that despite Korea's historical hardships (being surrounded by China, Japan, and Russia), it has stood strong and now possesses the world's 11th richest economy.

You think Bush and his neo-conservative agenda is more dangerous to the world than Kim Jong-Il and his nukes.

You have to constantly explain to non-Koreans that kimchi is not a meal in itself, but just a side dish.

You feel great pride in the fact that Harold in "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" is Korean.

You have conflicting feelings about eating dogs: On one hand, you hate the few weird Koreans who actually do it, but on the other, you hate the judgmental non-Koreans who have arbitrarily decided that slaughtering bunnies and lambs are okay, but eating dogs is savage.

You think Tae Kwon Do can beat up Kung Fu, Judo, and Karate put together.

You know what short track speed skating is and you eagerly watch it every 4 years in the Winter Olympics.

Your parents regale you with stories about some kid they know who not only gets straight A's, but also speaks 10 languages (preferably all Asian ones), has saved the world at least twice, and is a mean golfer. And when you say, "Oh yeah, who is it? What's his/her name?", they fluster and try to find an escape route.

You point out the fact that the average South Korean male is about as tall as the average Frenchman, Italian, or Spaniard (source: Wikipedia "human height") when some dumbass inevitably cracks the "Asian guys are short" joke. Not that we care really: beauty is within.


You're proud to be Korean - and you pass these jokes on to all your Korean friends!

My answer:
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25 / M / O.C. So.Cal
Posted 12/15/08
LOL A LOT OF THIS STUFF IS TRUE ESPECIALLY THE BUFFET ONE, THE KID MY MOM READ IN THE NEWSPAPER AND THIS ONE When you had your first loose tooth, your parents promised to not to pull it out but just to LOOK at it, but when they did, they just yanked the baby out.

omg i love this list ty for sharing it with us
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 12/16/08
those lists are silly, and it's really funny.
but i think it's true although I'm not a Korean.
Posted 12/21/08

neow_neow wrote:
You have to constantly explain to non-Koreans that kimchi is not a meal in itself, but just a side dish.

they all think it's those packs of instant noodles lol.
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F / Canada
Posted 12/22/08
haha yeah. im a quarter korean. that count? nyehehe
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25 / F
Posted 1/1/09
My answers XPP

Posted 1/3/09
haha~ lol most of them r rely true!! man tht was funny but true i hate it bout the grade T-T i hve to plan to run away for a couple of days xD lol
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27 / M / With you
Posted 1/19/09
sadly its all so true
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33 / F / Somewhere Peaceful
Posted 2/6/09
haaa...i guess most asians have about the same mentality when it comes to the culture and daily routine but somehow it differs according to the country....
Posted 2/17/09

These ones are all true about me.
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25 / F / 949, California
Posted 3/1/09
i really think im part korean, but i cant be too sure. both of my parents were born in mexico. maybe one of my great-grandparents?

Posted 3/11/09
Im Korean-American becuz i was born in US but I know Korean and I go there every summer and my relatives are korean so i think im 1/66 Amereican
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F / Antique bookshop
Posted 3/23/09
so funny
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28 / M
Posted 3/25/09
omg.. hahaha,,, ah,, esp the chinese part... lmao that cracked me up especially since im learning chinese atm too kkkkkkkkkk XD
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25 / F / Panama (Latin Ame...
Posted 11/1/09
it's a pretty long list!
i read one that is "You know you're chinese when..."
but it's pretty much longer than the korean one..
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