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Posted 12/8/08
You guys know the drill.Start discussing ^^

In Tsubasa, we have our main characters from Card Captor Sakura; Sakura and Syaoran! Sakura is a princess and Syaoran is an archaeologist in the country of Clow; they are in love with each other, and one day, Sakura attempts to confess to Syaoran. Distracted by the town bell, Sakura has to go back the castle, but she promises Syaoran that she will tell him tomorrow. Touya is against Sakura being with Syaoran (just like in CCS again :O) but the priest says they are destined to be with each other.
That night, Sakura is drawn to the ruins of Clow and wings appear on her. Sakura was floating and the wall of the ruins started drawing her in, so Syaoran saves Sakura. The wings then get shattered into feathers and those feathers are her memories. Sakura's memories are scattered across several worlds, and with the help from Yuuko, the time space witch, Mokona (a kawaii white fluffy creature), Fai (a magician), and Kurogane (a ninja, samurai, whatever you think), Syaoran embarks on a journey to retrieve Sakura's memories.
For the price of Mokona (who helps the group travel through different worlds), Syaoran has to sacrifice Sakura not remembering Syaoran in her memories. Getting Sakura's memories is not a walk in the park though; in different worlds, the feather maybe fought over different people. Mokona senses these feathers because of its immense powers though, and the group finds the feathers. A story of drama and adventure awaits the group, as they travel in the story of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

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Main Characters:
★ Syaoran
★ Sakura
★ Fai
★ Kurogane
★ Mokona
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Posted 1/1/09
Hah.. I can't wait for the manga to finish! :]
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