Banner Contest 2
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Posted 12/9/08
1. It should have an ice cream theme.
2. All CR rules apply to this contest (PG-13 images and all that)
3. The size should be bigger than an avatar and smaller than a desktop wallpaper. Preferably banner width must be 450 px, height does not matter.
4. It should be creative.
5. You can use any software to make it
6. You can decorate in anyway you want like make it move or put glitters... or anything like that
7. You can make avi making groups make them for you but be sure to credit them.
8. Do not copy somebody else's work.
9. Deadline would be January 16, 2009.
10. We will choose the top 5 banners and conduct a vote for winners which will be from January 18, 2009 until January 30, 2009. Winner would be announced on January 31, 2009.
11. The banner that wins will be posted in the group profile until we have another banner contest.

You have 2 categories to choose from:
-Welcome Banner (It should contain the words Welcome to I Love Ice Cream)
-Join Now Banner (It should contain the words I Love Ice Cream

12. You are allowed to join both categories but we sure to post what category the banner you made is. If it doesn't have a category then it WILL NOT be counted.

Judging/ Rubrics:
creativity 35%
design 40%
originality 25%

For any another questions, please put them in this forum as well.
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Posted 12/22/08
Me ish entering in the Welcome Banner category!! ^-^

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Posted 12/23/08 , edited 12/23/08
I'm entering Join Now!! category...

Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/17/09
I wish I'm not too late
I'm entering Join Now! banner

Credits to ~celestine-aokawa-lim for the original picture
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