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Posted 12/9/08
(It's morning and the bell rang.)

Cindy: *Walks into locker room and pasts a huge mirror.*

Alexa: *Opens her locker and stares at Cindy.* Hey!

Cindy: Yea yea...*Takes my clothes out of Alexa's locker.*

Alexa: So uhhh...*Starts to change.*

Cindy: Yea? *takes off top and bottom, bra and underwear on* Hold on I'mma get a drink of water.

Alexa: Ok...*Rolls eyes and murmurs.*

Cindy: *Goes to fountain and drinks water.* *Turns and about to go back until I realized that there's a mirror.*

(Some girls doing their make up.)

Cindy: *Goes to one side and stares at self in a mirror for a while.*

Teacher: I don't think you should undress in front of a mirror...

Cindy: *Turns my head and looks at her.* No no, I'm not.

Teacher: *Walks off.*

Cindy: Hell yea! *Poses.* What's up, cutie?

Emma: There she goes...*Palms face.*

Alexa: *Stands right by Cindy and stares.* We know you're cute and hot, so go change already!

Cindy: H-hold on! *Leans against mirror.* I'll be sure to catch you later. Love ya! *Blows kiss.*

Alexa: Damn, you're very concieted you know that?

Cindy: I-I can't help it! *puts on P.E. uniform.* But I have to say, some other girls are more beautiful than me... *Smiles.* I envy them...I'm always lonely at home so I talk to the mirror from time to time when I'm bored since I can't use the computer at times.

Alexa: I see...*Nods slowly.* But talking to the mirror is gonna make you sound like the evil queen from Snow White. *Uses lotion.*

Cindy: *Dead silence. Falls over onto the floor.* *Sulks.*

Alexa: Holy fuck!!! Are you ok?!

Cindy: *Sniffles*...

Alexa: Ack...I'll kill you after this...*Gives a mirror.*

Cindy: !! Oh hey! *Buffs my hair.*

Alexa: Oh fuck...

Cindy: *Gives the mirror back.* You know I was only joking right? I'm good at acting, I know. It's my specialty. But seriously! I do stare into the mirror but not talk to it.

Alexa: *Grabs and pulls all the way to the gym.* I think we're late...

Teacher: Alexa...Cindy...50 push ups...

Cindy: *Feels doomed.* *Does push ups.*

Alexa: *Finishes.*

Cindy: T-t-twenty- t-two...*Tired as hell.*

Alexa: Poor you, "cutie."

Cindy: T-totally...*Lays flat.*...

Teacher: Ummm...Just run a volleyball court's lap...

Cindy: Wooh, I'm so good! *Gets up and about to run.*

Teacher: !! 30 more push ups!!!

Cindy: Aw, damn...
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Posted 12/9/08 moral ?
no.......exciting parts.....
just a chat in the changing room.......great
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