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Celebrity everyone love but you hate
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24 / F / Laval
Posted 12/29/08
its not like i hate them but everyone just talks about them and its annoying... im talking about
Yamapi :ok i liked him in kurosagi but thats all.....
maki :dont care for her but enjoyed the drama
Rainie yang : really dont care 4 her
Hannah montana : ok i might just hate her
Zannessa : okay i think i hate them
jonas brothers : first kevin is gay .. and i wont be afraid it the rest are either
Mastu.. : well dont hate him or dislike him just its annoying when everyone talks about him ....
im sure theres more ....
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F / Heaven
Posted 12/29/08
Rainie Yang - Seriously she needs to stop coming onto dramas now >.>

Miley Cyrus - I see hanna montanna everywhere on TV. Secret Diaries, dvd's, watches wtf..Get Her Off!! she is a slut >.>

Michael Jackson - I hate him...just everything. Never liked the guy and i dunno why.

Akon - Mainly because my lil brother keeps on repeating each and every song of his out loud on his PC

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26 / F
Posted 12/28/10

both of them..
one of Kame's step (anything that Kame would do next that catch my eyes), he would join the group..

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25 / F
Posted 12/28/10 , edited 12/28/10
Jay Chou
Rainie Yang
Ariel Lin
Park Shin Hye
Song Seung Hun
Ella Chen
Horikita Maki
Jae Joong
Koo Hye Sun
Kim Hyun Joong
Karina !!!
Tyra Banks
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31 / M / New York City
Posted 12/28/10
kim bum I don't hate him but i don't think his acting is good...
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