its time to duel
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Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/10/08
hackfan duel me
Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/10/08
Ok,it look like it my turn.
My turn, (Draw Phase) Draw! (Standby Phase-Main phase) I play double Summon,It let me play two monster this turn.So i summon Speed Warrior and Junk Synchron.Then I tuner my Lv.3 Junk Syncron to my Lv.2 Speed Warrior to Synchro summon my lv.5 Junk Warrior.To end my turn, (Main phase 2) I put two cards face down on the field. (End phase) I end my turn.It your turn!>=D

Zone1:Zone2:Zone3:Junk Warrior,Atk:2300 Zone4: Zone5: Graveyard:3 Lifepoint:8000

SpellZone1:Face down SpellZone2:Face down SpellZone3:SpellZone4: SpellZone5 Deck

Junk Warrior:When this card is synchro summon,It gains ATK equal to the total ATK of all lv.2 and lower monster on the field.
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