Post Reply Kaoru's Skills: How do you think he got them?
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Posted 12/9/08
As I was watching the episodes, I kept seeing comments about how incredible Kaoru's skills are. As a Kaoru fan, I was impressed by his skills and wondered about how he got them. At the beginning, he was normal, learning about survival along with everyone else. However, later in the show, he starts to do incredible things like kill a huge fish with one shot or jumping 50 ft in the air to stop a robot from killing the group.

I think he was born with them. He's got ninja blood. No one else can hide, hunt, or move like he can. He can balance on anything, can adapt to different situations quickly, and can endure harsh weather to running for your life without changing his expression.

How do you think he got his skills?
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Posted 1/3/09
I don't know, I think he knew the skills all along and is just a smart kid to begin with. He's just one of those characters who know how to survive right off the bat.
Posted 1/7/09
I think it is not only because he is a smart kid, but because of his training at the space pilot academy. He has got some mad skills!
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Posted 3/4/09
Its simple. He got a few level ups. Actually I think its just his ability to adapt. He's had a lot happen to him, and add to that, he has a very intuitive mind. I'm pretty sure he picked up karate somewhere, because in the opening theme it shows him practicing a form. So the martial arts sure help with his precision and sharp eye sight.

Other than that, probably shouldn't let logic get in the way of good entertainment.
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Posted 5/25/10
kaoru is the best! I think he was born like that! your point is right chocopyro...
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