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Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/10/08
I'm just wondering which personality you guys prefer between the uptight cool personality or funny friendly guy? I always see actors portray this type of personality, so I'll try to explain it more in detail. I'm not talking about comparing the guy's looks or hotness. Please choose between the personality they portray in the drama.

Uptight Cool Personality
This is the type of guy who doesn't really express his feelings much. It doesn't mean the guy is heartless or cruel. He just keeps his feelings bottled up because he is either too shy or he was brought up that way. He mostly like to be alone but doesn't avoid people like the plague. He is not an otaku! He will only open up to you if you get to know him better. He will do things to help you when you are troubled. However, he won't let you know about it or even tell you that he'll help you. If he ever develops a crush on you, he'll secretly watch you but won't approach you directly. It'll take a while for him to express his feelings for you.

Example: Oguri Shun's character Rui in Hana Yori Dango

The Funny Friendly Guy
This is the type of guy that expresses his feelings a lot. He will talk to you one first day of class if you are a new transfer student. When he's hungry, he'll tell you he is hungry and even invite you to each lunch together. He'll make you laugh at his jokes and you'll feel very comfortable being around him. He'll treat you like one of his guy buddies therefore it is a bit complicated to know if he likes you as a woman or not. It might not take that long for him to express his feelings for you since he opens his heart to anyone.

Example: Ikuta Toma's character Nakatsu Shuichi

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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/22/08
I'll go for Uptight-Cool Personality...the funny-friendly type is not bad, it's actually nice to have people like that around but I luv guys who's got mysteriousness on them...
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Posted 5/19/09 , edited 5/19/09
I like the funny-friendly guy!! thats a plus for me XD!!
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