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Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/9/08
I was just thinking of death note and higurashi at the same time and I thought how wonderful a couple light and rena would make, they would either kill each other or work together wonderfully...just a random thought to break the ice

Rena: Light, where did you put the Christmas decorations I wonder, I wonder?

Light: I don't know, look im busy making my......Christmas list..... why dont you go play in the dump

Rena: Where did you put the lights!!?!!?!

Light: It has nothing to do with me!!!!

Rena: LIAR!!!

Light: *Laughs*

Rena: *Laughs*
Posted 1/18/09
hell ya the would but it would be awesome to see that
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Posted 12/29/11
LOL! That was good!
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