[Game] Minna Daisuki!
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Hey pplz! Continue on with the story! >_<

In Seiyo Academy, there are five guardian members.
Hotori Tadase (King's Chair), Mashiro Rima (Queen's chair), Yuiki Yaya (Ace's Chair), Fujisaki Nagihiko (Jack's Chair), and Hinamori Amu (Joker).
One day,,,

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dia get out of her egg and introduce her self to the charas and the talk about the past when they met amu hinamori the now joker of the seiyo academy *bow bow
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Dia: Thx for the story^^ I understand a lot about Amu-chan now^^
Ran, Miki, Suu: Haha -0- No sweat >_<
Dia: OK, gotta go back to my egg and get some sleep ^^
Suu: Dame Desu! >_< You should stay outside like us DESU!! >0<
Dia: Good Night, Minna^^
Ran, Miki, Suu: DIAAAA~~!!!! T0T
Dia goes back into her egg,, -_-
Amu comes in the Seiyo Garden with the guardians.
Amu: Doshitano? Anta tachi,, -_-
Ran: Dia came out of her egg, and went back in T_T
Amu: o0o HONTOU??
Miki: Amu-chan,, -_-
Amu lifts up the Dia egg and shake it really hard -_-
Amu: DIA!! DIA!! DIA!! Wake up and come out~~!! =0=
Dia inside her egg: >_<;;
Ran, Miki, Suu: Amu-chan... -__-
Yaya: Mou!! Amu-chii! Stop that! =0=
Amu: o_o G-Gomen,, -0-
Tadase: Our meeting is cancelled today, so let's all go out and have some fun ^^
Amu: YAY! Let's go shopping! >_<
Nagihiko: Um,, I have to go home, Amu-chan. o_o
Rima: Same here. Mom will be worried. -_-
Amu: What?! o_o
Nagihiko & Rima: Bye, Minna -0- See you tomolly~ -0-
Amu, Tadase, Yaya: T_T

Meanwhile,, Rima and Nagihiko...

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Rima stared at nagihiko and says you really annoyes me alot
same nagihiko also stared amu wondered why?
start of that rima think when yaya tell that amu's best
friend is nadeshiko she didn't laugh at all amu
woried about it so she invite nagihiko and rima to go out

continues ...........
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