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Prologue: Shortly after Sirberius left the Mystic Council, rumors were spreading about a mystical gem. Worried that it could be a threat, Youichi sent Evangeline to find out if the rumor was true or not. While on her mission, she encountered Elder Gods, who captured her.

This Bingo's mission is to defeat the targets and rescue Evangeline.

Genesis of Unknown
[Eliminated] Hallelujah and Alleluia (pair) - Lozaru and Weiss' Targets

[Eliminated] Eleison - Dark Face's Target

[Eliminated] Z'Niel (angel who worked for Izen) - Ashley's Target

[Eliminated] Duun (Great God War patron) - Mewt's Target

[Eliminated] Cardovia (Great God War patron and former partner to Mewt) - Mewt's Target

[Eliminated] Damien - Sieghart's Target

[Eliminated] Axel and Abel (pair) - Dmitri's Target

Kyriel (the angel who replaced Azriel as an archangel) - Dark Face's Target

[Eliminated] Ukel (an angel who had served under Dynasty Elder God Luke) - Valentine's Target

[Eliminated] O'Dranoel (Nobody of Leonardo de Ira; Fallen Order lieutenant) - Draethius' Target

Boss Battles (Fate of the Unknown): [Locked]

[Eliminated] Evan Nigel (Great God War patron) - Larac's Target

"The Holy Lord's Hand" (codenamed assassin working for the Elder Gods) - Weiss' Target

[Defeated] Unknown (leader of Elder Gods, rumored to be Holy Lord's incarnation; possibly Heavenly Ruler "Duo") - Dmitri and Ashley's Target

[Defeated] Kira - Valentine's Target
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Ashley vs. Z’Niel

After Ashley went through the doors in the Castle in the Sky, she fainted. Hours later she awoke. She told the Council the Ragnarok Tragedy. Several hours after Sirberius, Tenkai, Valentine, and Kira had killed several important Elder Gods, angels and gods struggled for power causing a massacre. When the people found out, they began to revolt; several of the surviving angels and gods were killed. It was finally contained after Crowned Archangel Evan Nigel killed the leaders of the instigators- Matthau Ashford (human from The Order; Dmitri’s second-in-command) and Arov (former hybrid from HyBreed). However, it had already taken its toll: most of the angels and gods were dead.
Evan Nigel joined up with mysterious people later on in Faralda. The first was a person who called himself Unknown; he claimed to be the reincarnation of the Holy Lord. The second was an assassin who went by the codename “The Holy Lord’s Hand”. Together, the trio began massing the surviving gods and angels in Faralda (it was around this time did the rumors begin and Evangeline was assigned to investigate). Their goal was to regain power and overthrow the Council.
Shortly after a few angels and gods arrived in Faralda’s Cathedral of Serenity, Evangeline arrived in Faralda to investigate the rumors. She was shortly ambushed by someone the Council knew all too well about: Damien. Turns out that after Azriel was killed by Vincent and Kira at The Gourd, Damien rejoined forces with the Elder Gods.
Ashley told the Council that the Elder Gods were planning an attack on Lemures, the realm of the dragons. She urged them to act before the remnants - dubbed Remnants of Atlantis - could begin their invasion of Lemures. If the Remnants of Atlantis took over Lemures, they would gain a huge advantages over the Mystic Council and the Mystic Realm. The Council too agreed that the Remnants of Atlantis had to be stopped.

“I’m in position,” radioed Ashley.
“Me too,” said Joel.
The Mystic Council, and Ashley, had infiltrated Faralda and were about to begin operations. Ashley had listed off major players of the Remnants of Atlantis that for certain had to be eliminated. They were: Hallelujah and Alleluia, Eleison, Z’Niel, Duun, Cardovia, Damien, Kyriel, Ukel, Evan Nigel, “The Holy Lord’s Hand”, and Unknown. The operation the Council was going to execute consisted of two groups: the agents from the Council who would infiltrate the city and Youichi’s men who would bomb Faralda from the Castle in the Sky (N.V. was operating the Castle in the Sky, flying from Glycosa to Faralda).
To keep in contact, Youichi had Valentine give each member one of the Thousand Eyes Restrict eyes to use like radios. Everyone radioed in and were in position.
“Just like old time, eh?” joked Valentine.
“Shut up, Barrel,” snapped Ashley.
Even though Valentine explained the reasons for sending Javex, Ashley was still pissed off with Valentine. Ever since they left, Ashley had been angry with Valentine and kept calling him “Barrel”, Valentine’s angelic name he had before becoming one of SALIGIA’s Sinners.
“Stop bickering you two and keep an eye out for any suspicious movements by the enemy,” said Youichi on the ‘radio’. “It will be twenty minutes until Castle in the Sky reaches Faralda so be careful.”
“Aye, aye,” replied Joel and Mewt on the ‘radio’.
Ashley acknowledged the order and placed the eye back into her pocket. While she was not apart of the Council, an enemy of the Council in some people’s eyes, she had still requested to help with the operation. Valentine argued against it but Youichi approved Ashley’s request.
Ashley sighed.
“I see even after thirty years, you and Valentine still don’t get along,” snickered a menacing voice behind her.
Impossible! Thought Ashley.
Ashley twirled around, swinging her umbrella (Veneratio) at the person behind her. The angel quickly backed off, dodging the blow. The Sinner recognized him immediately.
The angel’s name was Z’Niel. He was an angel who had served Izen before Izen’s death during The Great God War. Sneaky as he was, he was one of the angels being considered to become an archangel. While their paths only crossed once (when Ashley met before Izen and Darmadia), Ashley didn’t like Z’Niel because of a remark he said once about Ashley and Valentine.
“Long time no see, Z’Niel,” said Ashley, with a hint of anger.
“I’m surprised you recognized me,” said Z’Niel.
“Who could forget such an ugly face.”
Z’Niel’s smirky grin turned into an uncharming frown.
“You’ll pay for that,” growled Ashley.
“Bring it on,” mocked Ashley, hoping to anger Z’Niel more.
Ashley knew one thing about angels, something she wished she hadn’t shown when she had been the angel Flamel. Angels were proud beings who thought of themselves more beautiful and better than any other being (maybe except for gods). Ashley figured that with trickery and her power over Pride, she could knock Z’Niel off balance and cause him to not fight as well.
Ashley initiated her spell over Z’Niel. She knew it had worked because Z’Niel’s face began getting redder and redder.
“Die, you stupid Sinner!” exploded Z’Niel.
Z’Niel yelled and took out his Divine Archer, a bow that shot out energy arrows. He fired a repetition of arrows in Ashley’s directions. He kept firing until there was too much dust to see.
“Drill Kill!” shouted Ashley’s voice from the dust cloud.
Ashley rushed out of the dust cloud. Her Veneratio was spinning like a drill and Ashley was charging it towards Z’Niel. The angel flew up high.
“You’ll have to do better than that,” mocked Z’Niel.
Using his height as an advantage, he fired a charade of arrows at Ashley. Ashley used Veneratio as a shield. All the energy arrows were deflected. Z’Niel was getting more furious.
“Just die already,” yelled Z’Niel.
“You first,” remarked Ashley.
Ashley got ready for another Drill Kill and leapt towards Z’Niel. In a last act of desperation, Z’Niel took an ancient orb. It glowed and a figure materialized in front of Ashley.
Quickly, Ashley released her attack and dropped back to the ground. She stared puzzled at the angel whom had just appeared in front Z’Niel. Ashley recognized the angel as Nathaniel, a member of ‘Thorns’ who died during the Battle of Swawns.
“How did…” Ashley was lost for words. Her eyes then glanced upon the orb in Z’Niel’s hand. “I get it now, you’ve been creating Nobodies with The Oracle.”
“Exactly,” confirmed Z’Niel.
“I don’t get it. How did you get your grubby hands on it? It was stolen by the Four Heavenly Rulers.”
“You sure are slow. I am one of Athius’ spies.”
Athius? Ashley knew that name. Valentine had once told her that Athius was the codenamed the Four Heavenly Rulers used for Draethius, the Demon Lord.
“It was you, wasn’t it. The one who made a Nobody of Izen!” accused Ashley.
“Bingo,” said Z’Niel, “it was me who made Nobodies of Izen, Eon, and Luke.”
Eon and Luke? Ashley didn’t know that there were Nobodies of those noble Elder Gods long gone.
“Where are they!” demanded Ashley.
“Unfortuantely Eon’s Nobody which I gave to Phaethon is dead. You might be able to figure out Luke’s. He’s here in Faralda.”
Luke’s Nobody was in Faralda? Who could it be… ?
Ashley then remembered something Valentine had told her before they left.

“If you find Ukel, let me know,” requested Valentine.
“Why?” replied Ashley. “What is Ukel to you?”
“He’s nobody. Just do it, please.”

Ashley got into a battle stance. “Ukel. Ukel is Luke’s Nobody.”
“Bingo,” acknowledged Z’Niel.
Ashley smiled. “Now that I know all that I need to know, I think I’ll begin my attack.”
“Like I’ll let you!” laughed Z’Niel, “Hinnalate (Nathaniel’s Nobody), kill her!”
“Sky Arc!”
However, the deadly razor wind did not come from the Ashley who was standing on the ground. It was an Ashley standing on the Hall of Music. The attack cut Hinnalate in half.
“Another Ashley?!” exclaimed Z’Niel.
That’s when Z’Niel realized what had happened. Ashley had used the Power of Pride on him, clouding his judgement. She then used Clown Theory on him when his charade of arrows caused the dust cloud. She then drew his attention towards a fake replica of herself.
“YOU WON’T KILL ME!” shrieked Z’Niel.
Z’Niel turned and began firing a frenzy of arrows. Ashley jumped straight at the angel, using Veneratio’s Drill Kill to block all the arrows. Before Z’Niel could fly out of the way, the umbrella struck his chest, ripping up his organs. Z’Niel crashed to the ground.
Ashley walked up to the dying mass of flesh that once had the beautiful form of Z’Niel.
“Tell me where Luke is,” ordered Ashley.
“Never!” spat Z’Niel.
Ashley stabbed part of Z’Niel’s limp leg with Veneratio. He screamed in pain.
“Alright! Alright! I’ll tell you!” Z’Niel gasped for air. “Luke… is… is…”
With one large and hollow gasp, Z’Niel died.
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(The arrival of Dark Face and Kyriel)

Meanwhile, somewhere deep in the city of Faralda...

At exactly ten thirty Dark Face, wearing black suit, black tie, black leather gloves and an old gray hat, entered the old pub. There were a handful of daytime drinkers enjoying their first pints of the day. He went to the bar and ordered a pint of lager. The girl behind the bar barely looked old enough to drink. He took his pint and found a seat in a quiet corner of the pub. He glanced around at the other punters. There was an old couple sitting in silence, and a group of lads in their twenties drinking bottled lager while going through the tabloid newspapers. Dark face took a gulp of lager. Few moments later a strange man entered the pub. His long white hair touched his shoulders. He wore a dark overcoat and white jeans. His anxious eyes scanned the pub. Dark Face caught his eye. Gave a short nod. He made his way to him.
"Kyriel?" Dark Face asked silently.
He nodded and took the seat facing him.
"Would you like a drink, angel?" Dark Face asked.
Kyriel shook his head. Took a deep breath.
"I need your help, Dark Face."
Dark Face giggled "I can't believe this... you come crawling out of the Cathedral of Serenity just to search for my help.
I'm listening." Dark Face's smile spread from ear to ear.
“Remember Ragnarok? Well, I have an idea of how to come back to Atlantis... kind of. And well, finish of the so called 'mighty and powerful gods'. I had enough of the hiding.”
“Ohhh… do tell.”
“Wait, let’s walk outside.” said Kyriel
After paying the bill, Dark Face and Kyriel exited the pub.
“You see Dark Face; this situation is actually very simple”, Kyriel took out a piece of a glowing gem out of his pocket.
“And this is?”
”Well I can’t really tell you what this is but I can tell you what it does.”
Kyriel placed the gem into Dark Face’s hands.
“This gives you the ability of, well… let’s say "hopping around the realms".”
“And I want that why?”
”Wait my friend, I’m getting there. By using this you can be anywhere, all you need is to think about it. What I gave in your hands is... unimaginable power.”
“Of course you summoned me to be your guinea pig? I who has no one, am no one will test if this truly works. Also you know I won't tick you off, right?” Dark Face rolls eyes.
“Good thinking my friend. Now venture across the realms and eliminate the Gods. Start with the minor one’s such as my "old friend" Elison. After you're done with him don’t bother searching for other gods I have a feeling they will be eliminated soon. Also, don’t worry, your reward will also be revealed. Ciao.*he he*” by saying this Kyriel vanished into thin air.
"Hm, I guess I get started" said Dark Face examining the glowing piece of gem like artifact. The runes on it seem to depict something but Dark Face couldn't be bothered with it, after all he was an adventure hungry guy on a quest.

(Dark Face versus Eleison (god))

Moments after Dark Face was instantaneously teleported to the replica of the Atlantis, once proud city of Gods, hidden somewhere in an unknown realm. The whole place looked abandoned. Dark face looked around and noticed the whole city and everything in it is painted with varying shades of gray, like in an old black-and-white movie. Dark Face decided not to waste time and find Eleison as soon as possible. Walking around this deserted city Dark Face entered the first big building he got his eyes on. The doors of this building were old and rusty, but they looked promising. Dark Face slowly opened the door and entered the building. The cold air ripped through the main entrance, blowing paper and rubbish around the bloody carpet once blue, now stained in deep black blood. The smell was unbearable and sickening. The room Dark Face entered was poorly illuminated so he couldn't tell what it was for, but from the moment he stepped in he knew it was no good.
"Come out, come out where ever you are..." said Dark Face in attempt to lure Eleison out. Then bunch of crystal shards flew out of darkness and pinned Dark Face's arms to the nearby wall. "Is this the way to treat the guests?" says Dark Face, and then voice from the darkness answers: "It's how I deal with the UNINVITED guests.",
"Well I can explain....",
"SIZE HIM!" commanded the voice.
"Right..." said Dark Face rolling over his eyes while removing the shards from his arm. Then couple of fairly generic looking dark wizards with black robes and faceless hoods came out of darkness. They all spoke in the same time, just as if they were possessed: "Smite the heretics...”. Dark Face used his telekinesis to pick up an old stone table, and then he threw it onto the servants. But it wasn't enough; more of them came. Ten servants of Eleison surrounded Dark Face and started chanting. One servant suddenly launched a spread of three green energy bolts at Dark Face. Dark Face reacted quickly morphing his arms into shields. The impact from the blots pushed him but he took no damage. Dark Face morphed his hands into blades and charged at two Eleison’s servants with great speed. In the blink of an eye, Eleison ’s men were cut in half. Eight were left. The servant's stopped chanting and prepared for combat. Dark Face stretched his arms. "Bring it on." Then, Dark Face clenched his fist tightly, drew his arm back and pushed it forward at a lightning pace, sending it surging towards one of the servant's unsuspecting jaw in a powerful right cross. The servant fell, hard, tripping on the uneven ground, Dark Face's hit left him robbed of breath and dazed. He ached so badly that he had no idea how he was going to stand again. Seven were lelft. Dark Face morphed his hands in sledgehammers. Then he paused, listening for movement. The whisper of a footstep to his left. He turned, lashed out blindly with his hand, felt his fist connect with one of the servant's head and then he heard a soft “Oomph." The servant's skull was broken. He feels down dead. Six were left. Dark Face scanned the room. Three servants charged at Dark Face with daggers hidden under their sleeves. "Looks like you don't give up." says Dark Face morphing his hands into blades again. The servant's threw shards in the same time. Dark Face jumped, dodging the shards, and then smashed one of the servants across the chest with his blade-like hands. Five were left. It was clear from the beginning of the fight that Dark Face was outnumbered in this fight but he was not outmatched. One servant charged at Dark Face with a dagger. Dark Face morphed his hands into blades. The servant's charged to attack Dark Face's high left, Dark Face moved towards the left with his left foot forward, and used the left hand to displace the attack towards the left. Then, Dark Face grabbed the servant's arm. Before servant could do anything Dark Face transformed his hand into giant scissors and cut off servant's head. The blood splattered onto Dark Face's face and servant’s head hit the floor. Four were left. The servant's moved to their normal stance again. Seeing this Dark Face did the same.
"Damn. You obviously have not developed any fighting techniques but you still manage to kill my servant's." commented the voice.
"Meh, I just like to improvise.” says Dark Face lifting both of his shoulders up. “So, why don't you come out and fight with me? Are you're that scared?" he added.
“Not as you’re about to be.” The voice replied. “PENTRAGAM ATTACK!”
Upon hearing this, the remaining four servant's exited the room and the corpses of the six servants started to fade away.
Out of nowhere a shiny crimson red pentagram appeared on the ceiling of the room, enlightening it. Dark Face could now see clearly where he was; in a sacrificial room. The pentagram on the ceiling started to spin with great speed forming an ellipse. Flashing red light started to blind Dark Face. The rotating pentagram started to rotate even faster and his perimeter got even bigger slowly crushing the walls of the room. Finally the ellipse was sent towards Dark Face. Dark Face quickly got into fetus-like position. Before the ellipse could hit him he shielded himself with his arms and legs forming an egg like shield. The ellipse struck Dark Face’s shield and bounced off into air breaking the roof of the building and disappearing from sight.
“It’s time to finish this” said the voice. Eleison finally stepped out from the darkness and appeared in front of Dark Face. Dark Face smiled “Look who finally decided to show up.”
Eleison wore a dark hooded coat, much like his servants, but he was much taller and an evil aura emitted from his body. He draws his sword. Dark Face got into fighting position. “Die!” said Eleison charging at Dark Face. Before Dark Face could block his attack, Eleison teleported behind him and cut off his left leg. Dark Face fell down. “Moment I’ve been waiting for” said Eleison preparing to thrust his sword into Dark Face’s chest. But suddenly a sound of spinning ellipse was getting closer and closer, Eleison stopped for a moment to hear what it is but before he could turn around, the spinning pentagram cut him in half. The god was dead before he hit the ground. The pentagram hit the ground and stopped rotating. It slowly faded away. Dark Face got up, his leg regenerated. Moments after Eleison’s death place the building started to collapse.
Dark Face was rushing towards the exit but when he finally got out he could see that the whole Atlantis was slowly disappearing; the buildings, trees and the streets. A hole opened in front of Dark Face and it started get bigger, Dark Face tried to run but it was inevitable.
He fall into the hole and kept on falling down into black abyss like there was no end.

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Larac stood, staring staring at Weiss with hate in his eyes. Weiss stared back, smiling a bit just to irratate Larac even more. Their auras were entertained in a power struggle. Larac was feeding off of Weiss's aura, knowing that Weiss was allowing it. ANd that pissed him off even more.

"Why are you sitting here toying with me," he yelled furiously. "And just who the hell are you?"
Weiss smirked, "Don't worry so much about minor things. Focus more on the big picture at hand. If I'm toying with you, and letting you heal yourself, then I must not be your enemy. But also rest assured that i'm not your ally either."
"Then just why are you helping me," Larac said, still glaring at Weiss.
"Well think of me as a business partner of the Mystic Council, but only for the time being. Resent events that have accured have been an upset to the Council. One of your members were taken as a hostage after doing a bit of research. So I'm here to help retrieve them."
"And why are you so willing to help. And on another point, how the hell do you know so much about what's going on in the council?"
Weiss smiled even more, "Well let's just say a good friend of mineis very good at infiltration. As far as why I want to help. The info your member was looking for involved a gem called Hyroku, which is something i've been searching a very long time for. So if I help out, I might get some clues as to where it is."
Larac dusted himself off and started walking away, "Whatever, what you plan to do is none of my concen, or rather i don't really care."
"Well i believe that the other members are waiting for you. and my partner is waiting for me where they are." Weiss formed a ball of energy that floated a few feet away, "Lozaru, open the passage."
Larac turned around and stared at the light. It split into four other balls ad formed a rectangle in ffront of Weiss. The light connected to each other and the space between them started glowing a flurescent blue. Weiss bowed with his hands pointing to the gateway, "After you."
Larac walked in front of it, and looked back at Weiss, "How do i know this isn't a trap?"
"Well you don't, and I'm sure I can't convince you it's not. You'll just have to take my word that it will lead us to Faralda."
Larac reluctantly nodded his head and walked into the portal and Weiss followed behind. They walked through what seemed to be a swirling vortex. Then they suddenly came into a darkened room. It looked like the Grande Cathedral. Weiss held out his hand and the four energy balls flew to his hand.
"Lozaru, status report."
A short male in all white appeared from the side, "The Mystic Council is outside of this building moving to the west. It also seems a new member is among them. A Sinner thought to be dead."
"Which one is it?"
"I'm not to familiar with Sinner's names. But i believe it to be Lady Ashley."
Larac looked at them both, slightly confused and irratated.
Weiss turned to him, "You are on your own for now. Unless you feel the need to come wiht us."
"But if you do come," Lozaru said with bright luminous whilte eyes staring Larac in the face. "Please try not to get in our way. We have unsettled business with two sneaky Elders. And you won't be forgiven if you interupt us."
With that said, Lozaru and Weiss walked further into the Chapel. The Prince of Demons, and The Fang of Devastation; Both chasing something taht would soon shatter teh barrier of Reality and Fiction.
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Valentine vs. Ukel

Valentine walked into the ruins of Faralda’s Hall of Music. Inside was Ukel.
“I’m surprised you found me so easily,” said Ukel.
“Azazel and I worked under you for a long time,” said Valentine, “it was simple really.”
“Azazel had the real me, Luke, captured. Do you plan to do the same to me?”
“No, just I have no intention of capturing you. For now, I’d like to talk.”
Valentine sat down on the pedestal for the statue he and Leonardo fixed thirty years prior. Ukel sat down part of the rubble that was once a wall to the Hall of Music.
“It’s been thirty years since Nemesis used the Oracle to trap the real me and create current Nobody me,” said Ukel.
“Since then, the other Elder Gods greedily claimed your position. Their recklessness has cost them dearly.”
“Lately with the Ragnarok Tragedy.”
“It is strange, though, why do you help the Remnants of Atlantis?”
“I found out from your brother, Akirael, that Unknown, the leader of the Remnants of Atlantis, is Heavenly Ruler Duo.”
Valentine smiled sinisterly. “Is that so? Kira never stops to amaze me.”
“He’s in Faralda, you know. He’s apologizing to Damien for killing Azriel. I think Damien will forgive him. When Damien was Samyaza, he was usually forgiving.”
“What a shame. Seems like Z’Niel created a Nobody of Nathaniel.”
“Is that so. I really liked Nathaniel. He, Azazel, and you spent a lot of time together.”
“Don’t forget N.V.”
“Oh, yes, Yusel, the little angel girl you recruited into your ranks and became your trusted assistant.”
“That’s correct. A month ago shortly after the SALIGIA Incident she proposed her love to me.”
“Really? What did you say?”
“We were interrupted by a rude Larac asking if I knew where Dominic was.”
“Cardinal Dominic de Avaritia?”
“That’s correct. I said no but I knew Dominic was hiding in Besaid. Didn’t matter though. Larac and a friend of his named Dos defeated Dominic.”
“Really…” Ukel sighed. “I guess you plan to take out Unknown, The Holy Lord’s Hand, and Evan Nigel.”
“I already caused The Holy Lord’s Hand to nearly die once. As for Unknown and Evan Nigel, they will soon be defeated by others.”
“No one can defeat Duo.”
“That’s correct. No one but one entity can defeat Duo.”
“Tell me, is the real me still alive?”
“Ask Unknown.”
“What do you mean?”
“Unknown holds the answer to the question you seek. What a shame, I have to deny you that chance.
“Really? You said…”
“I said I wouldn’t capture.”
“Good bye, Ukel.”
Valentine took out Azure Nine and cut off Ukel’s head off before Ukel could realize what just happened. The Nobody of Luke turned to smoke. Ukel was no more.
“I hope you weren’t expecting to do a surprise attack on me,” Valentine said to the person stalking in the darkness.
Kira jumped out of his hiding place.
“Tch, you always ruin my fun,” said Kira.
“What else are brothers for,” teased Valentine.
At once, both used Fatal Attraction. Both were protected by their own attack but the building couldn’t take the force. It collapsed. Valentine rushed out of the building, dropping Azure Nine in the process.
Citizens in Faralda began to scream and run. Kira walked out of the dust holding Azure Nine.
“Not so fast!” declared a voice.
Ashley ran out of an alley over to Valentine.
“Saving Valentine?” asked Kira, “you know he is responsible for Pride’s death.”
“It’s more my fault than his or Javex’s,” said Ashley, “I have to live with that regret and I won’t let him forget. Ever.”
Kira swiped Azure Nine. Combined with his own Power of Wrath, Ashley was hurled into a cabbage stand.

N.V. was watching the entire thing from the giant telescope on top of Castle in the Sky.
“What is Kira doing here?” wondered N.V.

“Not so powerful now, are you,” mocked Kira.
“Kira, we should not be here,” said Valentine.
“You out of all people know the truth. Our existence is a sin amongst sin…”
“Shaddup!” yelled Kira.
Kira charged at Valentine.
Dmitri and a small boy, Ben Cane, teleported next to the moaning Ashley. They had just come from The Clock Tower, a secret facility in Sibilis.
Azure Nine plunged into Valentine’s chest. Valentine coughed up some blood.
“Time to take us out of play,” murmured Valentine with a weak grin. “I will now use the card up my sleeve: Absolute Zero!”
Valentine’s hair glowed. Then, the next second, everything in a five foot radius froze. In that radius, everything, including Valentine and Kira, were frozen in time.
“Wh-what the…” exclaimed Dmitri.
Dmitri noticed Ashley and helped her up. She smiled with gratitude then faced back at the frozen twins.
“Apparently Valentine was saving this,” said Ashley, “Absolute Zero is a term when molecules has cooled down to the point that they don’t move, almost as if time stops moving. For these guys: time has stopped.”
“But why?” asked Dmitri.
“He probably blames himself about his brother. He took care off it the way he thought was right. I never gave Valentine credit but he usually has a bigger reason behind the reasoning for the things he does. And now, he’s decided to rid the Mystic Realm of two of its greatest threats: Kira… and himself.”
The doors to the Cathedral of Serenity swung open. Unknown, hidden behind a mask, walked out.
“I see I have some people to deal with,” said Unknown.
Unknown got ready to fight.
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Weiss and Lozaru vs Hallelujah and Alleluia

The two walked further into the Holy Grande Cathedral. Weiss had used formed rune energy crystals which were floating around his body. Lozaru had one of his double bladed swords in hand, almost as if he was anticipating a surprise attack. Weiss looked curiously at the weapon.

"I've been wondering how you fight with those."
Lozaru raised his eyebrow, "It's not that hard. It's kinda like fighting with two swords."
"Not so sure about that," he said shrugging his shoulders. "But then again, I've never actually seen you fight, so you could be right."
"You're one to talk. I've never seen you fight seriously. Hell no one has seen you fight seriously. You play around with that energy ability of yours too much."
Weiss glared at him, "I happen to like it very much. Plus it's not my fault no one has been able to get me to fight seriously." A energy scythe formed in his hand and glowed a bright gold, "Unless you wanna fight me and see if you can push me to that limit?"
Lozarus scoffed and rolled his eyes, "Hell no I'm not fighting you. You're too much of a wild animal as you are. You've yet to even fully control your ancient power and abilities. But I see why Unknown got in good with the Heavenly Rulers and got the title of Duo
"The Prince of Demons was all that i can attain so long as he exists," Weiss said clinching his fist. "I'll be sure to kill him the next opportunity i can. I hope it's better than fighting a Doppelganger."
"All you know how to do is fight," Lozaru said with a sigh. "But i guess it's your way of life huh?"
"No it's just another flaw that barbarians have," yelled a unfamiliar voice.

A strike of lightning came from in front of them and the Elder god Hallelujah appeared with his sister Alleluia at his side. He was holding a very nice and large Claymore. Alleluia was wielding twin Assassin Daggers.

Weiss gave a large sinister grin, "Oh so you decided to come to us?"
"That's very good," Lozaru says reaching for one of his swords. "Saves us the energy of searching for you through this Chapel"
Alleluia looked at her brother, "Are these the bad people you mentioned before?"
"Yes, these are the people trying to kill me. I'm counting on you and your abilities to protect me."
"Bah, just her alone isn't enough to protect you from me," Weiss says as he raises the energy scythe.

Suddenly a shadow version of Alleluia was behind Weiss. Weiss had sensed the movement in her energy but made no actions to prevent it. As teh Shadow Alle raised the daggers, Lozaru had one of his double bladed swords broken in half and crossing in front of her neck. Weiss looked to where Lozaru was and still saw him there. But the image of him disappeared soon after. Weiss turned around to him impressed.

"Speed so fast it leaves an after image. Very nice Lozaru, but i expected no less."

Original Alleluia was now at Weiss's back moments from driving her daggers in his back. Then a single energy sword formed and impaled her stomach in the blink of an eye. He turned around and looked at her.

"Foolish child, it's better to find out what your enemies can do before you rush into battle."

That's when her body turned into dark energy and flew into the Shadow's body. It became the real her and dispersed shadow energy to push Lozaru away from her and drew the Assassin daggers.

"That's what i was doing. and now i know what you can do. So all i have to do is watch out for where energy particles are drawing together. Then you won't be able to get near me. And even if you do I'll just end up reverting myself to my undamage body. So there's no real way to harm me"

Then Weiss started to feel a strong killing intent behind him again, and moved out of way just in time to dodge Hallelujah's attack. Lozaru was on his feet now and had his blades in hand. Again he moved and appeared in front of Hallelujah while seeming to have stayed still. Alleluia's Shadow self appeared above Lozaru and the real her came up on his side. They both swung down, but a pure white energy shield formed around him and stopped their attacks.

Weiss rose to his feet and dusted off his pants, "Don't think that my ability is meant for attacking only. I'm allowed to create anything i wish."

A all white version of Alleluia appeared beside him and was holding a scythe.

Weiss pointed at the two Alleluia's, "Keep them away from Lozaru."
"Yes master," it said.

A flash of light came from her and both of the Alleluia's flew back while the Light clone jumped over Lozaru with the scythe raised. Weiss slowly walked past. He had a energy bow in his hand and formed three arrows on it. The Light clone was swinging the scythe around with pure accuracy at aiming for their vitals and tendons. Alleluia was having a hard time effectively dodging and would get a small scratch everytime the Light Clone swung. Meanwhile, Weiss was holding the bow with the three arrows pulled back on the string.

Lozaru had reattached his sword into one. Hallelujah had been shootting off elemental blasts and Lozaru had no choice but to block and deflect them since Halle's light shield protected him from attacks.

"Weiss, i really think now's a time for you to become serious. Your energy weapons won't do any good against that girl if she transfers bodies everytime, and i can't get near Hallelujah cause of that blasted shield."
Weiss turned his head and smiled, "Why do you think i'm holding onto these arrows?"

Alleluia had finally gotten her heart stabbed by the scythe and she instantly turned to shadow particles and started heading to her Shadow's body. Weiss drew the arrows back even further and let go while adding a forth arrow at the last second. They flew through the air and struck her arms and legs while pinning her to the wall. She tried to struggle but couldn't move.

"I found your weakness now," Weiss said smiling grimly. "You have a time period between when you can switch bodies and create another shadow body." Weiss raised his left arm and the 4 runes floating around his body moved to his arm. "I give you all of my power. So give me unparalleled strength."

The Runes broke and shattered. Light energy starte amassing around his arm, and was also being pulled out of his body. As it was around his arm, it started to turn black and take form. It became a black squarish shield. Weiss put his right hand to the top of it and closed it, as if to grab something. That's when a white handle formed between his hand. He pulled it out and a elegant white sword emerged from the shield's frame. Weiss swiped it around the air a bit and a ringing noise sounded with every slash.

After a final slash he twirled it around in his hand and slammed it back into the shield, "Dark Slayer."

A image that looked like a person with horns and 6 long things off his back appeared on the middle of the shield, and a dark aura started to appear around the shield. Alleluia started to try and make another Shadow but was amazed that she couldn't. Weiss had a smile that creap across him.

"It will no longer work. Once i fully awaken Dark Slayer, it drains the energy out of anything within 10 kilometer of me. Usually I just use the half awakened Dark Slayer to draw the energy from things. But when fuly awakened, it pulls it into itself, including my own. I'm not good against physical attacks, so with this weapon, i lower everyone down to my lvl and even out the playing field. That is the power of my Dark Slayer."

Then he was gone, and right in front of Alleluia, "You've irratated me for long enough."

He drew the Sword out the shield and struck her though the chest. Her body turned to shadow particles and was absorbed into the blade. Weiss turned to see Hallelujah stumbling backwards away from a slowly walking Lozaru. His face was sweating with fear.

"It's weird for you to be the last Elder, yet be so weak without your light shield," Lozaru said with one blade of his sword in hand. "It's pretty pathetic."
"Wait," Hallelujah said frantically. "I have info that of which you seek. It concerns the missing girl."
"I'm not too interested about the girl. The Council can handle that matter," Weiss said lowering himself down to Halle's face while placing the blade on his neck. "What i need is info on the gem Hyroku. I need it for a minor task."
He shook his head, "Yes i know about the gem, and i know it's where abouts. A person that of who you've been close with has the gem hidden away. The sinner named Valentine de Invidia has Hyroku in the Clock Tower of the sinners."
"Are you sure of this Elder?"
"Yes, I've had my eye on Valentine for a long time. All of the Elders had. Nothing he did escaped us."
"Do you hold any other type of info concerning Hyroku, or even the guy named Unknown who is claimed to be the Heavenly Leader, Duo."
"Well Duo is here with us now. He helped organize this assault. He may be fighting your friends now."
"I thank you for that info," Weiss said bowing to him.

He got up and started walking away as Dark Slayer shattered back into light energy. Lozaru stood up and followed him. Hallelujah stood up too, feeling that he'd been freed. Suddenly Weiss swiftly formed another him at his back holding a elven bow and arrow. It pulled the string and shot Hallelujah between the eyes and faded away.

"Since you know nothing i don't already know, you are of no use to me. Maybe the Demon Lord will have some fun with you."

Hallelujah's body turned into back fire as the arrow started to glow and become a seal. A doorway opened up behind him and sucked him into the Death Dimension.

"Let's hurry Lozaru. I have a bad feeling about the stone if Valentine truly has it hidden somewhere."
'Why is that Weiss?"
"Because there are lots of people trying to find stuff to put Valentine out of his misery. Including those within the Heavenly Leaders. If this info was to leak to Nemesis or Duo. They'd use it against him."

The two rushed through the chapel's side doors and headed out into the streets. A race against time. And a matter of saving a life and a dream...
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Dmitri and Ashley vs. Unknown

After Valentine used Absolute Zero on himself and Kira, Unknown walked out of the Cathedral of Serenity. He was not happy to see Dmitri, Ashley, and Ben waiting.
“I see I have some people to deal with,” said Unknown.
Ben activated his Crystal ability, “Rift Lift”, and teleported right behind. He took out a dagger and was about to strike Unknown when a great force pushed Ben away. The young boy was thrown into the rubble of the Hall of Music.
“Such strength,” muttered Dmitri.
“You think such a Crystal ability will get past me?” mocked Unknown, “I know all about the Maesters and their lieutenants’ Crystal ability.”
“How would you know such a thing!” demanded Dmitri.
“Why, Giovanni Rest told me.”
“Giovanni… Rest?”
Giovanni Rest was the werecat lieutenant of C. Ling Kett.
“I thought Nirvanism preached against the Holy Lord?” asked Ashley.
“They do,” said Unknown, “however, I make it my business to know any gossip or info I can. For example, Giovanni Rest of the Ocheren was reporting to Dr. Zwei and Dr. Stein all about their Crystal abilities and I so happened to have heard the entire thing. He he.”
“Just one of Organization V’s units.”
“You’re with Organization V?!” exclaimed Dmitri.
“That’s right. I’m Heavenly Ruler Duo! Mwuahaha!”
Dmitri could not figure out this guy. He seemed obviously crazy. He was blurting out so many secrets without second thought but his last response was different from the others. Could he be lying? Possibly but he was still an enemy.
“I’ll take you down,” said Dmitri, “right here and now.”
Dmitri took out his dual guns and fired the remaining bullets left in them: a total of six bullets. Unknown began humming. The bullets stopped suddenly three inches from his body.
“Like my ability, Sinners?” said Unknown, “it’s the talk of the Organization. My technique is called ‘Grave Gravedad’. It can manipulate gravity and pressure.” He gave a thumbs up and said “Spread the word”.
“And is that why the Remnants of Atlantis think you’re the reincarnation of the Holy Lord?” asked Ashley.
“No, actually. Actually I heard from Evan Nigel that the Elder Gods were waiting for the return of the Holy Lord so I used it to their advantage. Isn’t gossip just so fun.”
“If you aren’t the reincarnation, then who are you?”
“Actually I’m Duo. Spread the word.”
“Anything else you plan on spilling?” said a dull voice.
Everyone looked up to see a boy in a uniform similar to Unknown’s except the shirt wasn’t zipped and a chain came out of the collar and went all the way to metal container full of clay. He had emotionless dull orange eyes.
“Ah, Vaciar!” greeted Unknown.
“Stop emptying our secrets and start battling, Voz,” ordered the boy, Vaciar.
“Have you heard of the rumor that you’re actually very boring, Vaciar?”
“Do not embarrass the name of the Las Alquimistas. Defeat them now.”
Dmitri was petrified. This little boy was giving off no emotions whatsoever. It was as if he was empty inside.
Unknown turned to face back at his opponents.
“I have a reputation as an Alquimista to defend,” said Unknown, “don’t want any rumors going ‘round that I’m a coward or anything so I have to defeat you in battle. At least you know you were defeated by a great Alquimista like myself. Spread the word!”
Unknown hummed again. The bullets that had been levitating near him were shot back at Dmitri. Dmitri didn’t even have a chance to dodge it.
Luckily Ashley had been ready. She opened up her umbrella, Veneratio, and used it to cover herself and Dmitri. The bullets ricocheted off the umbrella and were lost in the surroundings.
“No wonder I’ve heard so many impressive stories about the Sinner of Pride, Lady Ashley de Superbia,” said Unknown.
Unknown hummed a tune. A rock rose up from the ground towards him then shot at Dmitri and Ashley. The two Sinners leaped out of the way.
“Clown Theory!” chanted Ashley.
Suddenly there were five Ashleys. Four of them charged at Unknown.
“I’ve heard about this,” said Unknown.
Unknown used Grave Gravedad and shot a rock through each of the four Ashleys. All four were shown to be fakes.
Dmitri used his chance and activated his Power of Sloth. Unknown flinched but still maintained Grave Gravedad. She shot a piece of glass at Dmitri which struck his arm.
“Gah!” screamed Dmitri.
Dmitri fell down. In desperate attempt, she created four more Ashleys with Clown Theory.
“That won’t work,” warned Unknown.
Unknown shot a rock past the four Ashleys and sent it at the Ashley standing still. It struck her chest and the four Clown Theory Ashleys stood still near Unknown.
“Voz has defeated the great Lady Ashley de Superbia,” laughed Unknown hysterically, “Spread the word!”
“Are you sure?” asked the injured Ashley.
The injured Ashley faded into nothingness. Suddenly one of the four Clown Theory Ashley charged at Unknown with Veneratio spinning.
“Drill Kill!” said Ashley.
Ashley’s Veneratio drilled into Unknown’s chest. It barely got deep when Unknown kicked her away. As Ashley regained her balance, Unknown coughed up some blood.
“I can’t lose,” panicked Unknown, “people will begin to talk badly behind my back.”
Dmitri used Power of Sloth again. In his weakened state, Unknown couldn’t manage his Grave Gravedad.
“Gotcha,” said Dmitri.
Dmitri fired a bullet. It vanished halfway to Unknown.
“Impossible,” muttered Ashley.
No one had noticed Vaciar jump down in front of Unknown and use a mysterious technique. It vaporized the bullet from Dmitri’s gun into nothing.
“ ‘Nulo Vacio’ can nullify any attack,” said Vaciar, “since I must now take Voz back Vaquero’s ranch, I will spare your lives.”
Vaciar picked up the weak Unknown, or apparently Voz, and teleported.
“Who were they?” asked Dmitri.
“My guess that they are Las Alquimistas del Siete Sietes,” theorized Ashley.
“Las Alquimistas del Siete Sietes?”
“They are a mysterious group. A guy named Vaquero tried to recruit me when I was using my alias ‘Nicolas Flamel’. I wonder what Organization V is.”
“I found that out in The Clock Tower. It’s an organization that works for the Four Heavenly Rulers.”
“Hmm… The Gourd, The Rook, and The Spire. Just three of seven Valentine Facilities.” She looked at where Valentine and Kira were frozen. “If only Valentine hadn’t used Absolute Zero, then we’d know where The Spire is.”
“Maybe N.V. knows.”
It then got quiet.
“I don’t think I’ve introduced myself,” said Dmitri ashamed, “I’m-”
“Dmitri Valenti de Acedia,” finished Ashley, “I know of you. You’re the new Sinner of Sloth who killed Noah.” She gave out a friendly hand. “I’m Lady Ashley de Superbia, the Sinner of Pride.”
Dmitri shook her hand. Ben popped out from behind them.
“Oh, and that’s Ben Cane,” introduced Dmitri.
“Nice to meet you,” greeted Ashley.
“Dmitri, do you think that was really Duo?” asked Ben.
“I don’t think so. He didn’t seem right in the head. Besides, Unknown, Voz, or whatever his name is, identified himself, so did Vaciar, as an Alquimista,” answered Dmitri.
“Regardless, we should bring the frozen Kira and Valentine to Castle in the Sky,” said Ashley, “Ben, you seem to have teleportation abilities. Help me out.”
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Damien vs ???

Damien fly through the sky at top speed as his pursuer gave chase from below on the rooftops. He looked down only to see the cloaked man raising his Tryfing sword out to his side.

"Geez, you are a persisant bastard. Why don't you just leave me alone," Damien shouted.
"Because you have some information about someone taht i requiire," the man said. "So either tell me now or learn what true fear is."
Damien scoffed at his remark, "I laugh at things you call fear. And furthermore, I won't give info to the a small fry like you. I can sense your low Ka'dai lvl from here."
"Then why do you continue to flee from me," came the man's voice from in above him.

Damien turned around but already knew that he wouldn't be able to stop him. The man flipped the Tyrfing around in his hand so that the blade faced down. While doing so, he pulled his arm around and cut across Damien's chest. Damien flew back as the cloaked man fell back down to the roof tops. He looked back up at Damien as his Sapphire Blue reptillian eyes glowed brighter. Damien stared down at him. Now being able to see his black and red dragon scale armor, but the cloak still covered his face. It was almost as if teh cloak's hood was apart of his head.

"What is your name," Damien said slowly."
"The name given to me as i am is Sieghart," he replied smiling. "Given to me by victims of the Great God War."
Damien laugh, "So sentimental i see, Sieghart. But i guess i should start taking you seriously."

Damien disappeared and came back right behind Sieg with his claws extended and striking toward him. However, Sieghart had felt Damien's presence all the way and moved the Tyrfing behind him just enough to block the attack. But not only did he block, his hand started to gathering pure energy, coursed it through his body, into the blade, and reflected all the power Damien put into his strike, back into his hand. The sound of his form's bone shattering could be heard clear as say.
Damien fell over in pain, clenching his arm closely to him. Sieg turned around looking disappointed.

"Is this what you are like serious," he said frowning. "It's truly disappointing. I thought Artemis would be able to get used to real battle after being asleep for so long within the Death Dimension. But i guess with you as an opponent, there is no way for that to happen."
"Silence you worm," Damien yelled in anger. "I'll show you, that you aren't worthy to be my foe."

He snapped his finger and a portal opened from above. Four Demons flew down to the ground and surrounded Sieghart. A Wolf demon, a Ghoul, a Siren, and a Lesser Demon But he didn't seems to acknowledge their presence.

"Kill this man before me. Make him understand the power i wield."

The Demons starting moving toward Sieg, and that's which his killing intent was felt by all. The Demon's stopped in their tracks, almost as if they knew and feared this evil feelings. Sieghart turned his eyes toward the closest Demon. His stare was sharp and cold.

"Did you really think, you'd attack your Prince," he said slowly. "I can't believe that an ex-angel would summon Demons, to fight the Prince of Demons. You must not know who i truly am."
His eyes slowly moved down to Damien on the ground who started to shake a bit; In fact, it seemed that all of Faralda was shaking jus by the new presense Sieghart was giving off. "I'll make you see the truth of my power. And punish the foolish servants who dared to think of laying a hand against me."

The Wolf demon, reverted into a wolf form and started to make a run for it. However he was cut short by Sieghart. His blade was still facing toward the ground as he pulled touched the tip of the blade to the ground.

"Cowards deserve to be killed off first, and have no place at my side," he said with a look of hatred. "Abyss Drive."

As e said the words, he put pressure down on the Tyrfing and dragged it against the ground in the Wolf's direction. A black aura sparked off the ground as it dragged. Then Sieg dragged it upward, and like a sea of destruction, the black aura flew out toward the Wolf demon. All he did was stare in fear as the aura cut through his body and incinerated his existence. The Black aura disappeared moments after getting into the air, and the Wolf demon's body was no where to be seen. Not even a drop of blood was found.

Sieghart turned to the other Demons, who instantly dropped down to one knee and shouted, "Sorry my lord. We did not recognize you."

"I guess it's ok if it's just this once," he said to them. "but should it ever happen again..."

Suddenly Siegharts left hand started glowing again, and in response ethereal swords rose from the ground inches away from the demons bodies. They each jumped, looked at it, and nodded their heads. Then they disappeared into their own portals. Sieghart turned to face Damien, but found him no where to be seen.

'I guess i'll kill you with my own hands,' said Damien's voice from all around Sieg.

Sieghart moved slightly to the left, just as he finally felt Damien's presense. His claws missed Siegharts body, but ripped teh cloak off his head.

"I guess i can finally look at the face of my victim now," he started to say, but was dumbstruck once he saw his face.

Sieghart's black and red hair wasn't really spiked, but it was untidy and stood up off his head just a bit. But the real shocking feature was his face. It was exactly identical to the Hybrid Damien saw when he went with Azriel to retreive Dante's blood sample.

"You, aren't you supposed to have disappeared a long time ago. After th Ragnorak Tragedy. You were told to have disappeared and sealed away by Hallelujah."
Sieghart smiled, "So that's who tried keeping me in that horrible place. But back to what i wanted." Sieghart picked up his Tyrfing and pointed the tip of it next to Damien's head. The magic it started to emit paralyzed his body so that he couldn't move. "Tell me where you are keeping your prisoner."
"Why do you want to find her so badly."
Sieghart opened his left hand to reveal a pendant with the Ish'rai clans symbol on it, along with a red jewel embeded in it, "Because the person that gave me this would be very dispeased should something happen to that girl." His hand holding the sword moved down to Damien's shoulder and pushed the blade through slowly. 'Now tell me where she is."
Damien winced from the pain and started to breathe heavily, "She's in the Chapel where the Council is headed. They are all in the middle of Faralda. You find that place, and Unkown, and you shall find the girl."

Sieghart pulled the blade out of his shoulder and flicked it to the side of him, "Very good." He suddenly rose it to the air and spun it around so that he was holding it with the blade pointing to the sky, "Now go to the place where you decided to take my servants from me."

He tapped the end of the handle against Damien's forehead and a purple mark was left. The mark started glowing brightly, and Damien disappeared in a flash of blinding light. Sieghart held the pendant tighter in his hand while walking away.

"Don't worry Evangeline, your brother is on his way. Who knows, he may even be there in the city right now as we speak. And your other brother is on his way his way right now."
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Draethius condemns O'Dranoel and Ken'ichi

"Come in," ordered Draethius.
Three figures entered Draethius' quarters.The first was Ein Stein of the Final Five. The other two were Ken'ichi and O'Dranoel. They came closer and bowed.
"Ein Stein, how is Cloud 9's progress coming along?" ordered Draethius.
"We should finish Cloud 9 on time."
"I shall hold you by your words. You may go."
Ein left.
"You wished to see us?" asked Ken'ichi.
"That is correct," said Draethius. "The Fallen Order is in shambles, I believe it is time to get rid of it."
"What do you mean, get rid of it?" asked O'Dranoel.
Draethius snapped his fingers. Ken'ichi burst into flames.
"Wh-what are you doing?" stuttered O'Dranoel, "he's of the Juunikoudoutai."
"I have had enough failure from either of you."
"But I'm a Homonculus. You can't kill me. Besides, I'm also a Fallen Order lieutenant."
"You're a Nobody. You're replaceable. As for the Fallen Order Lieutenants, their purpose was to recruit more into the Fallen Order and manage them."
"No. I'm. NOT!"
O'Dranoel charged at Draethius. Before he could even get close to Draethius, 'The Demon Lord's Hand' jumped down from the ceiling and landed on O'Dranoel. In a swift action, 'The Demon Lord's Hand' slit O'Dranoel's throat. The Nobody of Leonardo de Ira burst into smoke.
"How the mighty have fallen," said 'The Demon Lord's Hand' ashamed.
"Do not worry yourself, Carlisle Dezmonariero," replied Draethius. "Nobodies are easily replaceable."
"But didn't Lady Ashley de Superbia steal The Oracle from Z'Niel?"
"I have just gotten word from Nemesis that she has the other Oracle."
Carlisle was shocked by this. "There are two?!"
"Yes, apparently a scientist named Grimm accidently sent himself and his Oracle into the past thirty years ago. So now there are two Grimms and two Oracles."
"From all of those of Les Chevaliers Du Six, I trust you the most. I have a suspicion that Lozaru may be the one that Uquiador fought."
"Him?! This is not good. Should I take him out?"
"No. I will send Kuro and Sasuke instead."
"As you wish, Your Majesty."
Carlisle left, dragging Ken'ichi's limp body.

(Even though Carlisle Dezmonariero killed O'Dranoel, the credit goes Draethius)
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Larac Vs Evan Nigel (Great God War patron). (PART 1)

"Sir a breach in multiple sectors" the soldier said. "A faction of unidentified beings"
Evan sat on his table and placed his chin on his right wrist. "Are you sure they're not from the Council?"
"Sir, none of them resembled the council members sir"
"Send a red flag to the other Gods. This incident must not be taken lightly."
"Yes sir!"

Evan pondered, scheming for the next battle plan. He stood up and saw the soldier still, not a hunch of leaving. He just stood from where he reported the incident. An awkward moment, for Evan can't tell if the soldier is mentally disabled or retarded.

"Are you deaf?!" Evan cried out.
"No" the soldier grinned his yellow teeth. "Just not that good of a soldier"
"Do you want to be punished?"
"We don't know who's going to be the one doing the punishing though"

Evan quickly drew his sword and slashed in front of him, a strange large green ethereal sword followed his blow crossing at the soldier. The wall crumpled at the sheer power, only the soldier's broken armor left. The stones falling on top of one another were like sand on an hour glass. Silence.

"I know who you are" said Evan.
"Sure you do. I'm pretty famous around here" echoed a voice.
"You're the cowardly one"
"I wouldn't call me like that," a sound of a liquid metal echoed behind.
Evan then slashed multiple times at his surroundings, and followed the large ethereal sword laying the destruction in the castle room. There were rubbles everywhere but the one talking could not be heard. Evan was still and calm, waiting for the enemy to come out. His head turned and nodded, looking at the ceiling and the wall, expecting a shape shifting being to respawn.

"You're a coward" Evan said.
"I know" replied the voice, "hate the game not the player" and laughed loud.
"So this is the capability of council members?"
"yep pretty much"
Evan then heard a creak at a painting on the east side of the room. He laid waste faster and many more slashes. After destroying the wall, he saw his men, dead on the floor, lying weak and beaten on what use to be the other room. He quickly ran outside the room and started knocking some walls. Escaping the council member.

After hitting 3 walls he encountered a small group of his knights.
"Sir!" all of them stood and saluted not minding their superiors destruction of the castle.
"Gather up all the Generals and Mages. It seems that we have a rat in our midst" Two of the Knights left as the others stay.
"Shall we seek the intruder sir?" asked a knight.
"No, stay here. We need the mages before we will battle this beast."
"Sir! yes sir!" they said.

Evan sat on a chair, resting, scheming. 50 minutes later.

"Hmmmm, it seems it got to them." said Evan.
"What sir?"
"The rat."
A voice interrupted "And I thought I'd never be able to get rid of the mages you sent Evan."
"Prepare yourself men. This one's a shapeshifter"
"yes sir!" They cried out and lifted their shield and surrounded Evan.
"Whats the matter Evan" Larac said, "can't track me with mages?"
"I'm a God Larac. Demi-Gods are but a fraction to my strength"
"My-my, I maybe a coward, but I don't die easily."
"Men!" Evan commanded "Stiffen your weapons!"
"AYE!" They all cried out.

A four thick layer troop was surrounding Evan, all of them well trained humans. Their equipment fit for a holy war, and an unending war. Five silver vine like thorns appeared and quickly impaled one of them, they countered but the thorns disappeared. The knights were unhindered, ready for the death to protect the Great God of War Patron.

"You're old Evan" the shapeshifter's voice. "Old as time remembers"
"Gods don't age."
"A pity. I'm a wine kinda guy. Everything's good with age."
"Men, tighten the position!"

Six silver vine like thorns appeared on top of them, two guards leaped shielding their Lord but these vines had a life of its own and dodged the shield but impaled them. Blood splattered at Evan. Evan quickly lay waste to the ceiling, slashing a hundred for more. The ceiling fell but had little damage to the Men of Evan. The green ethereal blade was like slicing fruits easily and quickly.

There was still a ceiling though, for they were deep within the castle walls. None of the knights show fatigue nor lack of awareness. It had seem that they were very well prepared for this. One soldier fell, blood covered face. None have seen the cause of the death, but that didn't bothered them. Then another soldier, the one behind the newly dead.

"Men move ten paces!" They moved ten paces, opposite of the dying soldiers.
"Use your eyes soldiers!" said the high ranking knight.
"Over there!" a knight said, but he was too slow to dodge it. The silver vine surrounded him and impaled him like a thousand needles but systematically attacking his internal organs, it crawled insierting inside his armor. They attacked the vine but too late for the one who cried.
"He's using the crack on the floors![stone floors]" another soldier cried.

"Pfft! and I thought I'd have me fun" said the shapeshifter.
"My men are unlike you're witches and alchemist Larac! They are trained for War!" proud Evan.
"We have never been for WAR!" Larac came out of his hiding, smashing through the hard shields of the soldiers. He dodged attacks, and aggressively like a beast pushing forward. He received multiple skewering impalements, but taking with him one soldier (death by hard thick silver thorns). His blood spattered all over the other soldiers and their equipment. He has gone back to hiding. Bleeding like a pig soon to be cooked.

"Temper is not good during the battlefield shapeshifter!" said Evan.
"If the council was for War! the Elders should have agreed to sanction more members!" the voice shouted.

Some of the soldiers started to fall, ill from some disease. Their dead face blue and pale, the swords and spears that was bloodstained were slowly being eaten by acid. The numbers lessened but Evan did not lowered his defenses. It was quiet for a good thirty minutes.

"Do you think he left?" asked a soldier.
"Keep your guard soldier!" said a high ranking knight, "watch out for silver liquid on the floor."
"Sir, I'm a scout. I can sprint to gather the mages."
"What's the status of that knight?" asked Evan.
"He's one of the best scouts we have your lordship. I'm sure with our target bleeding-"
"Don't underestimate a council member. The Elders chose them for a reason."
"But he's clearly been bled your lordship." begged the scout.
"Watch your tongue!" commanded the high ranking knight.
"Give him three knights." Evan ordered.
"Yes sire!" said the high ranking knight. "#43 #22 #51, protect #26"
"AYE!" said the first three.

They leaped away from the group quickly, but before the four could reach the door, #22 sank in quicksand, with bone hands restraining his moves, his face, and his arms. #22 muttered for the temporary crushing pain of the sands. Outside the room, a scream was heard, it was from #43. Silence again, annoyingly queer. If the two were attacked, it would have been far away to be noticed. #76 was sure of himself, it would be probable that he escaped that rat shapeshifter.

"Are you alright #22?" said the commanding knight.
"I'm alright sir, the bones have stopped moving" answered the knight in a muffled voice.
"Wait there, we can't break formation"

All seems quite. Another thirty minutes passed. To think Larac exterminated all the surveying knights, it would be impossible for the sheer number of it. The knights of Evan were for War, and numbers matter in wars.

"Captain!" screamed a knight, "I need medical attention captain!" outside the room.
"Sir its 43" #22 uttered.

A man, bleeding and bloodied. He sluggishly walk towards the knights. #22 watched as his comrades asked for help. An ethereal blade appear and cut the weakened knight in half. The attack struck the morals of the knights. The knight lied dead on the ground.

"Sir-" said the higher knight.
"Were dealing with a shapeshifter."
"Understood. Men, don't lose focus"

No one was tired. None was ready to lose. They were for war, and this was barely one.

"Are we going to lose this?" said a knight.
"Shapeshifters are weak, the only advantage they have are lies and deceit" replied another.
"Sir, should we help #22?"
"Ok, #50, #36,#13 retrieve 22" said the higher class knight. "#8, #19 cast a firespell on the corpse just to be sure."

The three slowly marched as the two created fire spell. It was a long process the spell, the knights don't usually cast them. The corpse burn and the smell was very disturbing to his men. The three retrieved 22, the bones and sand dissipated freeing the once trapped knight. They all returned in defense.

"I thought I was going to be killed back there" said 22.
"Sir, it seems the councilman is-"
"No" Evan butted, "He just wants us to weaken the line. Stay alert"

It seems there was no sign of #76 returning. Everyone was still strong though. All they need is a mage to detect the sly shapeshifter, Larac. There was hardly any sign if it was day anymore. The lights on the walls were always lit to give a fair visual of the room. If it was night, they couldn't tell.

A sudden burst on the wall!

Angels carrying mages! alas, the shapeshifter will be cornered.

"Your lordship!" the angels cried out.
"Status" commanded Evan.
"Someone created a seal all around the castle," said the white sparkled angel.
"It's an invisibility seal, able to cloak the sealer only. But there is a weakness Lord Evan" declared the mage.
"Well, what is the weakness"
"The seal crafter needs to be twenty feet apart from the non crafted."

The angels were not on the line of defense, they cleared the wall, destroying every side to give space. The humans were still protecting their leader. The mages prepared their staff for battle. The angels spread out through the created destruction to flush out the rat. some flew to cover the ceiling in case the caster was sticking on the wall. They all had maximum cover of all the area. No escape shapeshifter.

"#26, where is 26" said a knight.
"Who," the angel asked.
"The one who called for you."
"The seal is what alerted us." another angel replied.
"Ah," muttered another, "There was a scout, but something got to him before us."
"Your lordship, it seems the caster-" declared an angel.
"Are you saying he has fled?" Evan said.
"That seems to be Sire."
"A councilman is not that cowardly to leave a mission"
"A councilman?!" the angels, surprised.
"That explains the rare seal" remarked the mage. The other mages nodded, but did not lower their defenses.

The angels increased their focus. None of them or few have ever battled any warrior from the mystical council, all they have were data from spies.

"The shapeshifter" said a high class mage, "Larac, area and date of birth unknown, Mastery: Seals, information gathering, and Knowledge of races. A partial immortal. It has been reported that he was once killed but arisen, cause-unknown"
Another mage replied, "He's in the top 10 rank MC, physically weak, But bountiful in ancient esoteric spells. Lost spells of previous wars, abominable spells. Conjurer and summoner. But I'm sure that probably some of our info on him are misinformation. That's also what we've gathered from him. There's little battle data on him unlike Sirberius and Calintz"
"This is not a battle," said a high ranking angel, "This is an assassination attempt. Council member targets are written in books. I faced one of their minions once. They use renegades and bounty hunters, to avoid any political problems in the future. Sirberius is a coward not owing up to his sins. Hybrids are bred to be cowards"
"It could be," said another angel, "Like SALIGIA, this would end, covered up and made it looked like we were the aggressors. Cowardly beings."
"#22!" shouted a knight.

The knight #22 was on the messed up floor, shaking and foaming in the mouth. Evan told the mages and some angels to attend to him. They healed his wounds with magic, the mages cleared any poison and the angels used cure to replenish the weakened knight.

A flash!

It was fast and systematic, but after the bright white light disappeared, they saw, all of the knights were skewered by thick silver thorns! All of the mages couldn't defend themselves of the physical attack-dead. Some of the angels fell to the attack but the adept angels survived and saw the onslaught. Evan was covered in a green, crystal like ethereal shield. The thorns could not penetrate the blockade of ethereal power.

It seems the thorns was spawned from #22. He laughed, the once sickly knight. Evan quickly struck a heavenly strike at the knight, but like the first knight that reported, he disappeared leaving the armor.

"Your lordship!" cried the angel, "Are you alright?"
"Yeah-" he coughed, "let's leave this room, the smell is getting to me."

The angels lowered down and cured Evan. He was weakened by the stench, probably from a poisonous dirty spell from the shapeshifter. But it wasn't effective enough. They slowly left the room, defense still unhinged. The angels were fewer than the humans but unlike normal humans, they were beyond them. Strength, magic and adeptness.

one angel left at the room. The powerful one.

"Council member! this is treacherous, heaven will be wrathful!" said the greater angel.
"Fuck heaven" Behind the angel, the shapeshifter! with his blade heading to the angel's belly.

This angel was no normal angel, he is higher than any other class of angels. The blade stuck in the angel's hands. "Stop this! there is no need for a meaningless battle!"

"I'm guessing you don't know the full story. Angels! pfft, lazying in their seats in heaven."
"Let us be reasonable-"
"Too late." The silver blades started to dance around the angel's arms. Attacking the well suited armor of the angel, but it did no harm. "Fuck!" He disappeared again.
"Why are you attacking Lord Evan?"
"If I would tell you, I would have to kill you also" replied a voice.
"My name is Lord Yadari, we are both reasonable beings."
"Death to you~!"

The angel slashed a wind hurricane behind him. Larac was hit, his blood left his mouth like water leaving a cup. he smashed breaking a wall and smashed hard on the second wall. He sat on the rubble, bleeding and weakened.

"I control the wind councilman" said Yadari, "You should have kept your voice to yourself." He walked towards the weakened shapeshifter, with his sword held tight, prepared for a sly attack from the rat Larac. He kicked Larac's blade far away from him, disarming him with nothing but his hands. He gripped his cloak, held him high barely choking the council member. "What do you have to say to this shameful act?"
"If the strongest angel is here attending to the bait, then who's protecting the king from the assassin"
"Death to you lying council man-"
"Heard that before-" said Larac, "Hey, what do you know about prophets?"
"Prophets, a rare being, like all of other rare beings, little is known of their abilities."
The angels surrounded Evan. Finally exiting the castle, hoping to exit the seal to be free from the trap Larac conducted.

"Once we leave the seal sire, Lord Isinsayel would be the best place to rest"

A horse's hooves clucked in the atmosphere. A creepingly evil aura presented.

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Bingo Book: Genisis Of Unknown

Mewt Vs Duun & Cardovia

I awoke from my meditation to explosions of power all around me in every direction. I stood and decided that it was time that I returned to Glycosa, to see how Youichi is doing. I grew some fleshy wings, and began my return. A few mile away from Glycosa, the explosions stopped.

From the city's edge, I could see that the Mystic Hall was no longer it the center. And for that matter, nowhere in sight. I landed amidst the rubble of the desecrated building. I heard a noise and looked up behind me, to see and floating island exiting a portal. I now know who's responsible for the destruction of the hall. I jumped and flew into one the only window that was open, the one on a top floor of a tower. I took in my wings and exited the room by force because the door was locked. I made my way down into the main hallway.

“Sorry, but the cost of trespassing is death.”

“So I can't leave?”

“No, that would cost you an arm and a leg.”

I acted like I was giving serious thought to it. “Hmmmm. Okay, heres your arm,” I then pulled off my arm, rendered it into a sword, and regrew another. “And your leg” I did the same with my leg.”Come get um.”

“With pleasure.”

Out of nowhere, a scythe forms out of nowhere from dust. He then dashed towards me, scythe raised. I blocked the attack and slice him across the chest. No blood, nothing but what looked like sand. I looked up and he was attacking, I raised my swords and barely blocked the attack. I followed it up with a kick to his chest and ran after him as he flew backwards. He hit the behind him and I thats when I severed his head with a scissor like movement. His body dissipated into sand, which left a pile.

“Bravo, very good, not many can get past my sand replica. Looks like I'll have to fight you myself.”

“That might give me a challenge.”

Just then, he appeared out of no where with a scythe, coming at me. I jumped back and dodged the attack. I landed about seven yards away. After a few seconds of standing there, doing nothing but staring at each other, We dashed forward. Before we connected, and explosion erupted in front of us, knocking us apart and into opposite walls.

“That is enough! That's it!” The voice sounded like Youichi's. When my head cleared, I looked up and seen her. I took in my weapons. “ Get Up Val. Welcome Mewt, it's been a while. Welcome to Val's humble home, The Castle in the Sky. Also known as Nowhere. Get up Val.” Val stood as he as told, with a look that was indifferent. “We have lot's to discuss, follow me.”

She led me to the meeting chamber. We all took seats. I was then brought up to date from when I left, to a few hours ago. When the explosions of power ceased. I learned Of Sirberius's return, the fall of SALIGIA, the slaughtering of the Elders, and the Ragnarök Tragedy.

“So that explains The power explosions.”

Val sighed, “Yes, but theres more important things to talk about.”

Youichi the told me about Evangaline being abducted, and the group that called themselves, The Remnants of Atlantis. About their plans to take over Lemures, the dragons realm. I was then filled in on their plan to stop it from happening. We waited for the rest of the team to arrive, afterwards, Valentine used his thousand eyes restrict ability to give us each an eye to use as a way to communicate with each other.

“Just like old time, eh?” joked Valentine.

“Shut up, Barrel,” snapped Ashley.

Even though Valentine explained the reasons for sending Javex, Ashley was still pissed off with Valentine. Ever since they left, Ashley had been angry with Valentine and kept calling him “Barrel”, Valentine’s angelic name he had before becoming one of SALIGIA’s Sinners.

“Stop bickering you two and keep an eye out for any suspicious movements by the enemy,” said Youichi, “It will be twenty minutes until Castle in the Sky reaches Faralda so be careful.”

“Aye, aye,” replied Joel and Mewt.

I then left where I was, in search of something fun to do. I wondered around town for a bit, checking out the deserted parts were the homeless brood about I somehow ended up in the south eastern part of town.

“You should turn around while you still can Mewt.”He was behind me.

“Duun, how nice it is to see you. What's the reason behind us meeting here?”

“Damn! To the point. Since you asked, I'm one of the Remnants now.”

“The reason?”

“During the Hybrid Extermination, Darmaida and Izen was fighting a good battle that was doomed to fail. During that time, the amount of gods increased dramatically. And as you know, every one of the new bloods were Hybrids who despised being Hybrids. The Elders used that to their advantage, which backfired because they still lost the war.”I knew it! “The Elders, no not Elders, Darmaida and Izen recruited a gross amount of new blood. Most of which was untrained and ignorant of the politics at that time. They were the true followers of the cynicism. Following orders blindly because they were just told to do so. The majority of em died. Hell, you killed a few yourself. ”

“Yeah, I felt embarrassed by their lack of skill.”

“Izen was a strong believer in numbers. That's the reason why I helped you”

“And the reason now?”

“Damn it Mewt, I'm getting there, let me talk.” He took a deep breath before continuing. “I've been sitting back, watching and listening to the events as they transpired. The rise and fall of the Fallen Order, Draethius's rise and return to the Death Dimension at the hands of his used-to-be servant, Siberius, SALIGIA'S demise, and the abandonment of the council by the Grand Mystic Sirberius. The common friend? The Elders. Now that their out of the way, it's a free for all. And that there is the reason, a chance to grasp power by the balls. Also, that damn Kim-um-Kur Siberius, took out all but two Elders. This combined with the Ragnarök Tragedy makes for one hell of an opportunity. But as life would have it, we still have some work to do in order to make use of it.”

“A shame for the lazy son of bitches, huh?” I joked

“Yeah, sure is. It's a having to kill you.” He said this in a sincere manner.

“Huh? Kill me? What for?” I said this in a playful ignorant tone.

“Why to protect the Remnant of course. Nothing is gonna make me pass this chance up. Sorry”

“You do what you must, and I'll do the same.”

“Sounds reasonable. Deal.” He pulled the cloth over his mouth and drew his knives. He looked as he did so many years ago.

“Good.”I rendered a sword and shield and readied myself. “Come now, slay me in the name of the Remnants.”

He ran towards me and swiped at me back and forth a few times. In order to dodge, I jumped back with each swipe. In a flash, he switched the way he was holding his other knife and was stabbing downwards. I rose my shield as quick as I could. This resulted in me knocking it back behind me. I felt a sharp pain at that instance, I looked down to see his knife halfway in my stomach. The pain strangely felt good, like a release or something. I smiled, took in my sword and shield, and used his shoulders to push myself backwards. His face read only surprise. Mid-fall I rendered dual daggers and swiped as he did earlier. I left three cuts through the side of his shirt, each varying in length and depth. I hit the ground, rolled backwards and pushed myself forward and up as I ended the roll. I landed on my feet and returned my daggers into a sword and shield.. After he finished stumbling back from my push, he returned to his previous attacks. I parried and dodged some, and blocked the others with my shield and sword.

“ How are you managing all of this if your blind? Why are you not pulsing as you did when we first met?” My curiosity escaped me before I could stop it.

“But I am pulsing, just not outward as I did then.” He took a deep breath and began attacking again. Speaking as he did so. “Many things in life can be bettered by practice and hard work. Every now and then, all that's needed is a bit of logic and luck. It took me a few years after the war to learn how to concentrate my power. I then started experimenting to find the extent of my powers. I began with my pulsing, I tried many different ways, but it was by luck that I tried to pulse through objects. It was hard at first, but I learned the do's and don'ts quickly. That's where logic helped. The way I pulse now can be compared to sonar, but better. I pulse my energy through my feet into the ground, and like a chain it goes through whatever is touching the ground. I could see the other way, but details were blurry. Now, with this other way, I can see more than details. ”

“Hows that?” I asked as I jumped back, dodging an attack.

“I can see inside things. People for example, I can see their bones, organs, their heart pumping. I can see inside a house just by touching and sending my energy through the door. I can control how far it goes, so it isn't a waste of energy when I don't need it. It's better than eyes.”

I took in the daggers and rendered a spear. He ran, jumped forward, and came down with both knives. By luck, my spear stopped them as it was stuck in the first hole on the knives. I twirled the spear and watched the knives fly through the air and embed themselves in the soil. Duun drew his katana from his back. I changed my spear into a single sword.

“Ready for round two?” He asked.

“Yeah, whenever your ready.”

He was instantly in the sky above me, coming down fast. I jumped forward, rolled, and swung behind me. Bone on steel. Attack after attack, clash after clash. A echo erupted with every connection. No quarter was given on either side. Inch for inch.

“One of us has to give eventually.” I pointed out the obvious.

“I know.”

I was running out of time, Youichi is gonna be here and level this place real soon. I rendered another sword so that I had dual swords.

He cam at me slashing wildly, with no apparent plan, or so it seemed. I blocked every slash with somewhat ease. He slashed one last time, I stopped it just before it made contact with my shoulder. I did this with my sword somewhat laying on my shoulder, and his katana laying on my sword. Out of nowhere, he stopped pushing and slammed his palm into my forehead.

I felt a sensation of water flowing through me, and the next thing I remember was me falling back as everything became silent and black. I slowly grew numb allover. The feeling of air was faint on my skin as it became cold like white snow. Everything was at peace, and I welcomed it.

It took me a minute before I realized what had had happened. He used his energy in the same manner as he did to see, but instead of enhancing his sight, it takes the senses away., He desensitized me. I'll be dead soon If I don't do something soon to reverse it.

My mind drifted through my fights with each of the Zodiac. About how to control the stimulus my body receives. They explained how my body naturally dulls the receptors when I pull loose an arm or get stabbed by my own weapon. I dismiss the stimuli of pain, but, because I have very little control, I can only do this for certain instances. Which would explain why it hurts when someone else pulls off my arm.

I cleared my mind and attempted to think of a way to resensitize my body.

Pain. Could work, but I'm numb all over, so I'd feel nothing

Raising my heart rate. Hmmmm... Pointless unless I wanted to tire my heart.

Kill off and regenerate all nerve cells and receptors. Too risky, I could kill my myself by numbing required organs that aren't numb yet, thereby stopping them. I would also disallow them blood and everything else they need to function. By the time time I fully regenerate, the organ I need to live would be dead. So I would also be dead. Also, If I can't feel, then how do I know what to regenerate?

Full body defibrillation. This would instantly raise my heart rate, but has one hell of a chance at reawakening receptors. Once pain is felt and my senses are fully back, I can stop. Plus, the increased heart rate would keep my organs from dying on me from lack of oxygen or blood. This would also mean that I don't have to regenerate anything. Less work on my part.

I decided that plan D was the most efficient, so I calmed down and began concentrating in preparation. I gathered all the electricity in my body into my brain. After I collected this and a little more, I released it throughout my body. Nothing. It was hard to judge the exact amount I gathered due to my being numb. I did this again. And again. And again. And again. At this point, I felt a slight tingling sensation crawl across my skin. It was gone as fast as it came. Damn! I tried again, but I collected a lot more than I did previously. My skin tingled again. Again, but twice as much as before. I could smell and faintly feel my hands! Once more with enough juice to raise the dead, and I had everything but my eyes and ears. I gathered just enough and collected it the core of the brain which is the place where sight and hearing is controlled at. I let it loose. I heard my ears pop, followed by a crashing noise. I then seen that I was flying backwards, away from Duun. In front of me(since I was facing him and flying backwards), a little building crumbled to the ground. Another crash as I flew through the wall of another building. The inside looked like a shop, but without the merchandise, anywhere. I regained focus once the dust settled. What I saw was about five, maybe six homeless guys. Within seconds, they scattered and was gone. I stood, dusting myself off, and left back through the hole I just made. I then, instantly, sensed something. I rose my head and looked in front of me. I seen the two knives from earlier, flying towards me. Time slowed, or so it felt like, as they came closer. I grabbed them out of the air, twirled them, and threw them back at him. My aim was off, because they missed his head. He stood as they passed him by, one on each side of his head. But before they fully passed him, he pulsed outward and knocked them away from the sides of his head.

“I don't know how you managed it, but your shock-induced convulsions didn't scare me any. It took too long to regain you senses, if I counted right, it took about nine times. Thats eight too many.”

“Yeah but your not gonna do whatever it was that you did again. I'll make sure of that myself. By the way, it wasn't suppose to scare you. I don't scare, I kill. Scaring is just a symptom of death.”

He got mad at my saying this. So he unsheathed his katana and came at me. Having no clue where my swords were, I rendered another set of two. We went at it, blood for blood.

I realized at this moment that I smelt like the air during a thunderstorm This gave me an idea. I began charging electricity within my hands instantly. After a few more clashes, I used my swords to lock ours in contact.

“For someone like you, taking over the Remnants won't be enough. It never is for power hungry assholes.”

“That just the first part of my goal. Next is to become an Elder. By force if the need arises.”

“So that's your goal? To become an Elder?”

“Yes, it has been every since the Great War ended. I've seen the benefits of having that power.”He paused for a minute. ”The power that the Elder Gods wielded with such ease and carelessness. The thing that allowed them to be lazy, hypocritical, uncaring, and complete untrustworthy, sly assholes.”

“Before all this, I would have defended them with all I had. I would have fought you for that comment you just made. I was willing to give my life for them, because I believed that they were better than the previous set. Damn, how I was wrong. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This point has been proven with each set thus far. I agree with what you said. Every bit of it. But I still can't let you get the Remnant. Regardless” I released the lock in a way so he'd stumble forward. As he did so, I took in my swords. When he was close enough, I grabbed him by the head, each hand covering an ear in a way so he could still hear. I pulled His head to mine So we were eye to eye. Sort of.

“Those prick Elders wore masks, not showing their true selves until the time was right. Giving orders like players in a game of chess. I thank you Duun, my hopes had blinded me, but your words has allowed me to see once more. Farewell my friend, may we meet after death.” I let loose the charge I was holding the entire time. Duun's body shook for a few seconds, grew stiff and eased into being limp.

I let go, and allowed his body to hit the ground. I left to find more 'fun'.

I wondered for a few blocks. Aimlessly to the north until I was in the eastern part of town.

“You could of at least given his body the decency of a burial.”

“Is that Cardovia I hear? It's been ages since we fought side by side.” He walked out from behind a building, filing his nails. He wore a black sleeveless trench coat over a white sleeveless t-shirt and pants. He had a pair of black boots. He retained his medium tan, long hair, and Elvish features. The only change was his hands. From his elbows down, they were metallic. From the elbows up, they transitioned bask to skin.

He noticed I was looking at his arms. “You like? It beats having to put on those gloves when I needed to fight and taking them off when I was done. This way save a lot of time. You'd be surprised with what you can do with a few binding spells and some experimental procedures.”

“I think I would be too... Anyways, enough bullshit, we gonna fight?”

“I have to now. I must protect the Remnant and avenge Duun's death.” Cardovia stopped filing his nails.

“That, or die trying”

He chuckled at my comment. “Either way, let's start.” He then transfigured his hands into his signature claws.

I rendered my dual swords and readied myself. I remembered my training with Nyon Zenger.

“When fighting, everything else is but a distraction. Never give to the emotions, or you will have given your life to them. Never allow your thoughts to stray, or you will find yourself coming back to a dead body. Fighting is your only concern, nothing else. Now, again! Regimen Thirty-seven.” The conscious-emotion seal activated and pumped various emotions through me. Causing me to be mad one second, sad the next, then happy, and maybe guilt the next. There was no real order due to them being randomly generated. I learned after a month, how to ignore emotions during a fight, and how to quickly dispose of them before of after in order to keep a clear mind.

I came back to the present in time to dodge Card's first attack. I jumped back as he swiped at me with his left hand. It was too late to avoid his right hand as he swiped upwards. Five lives appeared on my shirt as a result of his connected attack. Blood slowly stained the area around the ribs. To reply, after taking in one of my swords, I punched downwards at his face and followed it with my knee. He flew through the air onto his back.

“You know what? I need only my hands to fight you.”I took in my other sword after saying this. I then continued attacking.

Card rolled backwards, jumped, did a few flips through the air, landed gracefully and dashed forward. He slashed across,after jumping and taking a few simple scratches, I threw a punch into the side of his stomach. He flung his head in the direction I punched, but brought it around and head butted me. White pain flashed across my closed eyes. I stumbled back and when I opened my eyes, I was kicked. I flew through the air a few feet before landing. I stood.

“Truth be told, I'd rather of been an angel, their beauty surpasses all other. The price the gods pay for their power is ugly sin. Thus is the reason why I have none. This is why I contain a dead god within me. With power, the soul becomes a twisted, horrific thing. Hungry for more and more. This is what makes me beautiful, my hate for power. I've proven that one can survive and kick ass with out it. That is why Duun fell at your hands, because he was to obsessed with acquiring more. Much more. Ignorance, plain and simple.”

“What about those that are happy with the power they have possess? The ones that better themselves for their sake and that of others?”

“Then they are the ones that are both beautiful and powerful. Their rare but they do exist. Why?”

“Because your looking at one.” I ran towards him, ready to resume our fight.

I dodged seven swipes and countered by drilling into his stomach with an equal amount of punches. I finished with an uppercut that sent him stumbling backwards. He stopped and severed my arm as he stumbled forward.

“Watch it, someone can lose an arm with those... ” I jested

“Oops, little too late, someone already has.”

“Look! I found it, and I thought it would be lost for good.” I grew another arm and let the other one lay on the ground.

I rendered a dual set and started slashing. After a few, he was running backwards. I continued for another minute before stopping. As soon as I stopped, I jumped and kneed him in the face. He toppled over sideways and continued in a roll. After a few feet, he stopped. He jumped to his feet and came at me. This time, I ran backwards as I parried his stabs and swipes. When he would pause between attacks, I took the time to switch the way I was holding one of my swords. Once the sword was switched, I jabbed the butt of it in his face. His head flung back, followed by him grabbing his face. He took a step back. I jumped and kicked him in the center of his chest with the sole of my foot. This sent him further back as he fell down. I then Noticed that his hands were hands again and not claws.

“You will pay Mewt for causing blood to be shed upon my face. For disfiguring my nose and taking away my overall beauty. I was flawless before! But I have a fucking scar!” He took his hands away from his face and revealed a cut across the bridge of his with blood escaping slowly.

He disappeared and reappeared behind me. Upon grabbing me, he positioned his hand so he could cut my throat with ease.

“For flawing me and fucking up my perfected beauty, I will kill you. Feel special Mewt, for being the first to have ever, ever, fuck up my beauty. Matter of fact, I'm not gonna simply kill you, no, I'm gonna have fun with you.” He then sliced my neck the first two fingers of his right hand.

This took away a good inch from my neck. Blood poured down my chest like a river. I fell forward onto the ground and just laid their in a puddle of my own blood. It took everything I had to focus my body and repair my throat. Next thing I knew, I was kicked in the stomach and sent into a building. I had to regain the resources I lost, If not, wouldn't last much longer after the fight.

Through the smoke, a shadow was created from nothingness. I then seen that it was Card, because as he landed, he stabbed me in the shoulder with his fingers(minus his thumb).

“Ahhh!!” I slightly whimpered.

He smiled at my display of pain. He then pulled out his fingers and stabbed the area again, but vertically this time.


He then picked me up with his fingers, further stabbing me, and threw me back into the streets. I landed and rolled head over heels until I hit the wall of another building. I decided that now was the time to use my ace in the hole. I brought forth one of my guns and watched it form in my palm from metallic liquid leaking out of my pores. I began charging and compacting energy and bones into the current chamber. I took careful aim because I had only one shot, and couldn't afford to waste it. He developed and started running at me. I pulled the trigger and watched as the bullet soared through the air, searching for it's target. It found it in the center of Cardovia's forehead. His head jerked back at the contact. Mid-step, he fell forward, flat on his face. The hole in the back of his head was big enough to fit me hand through.

I love me dual pistols.

After a minute or two of sitting, I tried standing. After succeeding, I took in my gun and made my way over to Card's dead body. I then began the process of absorption. It took me mere seconds to take everything but the cloths in. I retraced my step back to the south east part of town and did the same to Duun. I decided to find my two swords that I lost. I found them and made my way to the Cathedral of Serenity. I was there in maybe ten minutes.

Mission complete.
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Larac Vs Evan Nigel (Great God War patron). (PART 2)

"Who are you!" the angel asked, "State your purpose here."
The man riding a horse stared devilishly, his aura intimidated the angel. His horse calmly cleaned its hooves and tapped on the cement floor. "I am Dos, a carrier of council member Larac"

In a blink of a second, one of the angels appeared beside Dos, her sword quickly sliced through the air but landed on a large black sword. She backed off quickly, trying to avoid a death blow, but the Horseman struck none. Fifteen fireballs, hurled towards Dos, he repelled it off easily as his horse smoothly backs away.
"Die!" the female angel cried out, swiftly crashing from the sky with her sword targeted at Dos.

A cloud of dust appeared after the attack. The stone ground was damaged deeply. The angel breathes heavily as she watched the horseman, holding her sword with two hands with his armored hand. The horse ran far, disappeared from the scene. Dos was bigger than the angel anticipated, it was like she was standing on a large rock, only that that rock could kill her. She could feel the Death Dimension in this horseman.

Dos' grip of the sword was unheard off, the female angel knows it would be impossible for anyone to just easily stop a blade traveling at 300 mph and holding it with his hands (wearing gauntlets). She tries to pull away the sword, but the horseman was too strong. Too strong in fact that she called for reinforcement.

Two angels quickly appeared, with their two blade sword they slashed through the defenseless Dos. The swords struck, and one angel successfully pierced through the armor and damaged some flesh. A rushing black steam of smoke poured out Dos' armor and blinded all of them. Their eyes scarred by the evil of Dos. They could still fight well, but they couldn't rely on vision anymore but their other senses. Already anyone near the battle could see that Dos is beyond them.

A cry!

"Everyone!" cried Lord Yadari [The angel from part 1] "Lord Evan lied!, his edict was a forgery! He's-"

Lord Yadari received an ethereal sword blow from Lord Evan.

"Lord Yadari!" the angel's cried out, running to his aid. But they stopped upon hearing Lord Evan's warning that it could have been the shapeshifter.

The angels surrounded Evan more securely than before. They were sandwiched between Dos and Lord Yadari. The blind angels swing with skill towards Dos, to distract him. They couldn't lay waste to him now, its impossible now.

A pair of hands clapping. Someone walked out of the castle, the exit that Lord Yadari used. "Do you think Im that stupid Evan. . . Exiting the doors cloaking as the last companion who fought me. Don't fuck with me. . ." Larac said uncloaked by his invisibility seal.

Lord Yadari, wasted and rested afar from the angels and Lord Evan. "Everyone! Lord Evan's edict was forgery. He's no more a God than that putrid councilman" he cried out, wanting his shouts to be heard.

Lord Evan stroke his sword against the stone ground, destroying it with an explosion. The stone rubble fell on top of Yadari, burying him with large rocks. "I don't know what spells you used Larac but-"

Larac grinned pissing off Evan.

"As you can see angel doves" said Larac, "I did not shapeshift into your beloved Lord Yadari. The one you're protecting right now is no more a God than a maggot."

"Lies!" said one angel. A metal white sharp feather flew towards Larac missing his face by an inch.

"No, it's no lies. His edict was a forgery. He's birth was not even natural, let alone celestial. You're protecting an abomination. A nobody. . ."

Sharp metal feathers flew towards Larac but missed. Larac disappeared, vanished and none could be able to sense him. They tightened their defenses, having all eyes open to any attacking being.

A sound of bodies falling and faint metal. It was the blind angels, they were defeated by Dos and now stares at Evan and the other angels.

Eyes shifted, heads turned and throats bounced. They were weary, and undecided what to do. Dos was very intimidating, his aura gave a feel of death all over it. They have to worry about two powerful beings, and clearly they were outmatched.

A whistling sound came. Something falling from the sky gave them too little time to react. It was Larac, he was falling head first with his silver weapon turned into a lance. It was very slow for the two, for Larac and Evan. The sparks fly off from the contact of the ethereal protection field and silver lance.

The attack was a failure, Larac's lance skewered the ground but not Evan. Without a moment's notice, the angels landed their weapons to immobilized Larac. Swords pierced through his left leg, right shoulder, back, lower belly and chest. While spears pierced through his lower back, neck, left shoulder and chest. Evan joined in in the barbecue, piercing his sword through Larac (without the ethereal sword effect).

Blood gushed out of Larac's mouth. He spat blood to Evan but it only landed on the ethereal shield.

"Don't think that you wont yet fag." Larac coughed and weakened.

Evan turned his head to see if the horseman would do a follow up. But Dos' just stood and watched. "Your friend knows my ether protection is beyond him. Goodbye Larac-"

Larac's right arm bursted forth and turned into a demon's arm, it moved fast and strong, forgetting the fact that it is weakened by a spear. It scratched and it attacked but it did no harm to the ethereal protection.

"Hold that arm!" an angel commanded.

Within a second, a wing turned into a white metal and pierced through the arm, slowing its attacks. Arms started to shapeshift to weaken the weapons blow, the arms held the weapons tight to avoid more painful conflict but the angels were strong and many.

"Men! twist in where it hurts!"

The angel's twisted and turned their weapons while Larac's hands tried to lessen the pain.

Then a sound of clashes, metal, glass, and crushed stone. It was inside Lord Evan's protection, a large silver spike skewerd the Great God War Patron. The corpse wiggled and shivered like a maggot on a hook.

Dos interfered quickly and blown all the angels far. Larac was like a porcupine only that the sharp ends were inside him.

The angels quickly regrouped and tried to salvage Lord Evan. They removed the stones and the angels who knew healing spells quickly used what they knew. A couple of angels were in defense formation, to prevent Larac doing a surprise attack.

"Took you long enough," Larac said.
"I shouldn't interfere in your battles" Dos replied.
"Pfft, right right right-"
"Is your mission over?"
"Looks like it. I dont sense any life anymore in Evan. Struck every vital organ he has."

Dos' pointed at the angels, staring and defending.

"Leave them be. I need to talk to that angel" (he means Lord Yadari).

It took them quite a while to fully heal Lord Yaradi. It was a long awkward atmosphere, but Lord Yadari in the end commanded the angels to return to the barracks. Two were left to protect him as a precaution. The other angels stayed on air, a worrisome bunch, worrying about their lord.

"The mystical council are strong indeed" an angel said while his group walked towards Larac.
"Nope, we're just hard to kill is all." Larac grinned.
"Hey," Dos said to Larac, "don't aggravate the situation."
"Council Member Larac," said Lord Yadari, "What now?"
"What now?, well for starters, I'll overlook the fact that data on the mystic council is circulating in Heaven's military and second this incident-"
"-Wait" Dos interrupted. He sneaked his hands in Larac's pouch and took out a piece of chalk, and started to create a circle seal distressing the angels.
"Don't worry" said Larac, "This is just to avoid any conversation between us from being watched"
"I don't sense any seers around-"
"-Nonetheless" Larac answered.

When the seal finished it glowed a weak white glow, affirming its finished product.

"How did he have you" Larac asked.
"It was an order. From the higher authorities" Lord Yadari said. "A command is a command."
"How many Gods and Angel's affirmed his celestial beginnings?"
"Plenty. . ."
"Does heaven plan to cleanse the Mystic Council?"
"We have thirty beings." answered Yadari. "But Inferno has the same-"
"We already knew that" Larac interrupted.
"It was a precaution Larac, there were very little beings in MC that would side with Heaven. And most of the council members were-"
"hellbound. I know." Larac said. "You not afraid spilling the milk?"
"I've been played for a fool," said Yadari, "protecting an abomination. Following his every order-"
"Leave heaven. I need someone like you alive" Larac gave Evan's sword to Lord Yadari. It was no normal sword, it could command ethereal powers.
"Leaving heaven is not as easy as it sounds, where shou-"
"Dragon Country"

The two angels accompanying Yadari were discomforted by the conversation. They slowly understood now the situation, as conversation almost ended....

"You're cunning Larac, but that won't be enough to stop anything that's heading towards you."
"I've nearly exterminated every faction targeting the MC. That's my only job."

"Your strong to have survived the battle Larac. Take care." Yadari said.

As soon as Larac heard those last sentences, he slipped and fell into a coma. Dos lifted him up to his shoulders and saddled Larac on the horse.

"Is he going to be ok?" asked Lord Yadari.
"Don't worry" said Dos "He knows I'm here. That's why he's letting his guard down"
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Weiss vs The Holy Lord's Hand

Weiss, and Lozaru ran for the doors, heading for the Clock Tower of Sinners.

Lozaru turned to Weiss, "Do you think it'll still be there?"
"Well unless someone else knew of this, then yes. Val has never been one to half ass guard anything."
"You speak as if you've known him all your life."
"Well I've known him for a while, but he didn't go by Valentine when I met him."
"Don't say that traitor's name in my presense you worthless vermin."

Lozaru and Weiss stopped moving and prepared themselves cause they had sensed the strangers energy right after they killed Hallelujah. They looked up in the air to see a cloaked figure in all white standing on a upper balcony. Weiss looked at him and smiled.

"You trying to take me look now? I thought the Holy Lord's hand would be above on this Conspiracy. How low the tribe of God's have sunken yet again."
"Silence, Half Breed Vermin."
"Oh come on," Weiss said smiling brightly still. "Don't be like that, Zayru."

The Hooded man took a step back onto the balcony, while Weiss started going towards it.

"Yes i know who you are. With my abilities, i can get a person's name just from their Ka'dai signature."
Lozaru looked over to Weiss, "So just who is this Zayru person?"
"He is one of the first people that Sirberiusgot to join the Mystic Council after he left the Death Dimension for the first time. Zayru didn't know sirberius was a hyrbid, which is a race he hated along with most of the Community. He tried to attack Sirberius once he learned of it, but was shot dead by him. Or at least, that what everyone has believed for all this time. Seems he lived and joined an ally that hates hybrids as much as him."
"You know so much about me. I'm not sure if i should be flattered or wonder if your stalking me."
Weiss smile started spreading wider, "You shouldn't be either one. I've known about you since the beginning, however i never expected Sirberius's bullet to have missed your heart. Seems that he shot you half-assed. But we aren't here to think about the past."

Weiss put his right hand out to his side, and let his energy flow freely from it. Zayru looked curiously at him.

"So just what are you proposing we are here to do?"
"Well Lozaru and me are going to leave this place and continue our search."
"And what if i don't allow you to do that?"
Pointed his hand out toward Zayru, "Then you'll be exterminated like you should have been long ago."

Weiss snapped his fingers, and Zaryu whistled. 20 Swords appeared around Zayru, while 4 angels apeared around Weiss holding spears to his body. Lozaru started to draw his double bladed swords, but stopped once he saw Weiss turn toward him smiling.

"Lozaru, go ahead to the Clock Tower without me. I think i'm going to have a bit a fun with this guy."

Lozaru nodded his head and started running for exit. Zayru looked as if he was about to signal another Angel to strike him, but he was unaware of what Weiss was doing. He had been chanting a spell in his mind. As Zayru took in a break to whistle, Weiss finished the last verse and a spell circle opened around them. Zayru Summoned the Angel, but it didn't get far. The Angel tried to go outside of the circle, but met an energy field. The energy shot it right into the middle of the circle.

Weiss started laughing as he put his hands together, "Seems as if the sacrifice came willingly."
Zayru looked at Weiss with horrified eyes, "Stop him."

The Angels around Weiss tried to push their spears into his body, but the spears wouldn't budge. Weiss looked up at them.

"Did you idiots really think i'd allow you to do that. I've had those spears binded in the air ever since you decided to show yourself."

Suddenly the ground started to shake, and the Angel in teh middle of the circle started bleeding profusely. It's blood covered the entire floor. Zayru started to feel something touching his legs, and as he looked down, he saw skeleton hands pulling down on him. He instantly jumped into the air and hovered there (with the help of more angels, by the guess of Weiss).

"What the hell is this," Zayru yelled to Weiss.
Weiss ascended his body into the air by condensing the energy he let out earlier, "They are the souls of the damned. As you sensed before, I am a Hybrid. But i'm a special one. I'm mixed with teh blood of a Dragon, and a Demon. My magic is absurdly strong, so things like this are minor child's play. I do warn you though, don't let them get a good hold onto you. If you do, they will begin to drain you of your life energy for themself, and pull you down with them. Those who are taken by these souls do not go to the Death Dimension, or to teh so called heaven. The live as a undying being, to be forever tortured by these souls, and to find others to drag down with you. It's a pretty horrible way to end up."
"You are just some type of monster," Zayru yelled enraged. "But fine, i'll play with this field as a battleground. It'll feel good to rid the world of yet another Hybrud."
Weiss laughed, "Well i like your confidence. So without any further aidou, lets begin......."
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Cardovia vs. Dmitri, Ashley, and Ben

Dmitri, Ashley, and Ben had just teleported the frozen Valentine and Kira to N.V. in Castle in the Sky when the building next to them exploded. An Elder God walked out of the rubble.
"Well, well, well," said Cardovia, "if it isn't Ashley de Superbia, the one who gave Darmadia the faulty info that led her to her death."
"Cardovia," spat Ashley.
"You know this guy?" asked Dmitri.
"He's Elder God Cardovia but he wasn't always an Elder God. Back during The Great God War, Cardovia served under Elder God Cardovia. I was tired of that war so I forced Valentine to reveal where the Kim-un-Kurs were. As you can guess, Darmadia found Tenkai Hyachi and was killed. Now he has taken her place. As you can also guess, he blames me."
"Enough talking!" yelled Cardovia.
Cardovia fired a storm of sharp diamonds at the trio. Ashley used Veneratio to protect herself while Ben teleported himself and Dmitri twenty feet away out of danger. Cardovia was getting pissed.
"You Sinners are abominations that Luke began," bellowed Cardovia, "now to fix his mistake."
Cardovia summoned a giant club as big as the building next to him. He smashed it into Ashley's Veneratio which barely absorbed the blow. Ashley had to release her impowered umbrella and carwheel away.
As Ashley got up, Cardovia got ready for another swing. Dmitri pulled out his dual pistols and fired. Neither bullets pierced Cardovia's skin.
"Tch," cursed Dmitri. "Ben, get me Ashley's umbrella."
Ben teleported by Veneratio and picked it up. Light disappeared as Cardovia's club came upon him.
"Ben!" panicked Dmitri.
Ashley got under Cardovia's club and stopped it from crushing Ben. She was barely struggling to keep it from squashing them both.
"Go!" ordered Ashley.
Ben teleported next to Dmitri. He gave Veneratio to Dmitri.
Dmitri and Ben then watched as Cardovia and Ashley wrestled for who would be hit by the giant club. Finally Ashley faked him and twisted the club to the left, knocking it out of Cardovia's hands. The club continued rolling and smashed into a local diner called Akatsuki's Diner.
"Wow, I didn't know she was that strong," commented Ben.
"You may have stopped my club but my sword, Espada*, will destroy you!" snickered Cardovia.
Cardovia summoned a twelve foot sword decorated in gold and jewels. It had been the prize weapon of Darmadia before her death.
"Suffer under my wrath," snickered Cardovia.
Right as Cardovia was about to slash Ashley in half, Dmitri had Ben teleport him right next to Cardovia's right arm. Dmitri stabbed Veneratio into Cardovia's right arm and activated Drill Kill. The spinning umbrella sliced off Cardovia's arm. The Elder God screamed in pain.
"You'll pay for this!" declared Cardovia. "Kill them, Winter, Samuel."
Two figues jumped off a roof and inbetween Dmitri and Cardovia. One was a witch and the other a werewolf.
"Kill them," ordered Cardovia, "don't come back until they are dead."
Cardovia fled from the battle. He would never see Winter Fallan Stark or Samuel Summer since he would end up encountering Mewt.
"May we introduce ourselves," said the witch, "I am Winter Fallan Stark, daughter of the late Fallan Stark**."
"And I am Samuel Summer," growled the werewolf.
A new battle had begun.

*Espada is Spanish for both "sword" and "ace of spades"; since I was having Cardovia have a 'card' theme going on, I thought it worked perfectly
**Fallan Stark is the witch Dante killed in "Bingo Book: Visorese Leaders"
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Ashley vs. Samuel Summer

Ashley knew who Samuel and Winter were by reputation. When Cardovia became an Elder God, he was required to obtain a Guardian Angel to protect him. However, due to having been betrayed by his own comrad during The Great God War, Mewt, he was wary of other gods and angels. Instead, he enlisted the services of two individuals from the Mystic Realm to serve as his Guardian Angels.
The first was Winter Fallan Stark. She was the daughter of Fallan, a witch who had been one of the Visorese in the Fallen Order. Winter had no intentions of following in her mothers footsteps and instead enrolled at Chronos Academy. A month later she was kicked out after mercilessly slaughtering nine of her classmates, more if her mentor, Prof. Pound and Headmaster Aeris NIghtstriker hadn't stopped her. Regardless, she was able to keep her own against Aeris so Cardovia recruited her.
The other was Samuel Summer. Samuel was a psychopathic werewolf who had turned rogue and left the Wolfe Faction during The Great God War to help the gods against the hybrids. He was considered "Izen's dog" for years but when Izen died, Cardovia recruited him, seeing Samuel only as a powerful asset. What Ashley didn't like about Samuel was that he never fought with honor.
"Dmitri, Ben, take on Winter Stark," said Ashley, "I'll take care of the 'dog'."
" 'Dog'?' 'Dog'?! Die!" yelled Samuel.
Samuel, enraged by Ashley's "dog" comment, charged at Ashley, morphing into his true, beastly form. Dmitri and Ben didn't get much of a chance to see Ashley dodge Samuel's attacks since they got attacked by Winter.
Samuel tried to take a bite out of Ashley but Ashley had rolled over to Veneratio and smacked the werewolf with it. The werewolf was flung into a building. He came out moments later more pissed but also seemingly enjoying himself.
"Your death is the will of god," growled Samuel hysterically, "by his order I am to kill you."
Samuel made another leap at Ashley. Ashley used Sky Arc but Samuel used his Bang Fang to deflect it.
"Bang Fang deflects non-physical attacks," snickered Samuel.
"I see," replied Ashley.
Ashley got into a pose, her umbrella in arm. She would be ready for anything that Samuel could throw at her.
Turns out she was wrong. Samuel let out a random barage of punches that seemed like it was coming from a drunken wrestler. One punch hit Ashley's stomach, knocking her to the ground.
Samuel grabbed Ashley by the neck and picked her up. He began squeezing her neck, suffocating her and causing crunching noises.
"Like my illusion, Clown Theory?" asked a voice.
Samuel turned to see another Ashley standing to the left of him.
"You tricked me!" shouted Samuel.
Samuel released his grip and swung a punch at the other Ashley. It went through her.
"What in God's name..." muttered Samuel.
The Ashley he had been choking got up.
"You had me all along," said Ashley, "that time I tricked you."
Ashley took out a wakasashi hidden in the base of Veneratio and used it to stab Samuel in the gut.
"No guts, no glory," mocked Ashley.
Ashley took the sword out of Samuel. The werewolf took a step back, his blood spilling out of him.
"Goddammit," cursed Samuel.
Samuel fell down and died.

In the distance while fighting Dmitri and Ben, Winter saw her partner die. When a bullet struck her arm, she decided it was time to flee. She fled Faralda and hoped that Cardovia would forgive her if he was alive.
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