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Posted 6/28/09
(As continued from "Memento Mori"; also, this is also a post for "Bingo Book: Genesis of Unknown")

A Game of Thrones

Nemesis barely had time to steal Grimm's Oracle when Ben and Dmitri arrived at Floor 12. She barely made it in time to escape.
As she fled into streets of Sibilis, she spotted a carriage waiting. It stood near where the corpses of Abel and Axel had been but they were gone, buried thanks to the driver of the carriage, Las Alquimistas' own member, Vaquero. Vaquero opened the door to let Nemesis into the carriage. She got in and sat across her two guests and next to the third. The first was The Holy Lord's Hand, otherwise known as Zayru Licayan. The other was Chokmah, Nemesis' guard from Sephiroth, an Organization V unit. And lastly, sitting next to Nemesis was Zwei.
"Where were you, Zwei," demanded Nemesis, "I could have used you back at The Clock Tower."
"My apologies, Heavenly Ruler Nemesis," said Zwei, "I had to deal with Tipheret; he's dead."
"Not only Tipheret, the Nobody we implanted in Atlantis, Evan Nigel, has been destroyed by the Council," informed Zayru.
"Not to mention that Voz was injured," added Zwei.
"It doesn't matter anymore. We have Hyroku the Gem of Power and the second Oracle," said Nemesis, "combined with the Oracle Z'Niel has, we'll be able to recreate the Elder Seal* as we see fit."
"That may be a problem, ma'am," said Chokmah, "Z'Niel is dead too."
Nemesis slammed her fist into the interior of the carriage. "Damn. How am I suppose to gain full control of Organization V now if I don't have the other Oracle?!"
"Calm down, Nemesis," said Zwei, "when Phaethon died, the tide of power swifted to Duo. Duo, like Athius, is after the Hyroku. That, Nemesis, is your leverage."
"I guess you're right... Zayru, I want you to wait here for Vier Weiss."
"Vier Weiss?" asked Zayru.
"A member of the Final Five. He is a lackey of Athius. Deal with him long enough so that my plans for The Spire may be complete."
"What are you talking about?" demanded Nemesis.
"Nemesis, you out of all people should know that the Heavenly Ruler I reside my trust in is Athius but he doesn't always agree with my ideas."
"You... You're using me!"
"And aren't you trying to do the same to me? It's a mutual relationship."
Zwei opened the carriage door and got out.
"Nemesis, the next time we meet, it will most likely be as enemies," said Zwei.
Zwei waved as he walked out of view. He was two blocks down when his persuer, Chokmah, finally reached him.
"As order of Her Highness, Nemesis, you are to be eliminated," declared Chokmah.
Chokmah unsheathed a rapier and was about to charge at Zwei when a spell was casted which froze his feet. Winter Stark came into view.
"Zwei, I remember you," said Winter, "you knew my mentor, Prof. Pound."
"As I did but not in the way you think," replied Zwei. "Tell me, you're looking for the person who she secretly trained as well, right? Have you discovered the apprentice's identity yet?"
"All I've figured out is that the apprentice is female."
"As have I. I also heard that she may be a relative of Prof. Pound herself, and possibly, the alchemist Cedric Aduella."
"The famous alchemist?"
"Yes. I'm planning on questioning him later. He's at The Spire. Would you care to join me?"
"Sure but no funny bus-"
"Hey!" shouted Chokmah.
Zwei and Winter had completely forgotten about Chokmah. Chokmah broke out of the ice and made a run for the two.
"Shall we?" said Zwei.
Winter used a spell to freeze Chokmah momentarily, just long enough for Zwei to materialize his scythe and slice Chokmah in half. Winter then incinerated Chokmah's corpse with another spell.
Zwei snapped his fingers and a door appeared.
"This Mystic Gate will bring you to The Spire," said Zwei, "I'll meet up with you after I take care of some people here."
As Zwei left, he tossed an envelope at Winter's feet. Winter picked it up and read the letter inside. It was an invitation that read: YOU ARE INVITED TO THE ANNUAL ORGANIZATION BALL! SHALL TAKE PLACE AT ZWEI MANOR IN TWO DAYS! DON'T MISS OUT!
Winter stuffed the invitation in her pocket and walked into the Mystic Gate.
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Posted 7/21/09
Kyriel's Ambition

Kyriel ran out of the bar as quickly as he could. He ran into a maze of alleys.
Kyriel guessed that Dark Face had betrayed him. That was the only explanation in why a suspicious stranger was tailing him.
Kyriel turned left only to find a dead end. He dared not fly in case of being seen.
"You've taken me for quite a run," said a voice.
Kyriel turned around to see the stranger.
"Wh-who are you?" demanded Kyriel.
"Me?" said the stranger. "I am Francesco Calcastado of Organization V's Ocheren. Kyriel, I have been ordered to bring you to my master."
"A being whom has the same goal as you: the replacement of the Elder Gods."
Could it be? Was this person actually offering what he always dreamed of.
"I will come immediately!" agreed Kyriel.
A door appeared. Francesco pushed Kyriel inside.
"If you see my brother, tell him I said hello," said Francesco.

Kyriel found himself in Draethius' castle in the Death Dimension. He noticed the scorched remains of Hallelujah.
"Dear god," muttered Kyriel.
"Kyriel, I have been told you wish for power," said a dark voice.
Kyriel turned around to see Draethius in a throne. The angel almost wet himself.
"Y-yes, sir," confirmed Kyriel.
"Then do you wish to have my powers in your body."
"Yes. Yes. Yes I do. I'd do anything."
Draethius grinned sinisterly. "Excellent."
Ein Stein walked in. Draethius snapped his fingers and Kyriel was bound.
"What is the meaning of this?!" demanded Kyriel.
"You wanted my power in your body? Then it shall be so. However, it will be once Ein Stein operates on you and turns you into a perfect vessel. I've learned that vessels with minds turn rebellious. Dr. Stein here is going to make you the most obidient servant."
"No. No. No!"
Stein dragged Kyriel off for his lab. After an operation, Kyriel was turned into a vessel suitable for Draethius. The vessel, now named Vasija, was brought back to The Spire for further study.
(FYI: Vasija is a member of Las Alquimistas del Siete Sietes)
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Posted 7/21/09 , edited 7/22/09
The sky started to change from blue to an eerie dark golden sky as clouds started rapidly forming in front of the sky. Dmitri and Ashely both looked up, trying to figure out the cause. That's when a voice called out to them.

"Does a twilight sky intrigue you that much?"

They both turned around and drew their weapons. Dmitri with his hand guns raised in front, and Ashley's umberella pointed toward teh sky. But inspite of their quick movements, they found nothin.

"You lookin for something buddy?"

Dmitri jumped forward in a flip shooting as he had made it half way though it. The bullets flew straight toward a man. His arm pulled from under his black and red cloak and started to emit a glow. As he waved his hand, the bullets imploded one by one. Then he put his hand back inside of the cload and lowered the hood. His messy black and red hair instantly came into view as if it radiated under the twilight sky. His eyes were colored a mysterious Sapphire blue. The cloak went all the way to his feet, so they couldn't see what he was wearing underneath. But from the sound of it when he moved his feet, it seemed to be some type of light armor.

"Well that could have ended badly," he said almost as if he was trying to make Dmitri regret doing it.
"You startled me. Plus i felt as if someone was planning out ways of striking us down."
The stranger laughed, "Well you've got me there. I wasn't sure whether or not you were friendly, so i was going to kill you just to be safe. Seeing how I'd been so close to you and you never even noticed." He looked over to Ashley and smirked, "But i know all too well who this seemingly young woman is. Though I'm not completely sure why she is fighting a good fight when she fought to throw the world into chaos long ago."
Ashley grew furious instantly, "There were valid reasons for my fighting during my time with Saligia. But times have changed, and I really don't have to explain my actions to a person who can't even introduce himself after startling others."
The man's eyes started to seemingly glow as he narrowed his eyes and stared harder at Ashley, "Very well, i guess i'll introduce myself. I am Sieghart.'
"What no last name or title to go with that," Ashley said sounding slightly irratated.
"None that concerns you at this moment, Ashley de Superbia. Or do you even deserve that title still now that you almost lost your Stigma."
Ashley raised her umberella to his Sieghart's face, but Dmitri grabbed it shaking his head, "So what brings you out here Sieghart?"
Sieghart looks at him and smiles, "Well since you asked so nicely, I am currently looking for 3 people. One of is a man that goes by the name of Voz. The second is a man by the name of Weiss, he should be wearing all white and traveling with another person with twin double bladed swords on his back. The last person is a young girl that was taken by a group calling themself the Remnants of Atlantis, her name is Evangeline."

Both Ashley and Dmitri looked at him with widened eyes. Sieghart instant pulled his arms from under his cloak, revealing his black and red light armor, and grabbed Dmitri by the color of his shirt.

"Tell me what you know if you value your life. I can tell you have info about Evangeline at least."
"I don't know anything," Dmitri said grasping for air.

Ashley raised her umberella and was about use strike him with Drill Kill, but something moved from around Seighart's waiste and lashed out at her. Wrapping itself around her arms and waist and lifted her into the air.

"It's useless, so just give me the info i want and no one will get....."

Suddenly there was the sound of a gun cocking.

"Heine's Obliteration."

Sieghart turned his head slightly to find the barrel of a Gun Blade pointed at his face.

"Well i was wondering when you'd show up."

The man holding the gun blade was wearing a black short-sleeve shirt that was kinda like a clothe jacket because it had a zipper and came down to his knees, black, baggy pants that were tucked inside of his black boots, and he was wearing black gloves.

"I go tired of waiting for your re appearance, my dear brother....."
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Posted 8/18/09 , edited 8/18/09
Weiss vs Zayru part 2 - CUSTOM FORM, FORMATION 'THE END'

"Kneel before me."

2 energy blades formed instantly in front of Weiss and he took them in hand. He spun around and cut the angels that were around him, but the cuts appeared to have done nothing. Then he pointed one of the blades at Zayru.


The angels' wings started turning black and their eyes became red. They raised their spears up, and flew at Zayru with extreme speed. Zayru drew two black, curve bladed daggers and cut through each of the angels as they flew by. Then he rose them above his head in time to block a front downward strike from Weiss.

"You seem pretty aware of my movements," he said smiling. "That's not very bad for a human."

Zayru's eyes closed, then opened quickly as he leapt high up. Almost immediately, a second Weiss appeared behind him with a spear thrusting forward into the first Weiss's chest. The second Weiss looked up at Zayru as Angels appeared to carry him into the air, seeing how he couldn't fly on his own. The first Weiss burst into pure energy and was absorbed into the spear of the second.

"You interest me," Weiss says laughing. "But there's one problem."
Zayru raised his eyebrow, "Oh, and what would that be?"
Weiss Pointed at his daggers, "You are using a weapon of the Abyss Weapons to control and summon your Angels."

Zayru's energy started to become unstable due to his shock.

"What? You thought that I wouldn't know about the weapons of the Death Dimension," he said raising 7 fingers. "Heine's Obliteration and the 3 weapons that make it, Death Penalty and Sentence, Dark Slayer, Artemis, Heaven and Hell (Dante's dual katanas), Draethius's sword, Deadly Goddess (Tenkai's Hybrid Scythe), Vongola (not in use), and Xanxus. These are the only ones that have been found so far. Right now you are weilding Xanxus, but the question is how did you get into the DD to go through the Dying Will Trials and obtain Xanxus?"
"That is of no concern for you, worthless half-breed."

He whistled and 2 more Angels appeared with spears and flew down toward Weiss. He sighed as he put his left arm into the air.

"That power is perfect for you, due to your lack of magical properties. But it is too annoying in your possession cause you don't know how to access it's full abilities," he said as energy started gathering around his left arm. The Angels hovered above, blinded by the light. "So let me show you, what a Abyss Weapon can truly do."

The energy started to compress and form a shield. A image of a chained pereson appeard on the front of the shield. Weiss put his right hand over the top and the energy followed. A handle formed in his palm and he took hold of it. As he gripped it and pulled out, energy from all inside of the spell dome started flying to the shield and blade. Zayru looked curious at to what was happening. His Angels felt the effects of what was happening. They fell out the sky and into the blood on the floor, and right into the hands of the Damned. Their screams could be heard as they were dragged deep into the lake or blood.
Weiss looked up to shockingly find Zayru still airborne. He was now standing on the daggers and using them to hover.

"Tsk, they were useless anyways. But I'm surprised that your weapon had that much of an effect on them."
"Dark Slayer absorbs all energy in the air and from anyone within range. To God, Angels, and divine races that rely on their magic so much, it's like the ultimate way to end them quickly. However seeing how you are human, I guess it has no real effect on you. But why does Xanxus still have energy to hold you in the air?"
"Because the Abyss Weapons are like family. Their effects don't have full strength against the others. Or did you not know this much."
Weiss laughed, "Of course i knew, i just thought it would be enough to stop you from using it that much. But I guess my calculations were a bit off. Lets continue with this fight."

A pair of angelic white wings appeared on Weiss's back and he streaked through the air toward Zayru. Zayru dropped off the daggers and grabbed them as he fell. He then swung around and launched himself directly at Weiss. He brought the daggers in front of him and they combined together and became a giant, black and blue sword, which he drove forward like a spear.
Weiss rose his shield in front and swatted the sword away. Then he slashed horizontally at him. Zayru pulled his sword back just enough to use the handle to block the slash. Zayru pushed up ward and started to ascend by using Xanxus. Weiss fell down straight into the hands of the Damned. He started sinking in, and as he did, Zayru looked and laughed.

"So this is it for you? Just going to kill yourself cause you already see the outcome for you is hopeless?"
Weiss raised his head and smiled, "No, that's not the case here."

Suddenly but slowly, he started to raise back up above the surface of the lake of blood. Below his feet were the Souls of the Damned.

"You see, these souls here live inside of my domain within the Death Dimension. 8th Layer, and realm of the Demon Prince," he said pointing at himself. "By having Dark Slayer, I am recognized as all Demons as their superior. And these Damned are just another sub race of the entire Demon race. So they are at my disposal to use against you however I ever. And since I can no longer use my ability of creation, these will be a good replacement for my energy weapons."

Weiss put the tip of his blade into the blood and started making a circle. It seemed that the souls below started moving in a circle right underneath the sword.

"Kneel before me," he said making the sword glow black.
"I guess I should do something to defend myself huh?"

Zayru whistled loadly three times, and a omnious demon aura followed. Three pillars of shadow energy rose within the magical dome, but became so powerful that the seal broke. The air from outside the dome rushed in and started spiralling like a tornado. Then it subsided to reveal three large demons. A black one with an eye patch holding an axe. A white one holding a spear. And a green scaley one weilding a broadsword.

"Let me introduce you to some people that I was saving for Sirberius himself," Zayru said smiling. "The three guardians of Heine. Shadow, Zero, and Invas. Zayru pointed the daggers at Weiss, "Now kill him for me."

The Swear weilding demon (Invas), rose his weapon high and smashed it down. But Weiss put his sword into it's slot within the shield and used it to block. White energy surrounded the shield giving it a higher magical property good for blocking. But he would not use it to overpower the demon and was stuck where he stood. The other two rose their weapons on their shoulder that was opposite from teh other (their right and left).

"This is the end for you. There is no way for you to block both their attacks from each side while stopping that spear."

The two demons swung their axe and sword with all their might toward weiss's mid-section.

"Come forth, help me annihilate all that disturb the peace I have strived to protect/. Death Penatly, Death Sentence."
"Wake from the Abyss, and show your radiance to all that are too simple minded to know the meaning of fear, Artemis."

A torrent of fire appeared from Weiss's left side, and a massive roar of Abyss energy streamed from his right. To the right, a man in black clothing, boots, and black hair was weiling a chain whip around some gauntlets. The Chain was wrapped around the axe and holding it back. While to his right, a man with black and red hair, a large cloak that covered his black and red light armor was weilding a long slinder sword (upside down in his hand i may add) was holding his left hand out toward the broadsword. His hand was glowing a black, and emitting a torrent of Abyssal energy that was wrapped around the broad sword and holding it in place.

"My god Weiss, you are always the one to find trouble in between doing things," The man to his left said shaking his head.
"Well you know how awful his luck is. And his temper is even worse."
Weiss snarled, "If you two say one more word, I swear to the Lord of Darkness I'll rip out your tongue, burn it, and feed you the ashes."
"Oh Someone is a little testy," said the man in light armor. "Did you take your meds?
"Sieghart, I'll be sure that you are the first on my list."
"Enough with the chit chat you two," said the man with the gauntlets. "I say we wrap this up and get it over with."
Weiss smiled, "If you are talking about using 'it' then i'm all game. I wanna see how this goes."
Sieghart nodded his head, "Ok then. Custom Kim-un-Kur Hybrid Form. Abyss magic level 9. Formation, 'THE END'........."
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Posted 8/18/09
Resonance of Despair (part 1)

After Sieghart and his brother's fight had ended, which didn't take long, Sieghart's brother asked Ashley and Dmitri in a more civilized way in what they knew about Voz, Vier Weiss, and/or Evangeline. Ashley told about her encounter with Evangeline before the two of them were attacked by Damien and Evan Nigel; Sieghart mentioned that he had defeated Damien. Dmitri then described the battle with Voz but Sieghart and Sieghart's brother were disappointed to hear that Vaciar had rescued Voz and fled.
"Can I ask you a question?" asked Dmitri.
"Sure but we may not answer," said Sieghart.
"When I looked through Lucas Darling's papers, I noticed a reference to a title called 'Vier'. According to Lucas' colleague Darius Reono, 'the one who holds the 'Vier*' in the Holy Lord's heart will be able to destroy him at End of the World'. Do you know anything about that? I always believed End of the World to be a legend but most recently a mysterious guy named Zwei I met at The Clock Tower mentioned End-"
"Did you say Zwei?" interrupted Sieghart's brother.
"You know who this Zwei person is?" asked Ashley.
"Zwei is a member of Die Endgültigen Fünf, more commonly referred to as the Final Five. They are a unit in Organization V. Weiss is also one of the Final Five."
"Where is this Clock Tower?" demanded Sieghart.
"It's in Sibilis. Under an old laboratory..." Before Dmitri could finish, Sieghart and his brother were off.
"How rude of them," said Ashley, "and I do too still have my Stigma."
"What about a Stigma?" asked a friendly voice.
Dmitri and Ashley saw Joel walking up to them. With the angel were Mewt, Rubi, and N.V. Coming from the opposite direction they saw a stranger on horseback with an unconscious Larac.
"Who are you?" asked Rubi.
"I'm Dos, a friend of Larac's," the stranger introduced himself as.
"I remember you," said N.V. "You were there when Larac fought Dominic."
"That's right."
"So what happened to him?" asked Mewt. "Is he dead?" His second comment sounded hopeful.
"He defeated Evan Nigel."
"He's the one who kidnapped Evangeline," said Ashley. "Did you guys find any trace of her?"
"The captive girl was given to Unknown," said an angel, flying down to them. He introduced himself as Yaduri. His two subordinates were introduced as Ailluel and Namel.
"Evan Nigel was our leader. With Atlantis Natura Deorum gone, I want to help you guys as much as I can," continued Yaduri.
"And the other two?" asked Mewt, trying to remember who they were.
"I was a Guardian Angel of Elder God Amen but he died due to the corruption of Atlantis by fighting the Kim-un-Kurs at the Third Battle of Kaidva**," said Namel. "This time, I want to fight on the right side."
"I'm a Nobody of Alleluia created to be her Guardian Angel but she abandoned me," said Ailluel. "Mewt, you're one of the few gods left. Let me serve by your side."
"Oh... kay..." said Mewt, feeling as though he had been backed into a corner.
"So touching," said a voice that Dmitri knew too well.
They all looked to see M. N. Nairb stand on top of a roof with six others. Most of them were wearing masks to hide their identities but Rubi recognized one of them: the person who had killed Mare Mara at the Second Battle of Dry Man, the person codenamed The Demon Lord's Hand.
"You killed Mare," declared Rubi.
"Oh, you remember me?" mocked The Demon Lord's Hand. "I'm flattered. Well, since Fallen Order is done for, I think it's safe to reveal my real name. I, Lady Delacoure, am Carlisle Dezmonariero of Les Chevaliers Du Six."
"Don't talk to the vermin," snapped a Chevalier.
"Enough, Uquiador," ordered anothe Chevalier.
"Who's the woman?" asked Yaduri.
"M. N. Nairb, a Nirvanism Maester. But in reality, she's Heavenly Ruler Nemesis," answered Dmitri.
Nemesis? thought Joel. That was the name of Elder God Luke's kidnapper.
"Where's Luke!" demanded Joel.
Joel took out a sword and flew towards Nairb, a.k.a. Nemesis. She used her Crystal ability to summon a ball of fire.
"I like my bird roasted," laughed Nemesis.
Nemesis fired the ball of fire at Joel. It exploded and caused a giant cloud of smoke.
"Anyone else?" taunted Nemesis.
Suddenly the smoke was blown away. To everyone's surprise, Joel was unhurt; protected by a newcomer.
"Sirberius!" shouted Rubi with recognition.
Indeed it was Sirberius who had saved Joel.
"Im-Impossible!" exclaimed Nemesis. "Chevaliers, kill him!"
Five of the Chevalier attacked Sirberius. Sirberius took out Hein's Oblivion and shot two of them. Two more were coming from behind but Tenkai appeared out of no where and slashed them in half with Deadly Godess. Angry, Carlisle was about to attack Sirberius but Rubi slashed at his throat, avenging Mare Mara's death.
"Impossible!" exclaimed Nemesis.
Nemesis was about to flee with Uquiador when a portal opened. Dante swiftly emerged from the portal and killed Uquador and Nemesis.
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Posted 8/18/09
Resonance of Despair (conclusion)

Sirberius saving Joel and killing a few Chevaliers: a lie.
Tenkai helping him out: a lie.
Dante coming out of now where and killing Nemesis: a lie.
Rubi helping Sirberius: obviously a lie.
So many scenarios ran through Dmitri's head in where Joel was saved and Nemesis and the Chevaliers were defeated. Hell, he'd even be okay with Larac waking up and saving the day.
Unfortuantely, it didn't happen. There was no one to save Joel. The ball of fire struck Joel, incinerating him. Immediately, Dmitri and Ailluel reacted. Ashley grabbed Dmitri's arm, preventing him from going anywhere. Ailluel was nearing Nemesis when Carlisle shot a bullet through her head. As a Nobody, Ailluel disintigrated into ash.
"Joel!" shouted Namel.
"Pathetic," laughed Nemesis.
Three people jumped onto a roof opposite from Nemesis'. Dmitri and Ashley recognized two of them as Sieghart and his brother (they would later find out that the person wasn't Sieghart's brother).
"Vier Weiss," said Nemesis, identifying the person in white. "I take it that you were able to get past Zayru Licayan."
"That pathetic human could do me no harm," said Weiss.
"He was always weak," commented the person whom Dmitri and Ashley thought was Sieghart's brother. "Even when I fought him he was weak."
Suddenly Rubi recognized the voice. "Sirberius?" she asked cautiously.
"Hey Rubi."
"What a touching reunion," said Nemesis, "it almost makes me want to hurl."
"Before you hurl," said Weiss, "I've been told that you have the Gem of Power that you stole from The Clock Tower."
"Who told you that! Don't tell me that Zwei ratted me out."
"We didn't find Zwei," said Sieghart, "instead we found someone else."
Ben Kane used his 'Rift Lift' Crystal ability to teleport next to Sieghart.
So that's where Ben went, thought Dmitri.
"I found Weiss and his friends and told them everything, including that you have one of The Oracles."
"Oracles?" asked Dos but N.V. sushed him.
"Well, you're not getting Grimm's Oracle or the Gem of Power," said Nemesis. "Heavenly Ruler Athius may hold you in high regards but not even you can stop all six Chevaliers."
"Lady Nemesis, that may be true but he has help," observed the only female Chevalier.
"I don't believe that."
Nemesis was about to initiate an attack when a portal appeared.
"Mystic Gate," muttered Nemesis, knowing that this may not be good.
From the doorway, a person hidden in the shadows appeared. His voice was disorted by the interference from the dimensional passageway.
"Enough, Nemesis," said the person.
To everyone's surprise, even to Les Chevaliers, Nemesis bowed and apologized. "I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking-"
"Of course you weren't. You never do."
"Please forgive me... Heavenly Ruler Duo."
Duo? exclaimed Dmitri. That was a Heavenly Ruler that Voz had pretended to be. Was this person, a person who could even make Nemesis afraid, be the real Duo?
"I have other plans. Plans that will lead to the success of resurrecting Blue Satan and End of the World," said Duo. "Come, we have much work to do. With the other Elder Gods dead thanks to these people, we can now use Luke to create our own Elder Gods."
"Yes, Heavenly Ruler Duo," said Nemesis.
Nemesis and Les Chevaliers Du Six went through the Mystic Gate. Afterwards, it closed.
"We could have taken them," said Mewt with confidence.
"I'm not so sure," said Dmitri grimmly. "Their blood thirst was amazing."
"They are one of the strongest units in Organization V, second to the Final Five," informed Weiss.
Weiss, Sieghart, and Sirberius jumped down onto the street. Ashley turned to face them.
"Vier Weiss, I heard that you're with Organization V, is that true?" asked Ashley.
"As a Final Five," answered Weiss.
"Are you still loyal to Organization V?" asked N.V.
"What is Organization V anyways?" asked Mewt, interrupting N.V.
"Organization V is a syndicate ruled by the Four Heavenly Rulers. Their goal is, from what I've heard, is to cause the End of the World by resurrecting Blue Satan in order to destroy Holy Lord."
"Destroy the Holy Lord?" repeated Yaduri. "That's horrible."
"Anyways, Organization V has several elite units. From strongest to weakest, there's the Final Five, Les Chevaliers Du Six, Las Alquimistas Del Siete Sietes, the Ocheren, the Sephiroth, and the Juunikoudoutai. Luckily, all the Sephiroth are dead."
"So if Les Chevaliers Du Six are the second strongest," said Rubi, "then that means..."
"You guys would have been slaughtered most likely," acknowledged Sirberius.
"He's right," said Ashley, "me and Dmitri barely beat Voz but his friend, a fellow Alquimista, easily blocked our attacks."
"So now what?" asked Dos.
"You come to my party," laughed a voice that Dmitri remembered from The Clock Tower.
The Mystic Gate reopened. At its doors was Zwei.
"Zwei of the Final Five," muttered Weiss, only loud enough so everyone could hear.
"Hello everyone," greeted Zwei. "You see, I thought I'd reward all of you for defeating the majority of the Remants of Atlantis for me. Congradulations, you all are invited to a ball!"
"No thank you," said Namel.
Zwei got serious. "I wasn't asking."
Zwei snapped his fingers. Suddenly everyone was pulled into the Mystic Gate where they were transported to The Spire and seperated.
"I'm going to have fun," giggled Zwei.
Winter's invisibility spell faded. Now visible, she could be seen holding the unconscious Evangeline.
"What about this one?" asked Winter.
"She has no purpose," said Zwei. "Evan Nigel only had inteest in that girl because he was her Nobody."
"A Nobody can be a different gender from the original?"
"That is correct. Leave her in Faralda. She'll just get in the way of my ball."
Winter dumped Evangeline into the streets of Faralda. Winter and Zwei walked into the Mystic Gate and it closed.

[Now to "Spire of Nihilism"]

OOC: You didn't expect me to actually have Sirb, Tenkai, and Dante come save the day, did you?
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