What a wonderful education system
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Posted 12/10/08 , edited 12/10/08


So this showed up on SlashDot this morning, and I must say that it made my day. It made my day so much that I really have no retaliations to say about this other that WOW. It is a sad world we live in when people are not even willing to acknowledge linux.

I am not going to say MS is all bad, in fact there is a lot about MS that I like. But really I have to agree with Mr. Starks in that the kid in question learned more by running Linux than he ever did by running MS.

Anyway, as far as software is concerned I run the Three major brands, Linux, MS, and Mac, once I get another computer I will run BSD, and at my job I have worked extensively with solaris. No one operating system is the end all be all for me. I tend to prefer unix based systems because they offer me more tools as a programmer. But as a computer person I am not going to punish someone for trying something new... unless of course certian OSes start putting DRM enforcement in their firmware.

So there is much to discuss here, was the teach right or was the teacher wrong? Why on either side? Do you guys think that this could be an everyday experience for some people? Uhhh... and whatever else you guys can come up with
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Posted 12/10/08
That is pathetic. Though I use Windows and paid for all the software in it, that teacher was insane. The kid had every right to run OSS like Linux.
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