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Posted 12/10/08
America. It was a dream come true.
Super Junior. Dreamed of the dream.
Put it together and you get a wonderful pair.

Halloween. The best holiday in America.
Super Junior. A pop group from Korea.
Put them together and you get a wonderful amazing experience.

Super Junior was in America. They were putting on a concert. It was October 30th. The concert went amazingly. No one mad any mistakes, every one was right on time, and they all sang until they could not sing anymore and then they sang some more. It was the best concert any of them had ever performed. They met old fans that had followed them from Korea and they met new fans from America.

Kibum was happy to be back in America and see friends that he had left. The rest of Super Junior was just happy to be in America and see new sights.
“We are going to stay another 3 days in America” their manager said.
“Why?” Sungmin asked. He was beginning to get home sick and he really wanted to see his parents.
“You will see” their manager said as he walked out of the room.
The truth was all of the members were missing their family and wanted to go back to Korea.
After about a hour of playing video games, cards, reading books, and bothering Kibum about how to say thing in English, the manager came back into the room and dumped 13 costumes on the beds.
“What are these for?” Shindong asked picking up a costume.
“What day is it?” their manager asked back.
“Friday” Kyuhyun answered.
“What is the date?” their manager asked.
“November 1st” Shindong said.
“In Korea it is November 1st but in America it is October 31st.” Siwon said.
“Right” their manager said with a smile, “and what happens on October 31st?”
There was a sigh from the back of the room.
“Do we have to do this? Honestly?” Kibum said not looking excited about the whole matter.
“You know what happens?” Ryeowook asked Kibum.
“I lived in America. I have to know what happens.” Kibum said.
“Oh. Right.” Ryeowook said, “So what happens?”
Kibum grabbed a flashlight off of the bed and said “little kids go out dressed in costumes from house to house and get free sweets on a holiday called. HALLOWEEN!”
“I want to get free sweets!” Sungmin screamed jumping up and down.
“Sungmin” Kibum said, “Halloween is for little ki…” Kibum stopped in the middle of his sentence “I guess you would be able to go Trick-or-Treating.”
“Trick-or-Treating?” Hankyung asked.
“That is what it is called when you go out to get candy” Kibum said.
“So can we go out now?” Sungmin wined, “I want to go and get sweets.”
“You have to wait until it is dark out Min.” Kibum said
“Well we can each choose out outfits and get ready until it is dark,” Eeteuk said with a smile.
“Yeah!” Sungmin screamed as he began to look through the costumes.
When they had all decided on the costumes Sungmin had a bunny, Kangin was a pro wrestler, Eeteuk a doctor, Heechul a princess, Eunhyuk was a gangster, Kyuhyun was a baby, Hankyung a Chinese boy, Siwon a body builder, Yesung was a famous rock star, Shindong a jelly bean, Donghae was a fish, Ryeowook was a kitten, and Kibum as much as he did not want to do it was a very smart English teacher. All of the costumes were perfect for each of them.
“Everyone come here” Kibum said, “I have to tell you all something very important.
All of the members came over.
“What?” Yesung asked.
“When the person comes to the door to give you the sweets you have to say something very important.”
“What do you have to say?” Heechul asked.
“Trick-or-Treat” Kibum said in English.
“Twick-or-Tweet” Eunhyuk said sounding very happy.
“Trick-or-Treat” Kibum said.
“Twick-or-Tweet, Trick-or-Treat same thing” Eunhyuk said.
Finally it was 7:30 and it was time to start getting sweets. Sungmin was so excited he was running around knocking people over and crashing into things. Finally after Eeteuk gave them a lesson on safety with the help of Kibum they were ready to head out.
When Super Junior arrived at the first house Sungmin was ready to break down the door. All of the members ran up to the house nearly tripping over Heechul who tripped on his dress.
Eeteuk rang the doorbell.
“Trick-ot-Treat!” all 13 of the members said at the same time.
“This is the largest group of Trick-or-Treaters I have ever seen at once. Are you all together?” The lady asked.
Eeteuk just stood there not sure what to say.
“Yes” Kibum spoke up.
“Does he speak?” The lady asked.
“Yes” Kibum answered, “We are from Korea so we only know simple English.”
“Korea! That’s far away!” The lady screamed..
“Yes. It is.” Kibum responded.
“Well anyway Happy Halloween.” The lady said as she gave them each a piece of candy.
“Kamsamnida!” All 13 of them said. Kibum translated the thank you and they headed to another house.
After about 50 houses they all had a large amount of candy. They were about to head back to apartment when they were stopped by a boy who was about 14 or 15 years old with a group of his friends.
“Your not from around here are you?” the boy asked.
“No” Siwon replied.
“Dive us all of you candy” the boy said referring to himself and his friends.
“What?” Kibum said since he was the only one in the group that understood what the boy was saying.
“Give us your candy.” The boy repeated.
“No” Kibum said.
“Then give us something else.” The boy said realizing that they would not give up their candy easily.
“We are so much older than you all,” Kangin said in Korean, “In Korea Magnaes respect their elders. I don’t care who you are but do you know how hard we worked for this. We even had to do a concert!”
“What ever you said I don’t care” the boy said because since Kangin was speaking in Korean the boy did not understand and Kibum did not want to translate it.
“Give us something else,” the boy repeated.
“I’ll give you a punch in the face” Heechul said in Korean and the rest of the group laughed.
“What if we have a competition?” Kibum asked the boy.
“On what?” the boy asked back.
“What every you want.” Kibum said with a grin on his face. There were 13 members. Whatever the boy chose one of them was going to be able to win.
“The competition will be on…” the boy said stopping to think about what it should be on, “It will be on arm wrestling.” The boy finished.
Kibum sighed with relief. “At least it is not on English” he thought, “That would have been really bad.”
“And I get to choose who I challenge.” The boy said with a grin. “I choose that guy,” the boy said pointing to Yesung while the other boys laughed.
Yesung stepped forward and got ready for the challenge..
“The two boys got ready.
“Ready” Kibum said, “set. GO!”
The two boys began their match. Yesung won in a matter of seconds.
“2 out of 3” the boy said.
“Alright” Kibum agreed.
“And I want to challenge a new person.” The boy said.
“Fine. Who?” Kibum asked. He hoped that I would be Kangin.
“The Bunny” The boy said and his friends laughed so hard they fell on the ground with laughter.
Sungmin stepped forward and got ready. He put on his most ‘I’m-a-weakling-and-I’m-innocent’ face.
“You are going to beat him no problem” Yesung said in Korean as Sungmin passed him.
“I hope so” Sungmin responded.
“Begin” Kibum said and the two began their match.
Sungmin won in even less time than Yesung.
“Wha…” the boy said, “there is no way you could beat me.”
“I no speek Engrish” Sungmin said making a cute innocent face while walking back to the group.
“Who are you all anyway.” The boy asked getting up from the ground.
“We are” Eeteuk began. “SUPER JUNI-OR!” they all finished.
The rest of the night went wonderfully. Finally it was time to go back to Korea.
“Kibum what other holidays are there in America?” Donghae asked.
“I am not goin to tell you for 1 reason” Kibum said, “Because then you would all want to try it.”
“Please tell us 1” Kyuhyun said.
“Christmas” Kibum said.
“But Korean has that.” Donghae said.
“I know and I am not going to tell you any others.” Kibum said with a smile.
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