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Posted 12/10/08 , edited 12/10/08
username: cindyblossom
Which mew do u like: for me i like all of them
about u:
i'm well an anime freak if that counts so nice to meet u
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Posted 12/25/08 , edited 12/25/08
hi!! my name is heather and i've been into anime since i was little. some things i enjoy doing are cooking, hanging out with friends, and doing video games. i also enjoy coloring,writing stories and plays, and attempting to create my own anime characters.

i'm not that great at drawing them yet though
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Posted 12/29/08 , edited 12/30/08
Hi ! My name is MICKI...I'm 14 years old ....I love all the mew mew ....I just love Mew Mew or anything that has to do with it...
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