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Posted 12/10/08 , edited 12/10/08
Ok, so this thread is going to be like a review of what's going to be happening this month.

Days/GREEN will be released 12/17/2008
GREEN/Days will be released 12/17/2008

I'm sure some people may be confused about these two singles, so here is the breakdown on them

Both single will contain:
- GREEN (song)
- Days (song)
(GREEN and Days PV if you buy CD+DVD versions)

- have the song, Love~Destiny~ (10th Anniversary Version)
- have the making of clip for Days (if you buy CD+DVD)

- have the song, TO BE (10th Anniversary Version)
- have the making of clip for GREEN (if you buy CD+DVD)
Ayumi Hamasaki will be having her annual Countdown Live concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo
It's been stated on her fanclub, TeamAyu, that the concert will be 3 and a half hours long
The concert is titled as PREMIUM COUNTDOWN LIVE 2008-2009
Magazines that Ayumi Hamasaki will appear on
12/12 Sweet
12/12 bea's up
12/18 Monthly THE TELEVISION
12/27 Cawaii

*will add more*
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