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Posted 12/10/08 , edited 12/11/08
Ima big Day dreamer And music helps alot with all those fantasy thoughtz and random moments! for example..hmm

I think about yaoi alot when I listen to that song... such a perv

hmm..Little Non--Hanamaru Sensation
I get up and dance!! I feel like rolling down a GIGANTIC hill -weeeeee-

Im getting away with murder and just when the police think they have found evidence..BOOMM..they end up with nothin MAN!! NOTHING~~Mwahahaha

Man kinds final fight against machine!! Sadly lots of ppl lose theirs lives, but just when the world is about to be destroyed, It rains and all the robots die-- Okay that was lame, but Its totally what I imagine XO

Last one...IIuminati--Malice Mizer-
-uhhh >////< well vampire romance with lotsa magic and kewl stuff. Usually a ends up bein yaoi too...especially in the middle of the song when their just playin like the music and no singing...
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