what`s the most powerful item yue got ?
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Posted 12/11/08
what`s de most powerful item yue got ? huh

for lvl4 girl is - - - - Black T-Shirt

for lvl31 chibi is - - - - prob Mer-princess shirt . . . but i don`t know .
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26 / F / New Jersey
Posted 12/11/08
Yeah, that Black T-shirt is crazy
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30 / M / Modesto, California
Posted 12/11/08
Yes it is, and I reported it, it should be a level 55 item with those stats (A horrible 55 item, but 55 no less). Please report any items that do not meet the Official Item Stat Guide: http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-364087/Official-Item-Stat-Guide.html
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F / *bunnyland*
Posted 12/11/08
khu Khu my stongest items are:
Yellow Cocktail Dress,
lvl 10 to equip
HP Bonus:1
sparkle princess arm wraps
Requires Level 38 to equip
Lightning Damage:8
HP Bonus:100%

Strength Bonus:

Magic Bonus:
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27 / Naha, Okinawa - D...
Posted 12/11/08 , edited 12/11/08
Yes, you should all listen to Santar, he's doing a great job of reporting items. If you just list them here, however, I could just search them all up and edit them...

Telling others about bugs and how to achieve them is considered exploitation, and against the rules. You don't want to break rules, now. So it's best to play it safe, and report the items you see are overpowered. We are aware that items that have been bought from before stat changes can not be changed as of now, and we can't just force you all to sell them back. So it would probably be best not to brag about it either. We'll have to find a way to make item updates synced with any already possessed items.
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