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F / In your fucking h...
Posted 8/2/09

Masaki will end up with his own android...

Rikuo will play the piano for Sammy... (accepts his Dori-kei)

Nagi being a android will be unveiled...

at least by the end of it all lol... I think that covers 3 themes...

meh I don't expect a cafe to change society,
but maybe the android company will investigate it...

BTW are the 6 short episodes just a prologue to a bigger series or movie?
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28 / M / My own little world
Posted 8/27/09 , edited 8/27/09
I am assuming that the commercials are going to play a big part. Sure, there are a lot of them, but what I think is really weird is how no one in the show seems to even notice them. Also, the default attitude of the people towards the robots and anyone who thinks of a robot as anything other than a tool is strange. Clearly some conspiracy is going on behind the scenes.
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