Suggestions for new uploads.
Posted 12/11/08 , edited 1/1/09
Suggest some anime that isn't on here yet.
That you would like to see.

Also, as many of u know CR will only b posting anime from studios like Gonzo, Toey, Tokyo TV. + others starting on Jan 08, 09.
So in addition to the uploads u would like to see, pls let us know which of those latest and fav anime eps would u like to see here in Anime Genearation.

A word from all participating studios (Please support this change we r making to bring anime to all fans of the world, it would really honor us if u support this.)
pls guys keep in mind that this is to let everyone know that we want to see anime all over the world with the same rights and privileges as everyone in Japan, we want to let everyone out there and every anime corporation that anime is on high demand right know, so Support the Change and once again let us know what would u like to see here in Anime Generation.
Thanks a lot, Yaidoll!
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Posted 12/22/08
Well, I would like to suggest a whole lot of anime that isn't here yet, but with CR's upcomming change..... we'll have to wait to see what will happen and hope our faitfull fans will return to us once that happens.
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