Post Reply given a chance, would you still love LOVELESS if Ritsuka became Soubi and Soubi became Ritsuka...?
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Posted 12/11/08 , edited 12/12/08
We all love LOVELESS for what it was...
I just thought, if the situation just scrambled and things go to different way, would you still love it...
In particular question, would you love it when Soubi became Ritsuka and Ritsuka became Soubi...?

The question would still linger on you guys...
it would be better if you give personal opinion rather fast track post to this...

I really appreciate posting here for i love LOVELESS...

LOVE you all...
^ - ^
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Posted 5/2/09 , edited 5/2/09
yea i would.
in fact ithink thats what happend, i think soubi is the old ritsuka and the ritsuka is the old soubi.

but thats just an opinion.
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Posted 3/16/10 , edited 3/16/10
no that would not work out cuz nobody would like them because cuz they would not be themself and there would be not much of a story i would always like to change things about it but if its changed then it would not be good because in the end there is a reason why things are the way there is yukio is there for a love conflit and so is that guy that loves her so much
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