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Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/15/08
I need some translations to complete my next couple of subbed episodes... Theres too much missing to upload right now. If you can only translate one of the smaller parts, it is still appreciated and you will get credit for it. I suggest you PM them too me aswell, although I don't care if you post here either.

Note: Bold ones are more needed then others, while purple = a MUST before episode is uploaded....

Episode 126

All I need right now is 126! Most ones here are very short... Though I would really appreciate it if someone could do them, and the longer one at the start and middle. Also need thisbefore I upload 127 (which isn't ready right now, but will be in a day or so)

Episode 127
I would guess there wouldn't be many in this, as wikipedia says its 2 manga chapters... Haven't done much yet, but this is what I need so far:

Posted 12/12/08
Umm can u send me the video or something i might be able to translate it roughly
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Posted 12/12/08
Just look at the video on youtube or something.... There's plenty of Gintama raw episodes there.
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Posted 12/12/08
from 12:35 onwards...

The sentence: "But there was a woman who never gave up."

Sa Chan: "I'm not joking here." "I don't mind becoming the screw just for for Gin-san," "but how can anyone tolerate this crap."

Shinpachi: "As time slowly passes by," "the emptyness in our hearts, naturally felt lifeless."
"I couldn't figure it out," "It is like a place in my heart became weak like it is dead."

Bartender: "Orange Cocktail, enjoy your drink."

Shinpachi: " When will we get over it?" "Our hunt is really over."

Sumthing like that. What is ya problem for 121 & 122?

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Posted 12/12/08
The game trailer which might be your first 40 seconds...

"It begins now."
"The major game of survival."
"The hunter that believed in,"
"Only themselves."
"Battle with might,"
"Or play using your skills."
"Monkey Hunter Online."
"Risk yourself for the hunt."

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Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/12/08
Thanks so much! Now if someone could help me with the new translation bit...
Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/14/08
I tried to do the 136...

A ~20 second translation between 5:00 ish (just after episode title) to 5:20ish when Madao appears. Theres about 3 lines, aswell as acouple of 1-2 easy words...
Excuse me, do you have a little time now?
Hasegawa-san, you are there, aren't you?
(the door opened)
(*paper*: Please don't look for me. Hasegawa)
(insert swearing word here)He ran away...

6:50 at the critical hit part, to 7:00 (with the second split screen with the dog)
Gin: ...well, at least you smell like onions.
Hasegawa: That was a critical hit, just now.

Hasegawa: (scream)
Hasegawa: I need a house to restore my HP! My HP won't be restored if I stay in this cardboard!

Hasegawa: (kneel)
Hasegawa: What should I do?

Hasegawa: I can't show this to Hatsu (etc.)...

1 line at 7:52 or so... The line by Gintoki (when Madao is applying for a home) Maybe the line before it too, that is, if it's not "I uh... deal with their stench?
I think, Fudou asks about what an onion knight is, and Gintoki says "It's a job dealing with fermenting onion."

Between 11:20-11:30 From when Madao says "My foot!" (at least thats what it was in manga), to just before Fudou starts talking about "well, think of this... after coming back from a long journey"

They say different thing from the manga. Starting from when he shows the dog house
(on the screen: WAN level apartment. "Wan" (pronounced the same with "one") is Japanese onomatopoeia for dog's bark, equivalent with English "woof". Wan is also used to refer the dog itself.)
Hasegawa: That's not "one level apartment"!!!
Hasegawa: Why are you doing this to me? Do you even know what one level apartment is?
Fudou: Of course I know, I just think this house might be suitable for Hasegawa-san's dog!
Hasegawa: Oh, thanks for your obviously unnecessary care! (sarcastic)
Fudou: Come on, give me a break! There is no way a real estate agent doesn't know what one level apartment is!
Fudou: That's a common word, right?
Gintoki: Then, try to use that word.
Fudou: Well, for example, after coming back from a long journey...
"As I thought, one level apartment is where my heart is."
Gintoki: NO ONE SAID THAT! It's enough to just say "My home is ..."! Who would bother to use a long phrase like "one level apartment"!
Fudou: Sorry about that... well, actually, it's because my one level apartment has changed my house, so...
Gintoki: Your one level apartmant has done what? The one who could do that is YOU!
Hasegawa: Could you show me another house?
Gintoki: Well, we don't really care about the small details for one level apartment. It's fine as long as it's cheap, dirt cheap.
Fudou: Ah, is that so? Well, one level apartment might not come back next time, is that okay with you?
Gintoki: What kind of one level apartment you're thinking about?!
Fudou: Then, how about this?

Theres a big bit between 11:55 (after Gintoki tells Fudou to go back home) to 14:20 ish (the cheap, dirt cheap part), If anyone could do this part it would be VERY appreciated... Theres a fair bit of talking too

(A decent house showing)
Gintoki: Well, I think this one is quite good.
Hasegawa: Uh... If you could show me a bit better one?
Fudou: I already tought you would say that.
Fudou: Rest assured, the one I want to show you is actually...
(a dog house showing)
Hasegawa: Another "WAN" level apartment!?
Fudou: No, this is completely different from before.
Fudou: This one is clearly better! Just look,
(the dog house zooming)
I put some "kanbachi" there. (I don't know what to call those things in English... I'm sorry, but please replace it with a more suitable English word ()^_^)
Hasegawa: I don't need it, such a random decoration!
Hasegawa: Why "kanbachi" on a dog house?
Gintoki: What? As I thought, you really don't know what a one level apartment is!
Fudou: I know what it is! It's the name of a person who...
Hasegawa: Could you please just quit it? I can't live in that kind of place!
Hasegawa: That's not even a house for human being! Just show me a thing that really for human being!
Fudou: I got it! So, that's what you want!
Fudou: You should have said it from the start!

Fudou: Now, I proudly present this to you.

Hasegawa: What kind of "pride" do you have?!
Hasegawa: Give me a break already! This is just a dog house! The problem here is not about the definition of one level apartment anymore!
Hasegawa: Are you even listening to me?
Fudou: I am! And, just look,
a person live there.
Hasegawa&Gintoki: That's not the problem here!
Hasegawa: This is just wrong! Well, indeed I am Madao, an M, but I don't come here for an S&M play!
Hasegawa: I come here to search for house! And I CAN'T live in this kind of place!
Hasegawa: Why did you blush!? I'm not your master! I'm not talking to you!
Gintoki:Isn't there a better one?
Fudou: All right. Actually, I know a place that suit an onion knight like you well.
Hasegawa: I hope this time, it's for real.

Gintoki: It's close!
Hasegawa: Give him a thorough insult, please!
Gintoki: You made a point there. I begin to understand the choices you made for him.
Hasegawa: I beg of you, Gin-san! Please don't understand him!
Gintoki: You understand well that Hasegawa is actually not an onion knight but a darkness knight! Or, rather, should I say his job is cockroach knight?
Fudou: You're right!
Hasegawa: Actually, I'm jobless.
Gintoki: We won't ask for anything anymore, now just show us a normal, cheap house, please!
Fudou: Ah, actually there is one. Look there.
Gintoki&Hasegawa: ARE YOU HARD OF HEARING?!

The line after Madao's "WHAAAT" at 15:02ish
This is what I got... until they are out from the elevator.
Hasegawa: WHAAT?
Fudou: Both have the same "3", so it's all right.
Hasegawa: Isn't that reason too random to give 99% discount?!
Hasegawa: Are you angry? Did you snap because of our attitude!? Is this for real?
Fudou: All right, I'll be honest...

Also, from 17:20 when Gintoki says rooms and women are the same... to 17:42... When it goes back to the room... The anime seems to expand on the manga statement more, and idk what goes where.

From 18:11 to 18:31, after I think Gintoki says "dont let appearances fool you, if you can get through the beginning, the rest is easy." (if that isn't said just before it, start at 17:54 please) to wait Fudou says "M--My word."

I tried to translate from the part where the view changed to outside until Fudou cried. Some things are just different from the manga, so...
Gintoki: Hasegawa-san, listen to me. Rooms and women are the same.
Gintoki: Usually, before they meet us, the cute girls have been done by (*insert names here*) when they were still at middle school.
Hasegawa: What are you going on about?
Gintoki: Think about it. A girl that at school entrance ceremony gave an impression of a pure flower,
Gintoki: after the summer vacation, her hair rusted and her hole has been opened.
Hasegawa: How far we are from the real subject now?!
Gintoki: That's the truth. On summer, they met with strange bugs. On summer, they...
Hasegawa: Oi! I can't see what you want to say anymore!
Gintoki: So, would you ask about those things when you meet her? You woudn't, right?
Gintoki: You would just keep it in your heart.
Gintoki: Do you want to ask, what happened on their summer? No, you don't.
Gintoki: You'd just ended up being hated.
Hasegawa: Hmm.
Gintoki: That's right. You wouldn't ask that kind of thing to the girl you meet.
Gintoki: It's the same for the rooms.
Hasegawa: How is the condition of the room that has been "done"!?
Gintoki: If you question the past of a every room you meet, then don't search for any room from the start!
Fudou: My word.......

And theres from 20:48(just after madao gives keys to fudou while still in a good mood) to 21:20ish (when dog starts barking)... I've got some translation, but in anime its more combined...
This is what I heard.
Fudou: I'm giving it to you, sir.
Gintoki: I've heard it once before.
Hasegawa: I've heard it once before, so, isn't it cruel to pass it onto me?
Fudou: Sir.
Gintoki: Third time.
Hasegawa: Thanks, but...

Fudou: You're persistent! Just take it already!
Gintoki: Who needs such a creepy room!? Don't give me anymore trouble!
Hasegawa: Your attitude is very different from earlier! Take it! Keep your word!
Gintoki: It's your fault from the very start for being jobless! So, take it and die here!
Fudou: Take it!
Gintoki: I don't need it!
Hasegawa: I don't need it too!
Fudou: Take it! Take it!
(they just keep calling each other names from here)

I think I've finished it...
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Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/13/08
Now that dog house bit makes sense... Thanks alot! Would you also mind translating the two lines after the "Sorry about that"? It seems abit repetitive with the bits I've used... (which is just before the start of the next lot... so just continue on from there instead of where I said?)

Thanks for the long one too! Although, could you translate the bit before it? From where the one before it left off ^ Theres another 5 or so lines...
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Posted 12/14/08 , edited 12/14/08
Yep, 136 finished now... Thanks again. Will upload in ~20 mins
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Posted 12/14/08
congratulations on your work it surely took you a lot of time

wich one is next? is it 112?

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Posted 12/14/08

canuchita wrote:

congratulations on your work it surely took you a lot of time

wich one is next? is it 112?


Actually, ep 112 was from the one manga chapter 180+ that wasn't translated... So 127 and 128 (same arc as 126... That is, if I can get some translations for 126)
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Posted 12/15/08
nice of you to do the translations, but some of the translations (even in 121-123) are reaallly off
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Posted 12/15/08

nambayuta wrote:

nice of you to do the translations, but some of the translations (even in 121-123) are reaallly off

Although some are really off, its still what was in the manga = the TRUE story... So technically, they are more accurate to what the author had planned.

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Posted 7/14/09
I'm sure it's been translated by now. However, next time use the "Gintama help thread".


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