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A place name B.U...
Posted 12/12/08
Well, for me~~ I knew her through Kyou Kara Ma Ou! though. She did Wolfram's voice~
The first time I heard her(Wolfram) voice, I really liked her voice~~ (That was around a year ago)
So, I searched the net for her details & of course, her pictures~ & Since then, I adored her till this day~~

The first time I saw how she looked like was, a kind of "big sis" feel.
If you can get what I meant by~
And to my relieve, she IS an elder one~~*giggles*

If you adore Saiga-san as much as I do, Join us-!
A lot of stuffs & in4 in there~*smiles*
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Posted 8/14/10
I think I heard her for the first time in Kyou Kara Maou, too. Wolfram's voice = awesome. She is so talented - it's very hard (at least for me!) to pick out that she's a woman when she's voicing guys.

I also heard her as Jomy in Terra E, and as far as guys go, that's about it. Maria Ross is awesome, too.
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