Post Reply how much do u lyk allen?
Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/12/08
this is a place where u tell us how much u lyk allen.
Just answer all of the questions below and u will get a prize!!-^^-
pls answer in full and the more u write the higher the chance of u getting a prize!!-^^-

Why do u lyk allen-kun?
What would u do if he suddenly appeared infront of u?
last and for most, post a picture(high quality and the bigger the better) of a picture u lyk most and spoiler it in ur answer.
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So so much!!!!!
huh???why???'s a secret!!!
huhmmmm.... seriously,l don't know....
ok,lady,l present you....A.L.L.E.N_S.A.M.A!!!!!!

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