Yoon Eun Hye
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Full Name: Yoon Eunhye

Name Meaning Korean: Grace, Benefit

Name Meaning Hanja: Kindness, Blessing

Birthday: October 3, 1984

Place of Birth: South Korea

Blood Type: O

School Career: Joong Kyung High School; Kyung Hee Cyber University ~ Graduated: 02/24/07 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration specializing in Tourism Management

Family: She's the eldest; parents and a younger brother

Hobby: See a film, writing letters, taking pictures, drawing, cooking

Color: Pink

Speciality: Art, drawing animations

Address: Seoul

Height: 169cm (about 5'5")

Weight: 48kg (about 106lbs)

Bloodtype: O

Nicknames: "Jam Ggo Dae"(Stick),"Pooh", "Kkodae Kkodae" (sleep-talker), "Young Girl Warrior"

Favorite foods: Ice cream, pizza, cherry, milk, meat, strawberry, banana

Personality: Outgoing, simple

Religion: Christianity

What she likes most about herself: Her eyes

Most precious thing: Diary, cell phone

Ideal Man: A cute, good, handsome man

Career goals: To appear in many commercials and magazines

If she wasn't a singer she would be: And ordinary student

Past Management Company: DR Music (Baby V.O.X); Eight Peaks (from Goong - 2005 - to August/September 2007)

Current Management Company: Kraze Entertainment

Dramas: Goong, Vineyard Man, Coffee Prince

Movies: Escaping Charisma

Advertising: DHC, Domino Pizza, LG Telecom, SAMSUNG, Haru Green Tea, Trofish, VIKI, New Balance, MPLE, Pro-Specs, CK , Mega TV, Samil Pharmaceuticals: Eye2o, Levi's. Lady Style, Philips Satinelle Ice Premium, Basic House, Joinus

Awards Won: 2006: Best New Actress - MBC Awards 2006 (Goong); 2006: Best New Actress Award - KBS Awards 2006 (The Vineyard Man); 2006: Best Couple - KBS Awards 2006 (The Vineyard Man); 2006: Best Actress - The Grimme Awards, for her performance in the series "The Vineyard Man"; 2007: Top Excellence Awards - MBC Drama Awards (The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince)

When Yoon Eunhye was in Baby VOX, she was assigned the 'baby' role of the group. While she played this role as part of the group, she always felt that she is much more mature.

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67 / F / back in kame's arms
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i like this lady.......
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same .. she looks really good !
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i'd fuck the shit out of that korean bitch, break that bitches pelvis bones with my massive dick
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i adore this lady .go on yeh .aga aga fighting
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this is a duplicate forum!!!

i love yoon eun hye!
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