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what are your favorite japanese, taiwanese and korean songs?
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Posted 2/21/09
Taiwanese: +Fahrenheit...the only taiwanese music i listen to ^^

Korean: +2PM- 10 points out of 10
- Only you
+WonderGirls- Tell Me
- Irony
- So Hot
- Nobody
+Big Bang- Lies

+Tae Yang- Look Only At Me
- Make Love
- Prayer
+SNSD- Kissing You
- Gee
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Posted 2/22/09
all yui's songs!
all kat-tun songs!
& all Arashi's songs!

all Yoo Jin Kim songs!

hmmm... Rainie Yang!
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22 / F / SHINee World. (:
Posted 2/22/09
Korean Songs:
I love all of the Boys Before Flowers OST.
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Posted 2/26/09 , edited 2/26/09
Most of my favorite Japanese songs are sung by Korean artists:
Tohoshinki - Love in the Ice
Tohoshinki - Doushite Kimi Wo...
Tohoshinki - Darkness Eyes
Tohoshinki - Bolero
FT Island - Soyogi
Utada - Prisoner of Love

Taiwanese Songs:
S.H.E. - I don't know the name of the song but part of the chorus sounds like "dau bu mi fan"
S.H.E. - Ni Zui Jing Hai Hao Ma
Ariel Lin - Practical Joke
Xiao Yu - Ni Yao She Me Jiu Shuo
Xiao Yu - Zhong Yu Shuo Chu Kou

DBSK - On & On
DBSK - Holding Back the Tears
(Pretty much everything by DBSK, it's stupid to list them all, there are far too many)
Big Bang - Babo
Big Bang - Day By Day
Big Bang - Sunset Glow
SHINee - In My Room
SHINee - Romantic
SHINee - Love Should Go On
SUJU - She's Gone
SUJU - You Are the One
FT Island - Love Sick

Aw man, the Korean list could go on forever, I'll stop here.

If you read this list of songs and seem to have the same taste as I do I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for me. I love discovering new songs/bands to be a fan of!

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Posted 3/3/09
Japanase :
all NewS songs
wonder girls:so hot
bi rain:iam a bad boy
i donno ... (actully am not into taiwan gomen )
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29 / F / School Library
Posted 3/6/09
All KOKIA songs.
Almost all Hey! Say! JUMP songs.
Some Arashi songs.
KAT-TUN's "keep the faith".

200 Pounds Beauty OST
Memories of Bali OST

Random. I don't really have favorite Taiwanese songs.
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Posted 4/11/09
Super Junior: Sorry Sorry, U, Dead Heart, Angela and What If
Posted 4/11/09
eat you up-BoA
Pajama Party-Super Juniors
Nobody-Wonder Girls
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23 / F / An ephemeral world
Posted 4/12/09
Copy and paste from another post with some changes *slap*

B'z (Not sure with this one...If you can accept the vocalist's voice...because I know that most of the ppl that I r'cmd cannot accept his voice...)
Songs to start: Ultra soul, Itsuka no Merry Christmas, Mugon no Promise, Boku Ni Wa Kimi Ga Iru, Bad Communication, Love Phantom

Shizukusa Yumi
Songs to start: I still believe~tameiki~, take me take me

Songs to start: Rolling stars, Laugh away, Life, Tokyo, Why

Songs to start: However, Winter again, I'm in love, pure soul

Songs to start: Seventh Heaven, Drink it down,Shine,Heaven's drive,kiss,Promised you,Tsubassa wo hirogete

Songs to start: Makenaide, Yureru Omoi, Eien, Glorious mind, Ihoujin(Collaboration work with Matsumoto Takahiro)

Songs to start: Mysterious, One, Koigokoro Kagayaki nagara,Take the wave

Miho Komatsu
Songs to start: Mei, Nazo, Suna no shiro, Negai goto Hitotsu Dake, Tokyo Biyori

Ikimono Gakari
Songs to start: Blue bird, Sakura (I only listened to these 2 songs before)

Garnet Crow
Songs to start: Kazei to Rainbow, Natsu no Maboroshi, Maboroshi,Crystal Gauge,Futari no Rocket

Songs to start: Free magic. Nihhon, Fight Song,Rollin' man

New Cinema Tokage
Songs to start: Smashing the GOOD! Smashing the BAD!, Believe myself, Free bird, eighteen

Utada Hikaru (I'm super sure with this...)
Songs to start: Find the album First Love...

Mai Kuraki
Songs to start: Secret of my heart, Love,day after tomorrow, Secret of my heart, touch Me!, Time aftar time ~花舞う街で~, If I believe, Feel Fine, Puzzle

Songs to start: In fact all their songs are friendly to everyone. Try Robinson and Cherry.

Songs to start: Totsuzen, Dreams, Someday

I don't listen to Korean songs...

...I guess what I like is not-so-acceptable....
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Posted 4/12/09

Ayumi Hamasaki-all her songs
Aya Hirano-Lost my music,God Knows,Bouken deshou deshou,hare hare yukai
Nana Mizuki-Blue Moon,Black diamond,meikyuu butterfly,heartful song,jewel
Ai Otsuka-sakuranbo
Chieko Kawabe-Sakura Kiss
ON/OFF-Rinne Rondo


So Nyeo Shi Dae-Gee
Big Bang
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22 / F / California!!!!
Posted 4/13/09
BoA - Eat You Up, Eien, Key of Heart, Valenti (Japanese ver.), Everlasting
DBSK - Mirotic, Purple Line, "O" - Jun. Ban. Hop., Survivor
Rain - Rainism
KAT-TUN - Don't You Ever Stop, One Drop, Rescue, White X'mas
Arashi - Truth
NEWS - Weeeek
ayaka - I Believe, Why, Okaeri
Ai Otsuka - Planetarium, Cherish, Smily
Jolin Tsai
David Tao - 找自己
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F / iloilo, philippines
Posted 4/14/09
korean - obsession
japanese - weeek
taiwanese - i have my young
Posted 4/16/09

An Cafe - Gangu, Escapism, Renai Game, Takaido, BondS, Wagamama Koushinkyouku
SuG - Butterfly BoY, Love Scream Party
Lolita23q - Andromeda
Aya Hirano - God Knows, Lost My Music, Riot Girl, Love Gun, Breakthrough, Maybe I can't Good-bye
Morning Musume - Happy Summer Wedding, Sexy Boy, Girl's Psychology
Ai Otsuka - Sakuranbo, Happy Days, Peach, Pon Pon
Nami Tamaki - Heart & Soul, High School Queen, Fields of Hope
KOTOKO - Lilies Line, Sakuranbo Kiss, Princess Bride, Shooting Star, Second Flight, Abyss, Agony, Suppuration -core-
YUI - Life, Goodbye Days, Skyline, Tomorrow's Way
Girugamesh - Owari to Mirai
Berryz Koubou - Dschinghis Khan, Fighting Pose wa DATE Janai!, Chu! Natsu Party
Ayumi Hamasaki - Surreal, Mirrorcle World, Depend On You, Trauma, Evolution, Seasons
Aya Matsuura - Kiseki no Kaori Dansu

Wonder Girls - So Hot, Nobody

S.H.E - Superstar, 我爱烦恼 (Wo Ai Fan Nao), 宇宙小姐 (Yu Zhou Xiao Jie), 天亮了 (Tian Liang Le), 仔 (Qi Zhi)
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27 / M
Posted 4/16/09
My whole Tokyo Dark Castle CD XD
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Posted 4/16/09 , edited 4/16/09
such a long list....
and there is much more....

as of now....i think that's my favorites
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