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what are your favorite japanese, taiwanese and korean songs?
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Posted 12/16/09 , edited 12/16/09
Taiwanese-Jolin Tsai's Almost have Love-though I can't seem to find this song anywhere. As well as Rainie Yang's Tai Fan Nao
Japanese-Too many to name. A few Yui-Again, Crystal Kay Namida Saki ni (not sure if i spelled that right) summer story by twenty4-7. I could go on.
Korean-So Chan Hwee-Tears, and A chance for Goodbye Two Two-One and One half Bae seul gi- tiresome.
Many more for all of them but this is just a few.
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23 / F / The little red dot
Posted 12/17/09 , edited 12/17/09
I love alot of songs to death but I'll just name 3
NEWS - Ai nante
KAT-TUN - Moon
Ohno Satoshi - Song for Me
Posted 4/21/10 , edited 4/22/10
this is easy! i only hav 1 fav of them all its Japanese, Dear You!!!!
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 4/21/10 , edited 4/22/10
Korean-Kara girl group songs
Japan-NewS and KAT-TUN songs
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23 / F / Canada
Posted 8/27/10 , edited 8/27/10

Heart Of Sword - T.M Revolution
Invoke - T.M Revolution
Change The World - V6
Sotsugyou - Tackey & Tsubasa
Suteki Da Ne (Final Fantasy)
Only Human - K
Mayonaka No Shadow Boy - Hey! Say! JUMP
White X'Mas by Kat-Tun
Precious One By KAT-TUN
Sakura Sakura - Rin
First Love - Utada Hikaru
Tanabata Matsuri - Tegomass
Sakura Girl - NewS
Love Yourself By KAT-TUN
Hitomi No Screen (Eyes Of A Screen) - Hey! Say! JUMP
Keep The faith By KAT-TUN
Bandage - Lands
Smile by KAT-TUN
Sorafune - Tokio
Niji (Rainbow) - Aqua Timez'
Oretachi No Seishun (Our Youth) - Takaki Yuya
Kizuna (Bond) Kamenashi Kazuya
Feel Your Breeze - V6
Seishun Amigo (Youthful Friends) - Shuji To Akira (Kamenashi Kazuya x Yamashita Tomohia)


Dong Le - Tank
Ai Mei - Ranie Yang
If There's No Tomorrow by K-One
Only Have Feelings For You - Fahrenheit feat. Hebe from S.H.E
Chu Shen Ru Hua - Fahrenheit
1000 Years glance, Eternity - S.H.E
Hair Like Snow - Jay Chou
River South - JJ Lin
Wo You Wo De Young - Fahrenheit
Qing Hua Ci - Jay Chou
Chou Nan Ren - Huang Yi Da

Many More But I might Forgotten....
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26 / F / Cimahi
Posted 9/1/10 , edited 9/2/10
Cassis - the GazettE
Shiver - the GazettE
Filth in the Beauty - the GazettE
Guren - the GazettE
Toguro - the GazettE
Sleepwalker - Alice Nine
Velvet - Alice Nine
Corona - Alice Nine
Waterfall - Alice Nine
Shunkashuuto - Alice Nine
Dead School Screaming - Alice Nine
Hana Ichi Yaiba - Alice Nine
Eraser - Alice Nine
Follow Me - Alice Nine
White Prayer - Alice Nine
www. - Alice Nine
Kiss Twice, Kiss Me Deadly - Alice Nine
Kousai - Alice Nine
Mirror Ball - Alice Nine
Kowloon - Alice Nine
Number Six - Alice Nine
Red Carpet Going On - Alice Nine
Q - Alice Nine
Senkou - Alice Nine
Rainbows - Alice Nine
Over - 12012
Sakura Mau Kisetsu Ni - Ayabie
R-A-T - Ap(r)il
Everlasting Dream - HIZAKI Grace Project
Cherry Saku Yuuki - An Cafe
Escapism - An Cafe
Maple Gunman - An Cafe
51% - UVERworld
Eternal Silence - Phantamagoria
88 - LM.C
Rock the LM.C - LM.C
Punky Heart - LM.C
John - LM.C
Boys and Girls - LM.C
Against - xTRiPx
Free Style Anthem - xTRiPx
Breach - xTRiPx
Dream Catcher - xTRiPx
-AquA- - 176Biz
Boku Shimobe - Vidoll
Kavki Boiz - Miyavi
What a Wonderful World - Miyavi
Monochrome no Kiss - SiD
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20 / F / Seoul - South Korea
Posted 10/24/10 , edited 10/24/10
korean and chinese/taiwanese
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24 / F / LA,USA
Posted 10/30/10 , edited 10/31/10
Torture, Superhero, Survive, Neo Visualizm, JPN pride, Jibun Kakumei-MIYAVI
Love Scream Party, Gr8 Story, Scheat, butterfly BoY, P!NK masquerade.-SuG
Vanilla, Setsugekka-GACKT

Replay, A.MI.Go, Juliette, Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, Life, Love Pain, Electric Heart, Ready or Not, Shout Out, Up and Down, A-Yo, Hello, Get it, One-SHINee
Gee(Jap&Korean Ver), Genie(both Jap&Korean ver), Oh!, Run Devil Run, Hoot-Girls' Generation
Sorry Sorry, Bonamana-Super Junior
Go Away, Clap your Hands-2NE1
Posted 10/30/10 , edited 10/31/10
For now, it`s ''Come a little closer - Lara ''
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F / Pandora's Box
Posted 10/31/10 , edited 10/31/10
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28 / M / In front of my co...
Posted 11/1/10 , edited 11/1/10
Up & Down by Shinee
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Posted 11/4/10 , edited 11/4/10
japanese artist to check out: miyavi (i like selfish love), gackto .9i like all especially tsuki no uta and tea cup), mr. children (shirushi) and any solo work (endli-x)of domoto tsuyoshi from kinki kids, tackey and tusbasa (samuri), monoral, girugamesh, vamps (hyde has other groups he performs with that are good)

Korean artist: seo taiji (i like ultramania) he hits every genre, rain (i like i do but he has faster songs like bad boy), super junion (don't don), u-kiss (man man na ri), mblaq (Y), ss501, gummy, hwayobi (she sings r&b), seo in young, 2am, F.T. island, pia

these are some of my favorite artist. Hope you like them. (mix of genres)
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26 / F / in the heart of t...
Posted 11/6/10 , edited 11/7/10

koe wo kikasette
last farewell
beautiful hangover

n many more...
actually,i'm bigbang fans....huhu

japanese: i love orange range song
ikenai taiyou
songs for code geass
their voices, somehow i think it's unique
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23 / %
Posted 11/7/10 , edited 11/7/10
SuJu: Super Girl, Blue Tomorroy

SNSD: Gee, Oh!, Run Devil Run
SuJu: Sorry Sorry, Haengbok, It's You
UKiss: Man Man Ha ni
DBSK: Mirotic

All of KAT-TUN's Songs!
All of NewS' Songs!
Hey! Say! Jump
(All from Johnny's)
Buono!: Minna Daisuki
Nana Mizuki
Utada Hikaru
Ai Otsuka

(I'm Johnny's biased and Jpop biased)
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F / In another world....
Posted 11/11/10 , edited 11/11/10
Korean Songs:
Sorry sorry
love ya
Heart breaker
DBSK: Mirotic


Nana Mizuki
Utada Hikaru
Hey! Say! Jump
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