[NEW] Badges!!
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Posted 12/12/08
THis is a new item for the group but this badge u havee to earn it will start from easy to hard


5+ just a badge that is ur choice colour back ground with ur name and stuff on it no picture

upload 10+ at least to gain ur kon badge to prove u are just a biginer but still active!!

upload 50+ u get to choose ur charctor even if someones got it!!and ur badge (which u chose ur own back ground and pic for it)

if u up load 100+ which is incredable u get to choose ur own charactor(main page ones) plus u get a name tag which is out soon, member of the month (to know how active u are!!) and no work for 2 weeks!!and of ur badge u get to choose ur own background for it and ur own pic!

if u atually up load 150+ then u get all the prizes from the one if u upload 100+, and u can request for an avatar!!and a gift if u wish so good luck!!

up load 200+ guess wat!! vacation time no world for 4 weeks!!

best of luck to everyone enjoy!!
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