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Posted 12/12/08
how many of you can relate to yomi's situation? Do your families/relatives fight/ go to extremes just before someone is about to die so they can be part of the will? I realise this is a sensitive topic, but I want to know how common this is in reality. Your 'closest' cousin will suddenly hate your guts, or your 'beloved' uncle who's smiled lovingly at you ever since childhood can't even stand the sight of you... overnight, just because of a bloody will. Ever seen/experienced that?
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Posted 12/22/08
Wow, Silence, I guess it's to be expected.

I'd say it depends on the inheritor really, If my parents wrote in their will that they'd leave everything to my younger sister and leave nothing for me, I'd obviously be upset, and I may harbor ill will towards my younger sister, but obviously it wouldn't be to the extent of murder.

When my grandfather passed away, I recall my parents and uncles/aunts bickering on who should do/get what. In japan, (or rather in past japan) high value was placed on the first-born and they'd be given equal if not better then the other siblings. I remember it got ugly with everyone pulling out each others incapabilities and flaws from the past, my fathers side, (2 males) and my mother and her younger sister, wouldn't stop insulting eachother. (I was also forbidden to go over to my aunts place, and I assume the same happened to my cousin)

This might sound harsh, but it's not as bad as it sounds, a few weeks later when the final judgement was made everything settled down. But as far as I know, disputes over wills do occur, there wouldn't be lawyers who specialize in the area otherwise.
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Posted 3/26/09
Well I never have such situations in real life but there're tons of examples in animes I've seen =.=||
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