Post Reply Poetry:The Symphony of the Alimony of Might
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Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/13/08
Wallowing through the pastures of the eluded morning,
As the sight of light pestered around the deepened retina,
leaving a faint yet permanent image,
that is rather beautiful yet with a taint of a unshaped grove,
leaving a uneasy feeling that feeds on sadness,
and failed dreams,
Creating a stiff doll of convection,
which is made of pure innocent,
truth it may be to the eye of the beholder,
stands a dancing doll,
dancing inside the melodramatic heart,
slowly gliding at long and careful notes,
while twirling through the chorus,
like a ballerina dancing with every bit of soul she has,
then starts back at the first position,
keeping the tone of the floor to mere pleasantry,
tip toe, tip toe, watch and see, watch and see.

The set has been made,
A set that instills a momentary of silence,
where romance and definite death is portrayed,
Its unsettling yet exhilarating,
like a calm and shaded rain,
As the sound of the pouring rain hits the roof,
its rather unpleasant yet beautiful in unison,
playing the dolls ambition,
giving a light within this oblivious world,
its satirical in essence of the teardrop conclusion,
Giving the soul a transit and poetic dance,
into the peerless and galloping storm,
only to see the river of regrets,
Insight to deliver.

Within the distance, a piano plays,
that is rather familiar to the heart,
where the dancing doll listens,
while smiling in distance,
As if the pianist of the past can feel,
the dolls emotions,
thus she dance through a watchful groove,
with every key played, is a closer to her tone,
varying her tempo is the key master,
Keeping the dolls heart open to life,
Upon arrival of the pianist,
Is a picture of her beginning,
hanging beside the pianist,
playing a tune that is lyrical and ominous,
like a lovers quarrel that is justified,
yet mysterious to the lovers heart,
Slowly she approaches the pianist,
below the tree of life,
Whilst the pianist play,
she freely and expressively kisses the pianist heart,
Then the pianist plays faster and stands on the conclusion,
but suddenly stops playing the song,
and try's to look back,
While in tears waiting on the calling,
Slowly he looks back,
only to see the doll slowly disappearing,
within the binding light of rose petals,
Leaving a tuner and pleas the pianist,
to play "remembrances",

The remembrance of the pianist conviction,
where the pianist lost a lover,
but gains the key to play to the stars,
then plays the tune of "remembrances",
with subtle and omnipotent to the soul,
Changing the weather into the light,
that once grazed through the pianist lover,
Where she twirls through keys,
above the once peerless heart,
into the pianist eyes,
playing the rhythmic tone,
Shrouding the eyes,
and uncovering the reality,
into the lips,
in a low and confident tone,
mystery says "Might".


comments and criticism much appreciated(If your going to correct to me about something, can you make sure its detailed want to make sure I correct where its needed) Thank you for reading
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Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/13/08
eerily beautiful and abstract, a little too abstract in some areas... but it kept me reading and the imagery was intense. I loved it, and thank you for sharing it.
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Posted 7/10/09 , edited 7/10/09
Hey XD I really liked it! Very beautiful, very pleasant, but heart-wrenching at the same time. Does that even make sense??
I think i've got it right when i'm saying that there is a pianist in this piece, who used to play music for someone he had lost, who happens to be a dancer, and now, as this pianist plays these songs, instead of having their origional meaning, they are played in rememberance, as rememberance, respecting songs.
Am i right? Correct me if i'm not
I really don't have much criticizm for this.
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