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Posted 12/12/08
DD (Da Dong/Jiro): Hi Gui Gui.

GG: Nice to meet you.

DD: What are you guys doing?

YT: I'm showing her around school, also helping her make a new friends.

DD: Ohh... well I'll be your latest friend.

GG: Ok! Hello to my latest friend.

YES! My first day of school, and I already made 3 new friends. Ya Tou, Wang Zi, and now Jiro

-All of a sudden, another voice joined the conversation.

WZ: Hey guys!

GG: Hi!!

YT: Hi Wang Zi, Hey guys, I'm giving you guys a mission, and if accomplish it, I'll give you a present.

DD & WZ: What mission?

YT: YOur mission is to help GG make new friends and show her around school.

GG: But.....

DD interrupts: sounds helpful.

WZ: I'm in. Why don't I'll start first since she's in my class.

DD: Alright, I have to go anyway.

WZ: What's the prize?

YT: You'll see, if you accomplish the mission. Gui Gui (turning to Gui GUi), why don;t you follow Wang Zi for the rest of the time before lunch is over, I have to go somewhere.

-Gui Gui nodded

WZ: Alrighty, follow me.

GG: Where are we going?

WZ: To the library.

GG: I thought you are here to help me make new friends.

WZ: Yeah, and my friends are at the library.


WZ: We're here.

GG: The library is SO BIG!!

-A girl walks up to Wang Zi

Girl: Hi Wang Zi.

WZ: Hi Selina. This is my new classmate, Gui Gui.

GG: Hi

SL (Selina): Hi, I'm Selina.


WOW! this girl is so pretty!


WZ: I'm showing her around. Also trying to help her make new friends.

SL: Ohh... well I have to go, bye.

WZ&GG: Bye

-Wang zi walk towards a guy whose sitting in a chair reading, Gui Gui follows.


He looks familiar..... WAIT!! It's the guy who ignored me this morning.


WZ: What's up, Arron?

-Arron turned around to face Wang Zi. He noticed Gui Gui was behind him.

YL (Arron): What is she doing here?


EXCUSE ME!?! This dude is darn rude. Doesn't even say hi, and now ask why am I here when HE DOESNT EVEN NO ME?!?! HMPH!


WZ: She's the new classmate, you were sitting next to her, dont you remember?

YL: Do I need to remember? (reading his book, so he's looking down instead of facing Wang Zi)

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Posted 12/16/08
aaron is so cold~ but he's going to like her later ight? xD
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