vampire knight chapter 45 discussion ! =3
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Posted 12/12/08
waaaaaaaaaaaaah, ichijou ! wat's goona happen to him !? im glad he's not dead but what's sara shirabuki goona do to him !? i wannna knooow !

and kaname and yuki and zero ! will it be kaname x yuki vs. zero ? or what if it's yuki x zero vs. kaname ? what about kaname vs. yuuki vs. zero !? ooooh. can't wait til next chappie !

and the leader of the hunters association has become a vampire from drinking a pureblood's blood ! and kaien cross is kakkoi !

what do youuuu think of chapter 45 ?
Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/13/08
why not put this in VK sub-forum?
Posted 12/13/08
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