Recreated [FanFic] "Pierced By My Fangs" Amuto
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Posted 12/12/08
After starting the first version of this story here: SnowPlush16 and I decided to combined our post from the first version into our own fanfic since we write similar and enjoying writing in depth fictions. Please feel few to join in the fun with adding your own part in the LINK above. That one is for everyone to participate in.

NOTE: After each chapter, we will type "finish" meaning your free to comment on story. We want to try to keep the story parts together (may be two to three forum post for each chapter) then the comments after.
-Remember this story is only being told between Plush and I, so please add only comments and tips for us and NOT your own part. We don't want people getting confused and whats part of the story and what is not.

Title: Pierced By My Fangs
Category: Romance/humor/horror
Pair: In general Amuto, more can be added

Being a vampire wasn't forbidden...It was the innocent blood they stole that was forbidden...But what vampire could live without blood for a long time without being tempted beyond despair?

Our story beginnings, with the beautiful beast, Ikuto, as he makes his journey to the next city in hopes of fitting in with the human crowd, and hiding from the Easter vampire hunters... There Ikuto's throat burns in hungry because of his lack of meals. What will happen when a student at Seiyo Academy, brings his temptation to a whole new level. Amu and her ridiculously creamy throat brings Ikuto to his ruin...

Their fateful tale beginnings, as Ikuto gets out of a taxi and into the burning sun of the city.
Story Beginnings: Chapter One Part I: New City
"Darn-it! The weather was suppose to be cloudy today...." Ikuto muttered, shielding his eyes with his palm, and giving the driver the last of his money. He was all on his own now, besides his traveling companion, Yoru.

Yoru was nothing more than a homeless child, that Ikuto couldn't help but feel compassion for. They both had been traveling together for some years now after Ikuto found him in an alley with a bunch of cats when he was going through that city.

Yoru knew Ikuto's secret and his bounty on his head and tried his best to encourage Ikuto through his travels and hunger.

"Ne, Ikuto...what are we going to now, nya?" Yoru asked behind Ikuto's long legs, scanning the passing people on he side walk.
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Posted 12/12/08
Written By SnowPlush16: Chapter one Part II
"I don't know...But for now lets find a place to stay-" Yoru's small stomach had just growled, making the small boy chuckle.

"And, some food for you..." Ikuto sighed, patting Yoru's, and taking long strides down the sidewalk with Yoru trying to keep up on his heels.

Ikuto was hungry himself...But it was bearable...At least for now. He would have to find a substitute soon or he could lose his sanity. That wouldn't be good either. Eating a "lot" of food helps a bit. But even its amount seemed to turn to dust in his stomach after a small bit of time. Plus he didn't have any money for a lot or little bit of food....

*sigh* Ikuto groaned at the unlucky future he couldn't see.


A/N: This part actually below was actually written by iluvshaoran We have modified it to fit the theme but originally piece that connected the parts. Please continue reading.

A young girl, about 12 or 13, in a rather punt looking school uniform, rushed by Ikuto's tall form, just brushing his shoulder with her head. Three girls (triples) were in tow behind her, wearing little yellow kindergarten hats, and blue coats. All were complaining to their leader on how they were late.

The bubble-gum haired girl tried to keep a straight face in their distress, but failed as she thought on how much later she was for her school.

Ikuto's let his indigo eyes wonder shamelessly over her petite form. Her honey eyes, sweet pink hair, and flawless pale skin, made Ikuto's insides turn with unwanted desires. His throat already hissed with burning dryness.

This was not good. The lack of blood to his body was sinking in too fast. He had just arrived here, and he was already having lust over a random girl he happened to past. How in the world would he find enough money in time to buy enough food to seizes the burning before he went after her out of instincts?

It was going to be a long day, Ikuto sighed, continuing to walk in the opposite direction of the girl, in hopes of something good to head his way.
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Posted 12/12/08
Written By: Chappi15 (me): Chapter one Part III
"Wow, this is really comfy..." Yoru groaned, trying to find a comfy place on the branch he was balancing on.

"Shut up! It's better than nothing!" Ikuto barked back, leaning against the trunk. The days mission in finding a job, money, and a place to stay failed miserable.

"Whatever..." Yoru muttered to himself, while settling down and forcing his eyes to shut.

A light breeze reached the height of the branches they rested in, giving the evening humidity more bearable.

Ikuto began to hear the shallow breath of his partner as he slowly dozed, as he looked out over the city below and awed at the brightness. Though the sun was down the city still bustled with people and their humanly affairs with great volumes of excitement.

It was useless to sleep for Ikuto. Not because he was an average vampire who usually didn't sleep until daybreak, but the sound of heart pulsating was too much for his sensitive ears to ignore. Especially when his stomach was as empty at a well.

Sigh... Ikuto huffed again in frustration. Trying to distract his attention, Ikuto swung to a branch beside Yoru's small form, in hopes of finding his sleep rejuvenating. But the opposite took affect for the worst. Ikuto found his eyes gazing at his little friends, beating rhythm of red under the thin membrane on his neck. Each breath brought another shot of crimson through each vain.


So tempting. Ikuto could feel his teeth moving in his mouth. This was more than he could bare. But he had too...He would not betray his friend over hunger in his sleep.

Without realizing it he was drawing closer and closer to the warmth inflaming Yoru's neck dispite his will.

Just a taste, Ikuto heard his mind moan. No! Ikuto tried to stop himself by squeezing the branch he was on causing the branch to crack slightly.

Pulling away with force and looking else where, Ikuto clenched his teeth together in an attempt to stop his fangs from showing profusely out of his mouth.

"I'm sorry Yoru..." Ikuto groaned, patting Yoru's head, "will be leaving the city soon if I can't clean things up quickly and property...

"I must hunt and put our safety here in jeopardy again..." And with that, Ikuto bounded out of the tree after wishing his pal a restful sleep, and sought out what smelled the most appealing to his nose.
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Posted 12/12/08
Written By SnowPlush16: Chapter one Part IV
"God, if you're the least bit on the side of a vampire, then please don't let me suck someones life away, but don't let me be discovered either...." Ikuto said a silent pray, looking down at passing people below him. Though he may be standing on one of the highest buildings around, the ant like people below were quite visible to his sharp eyes.

Bounding to another building top with much speed and uplift, Ikuto continued to almost fly through the air gracefully as he let his nose guild him while he's eye's were shut with no fear.

A shearing smell, broke through Ikuto's senses, bringing himself to a sudden stop (beautifully though). Ikuto opened his wavers eyes, peering out over the suburb neighborhood with his now slivered pupil. Ikuto could feel himself changing more on an animal instinct than his usually up-beat composer. Things were getting serious and tense even before spotting his prey. He hoped he would still having some control when he stole innocent blood.

Moving slyly down to a house ruff, Ikuto hopped silently through the wiving houses in search of the sweet smell that seemed to rule all others.


Ikuto could feel his heart ache for the person about two house away standing quietly on a balcony. He recognized quickly that it was the same bubble gum haired girl as early, who had passed him on the street.

Almost doing a ghostly walk forward, Ikuto felt himself give a low chuckle at how ironic this was. He was barely thinking correctly as he could almost hear the evil greed produce inside of himself as he felt a pang of pity for her.

He knew their was no turning back as he leaped to the ruff in front of her, but he couldn't help but feel a nag of guilt and regret. He didn't want to do it, but he wanted to take it all as well.

Her resting eyes fluttered opened at stared curiously but confused at Ikuto's still form cross the street from her.

He was spotted, but his instincts didn't care, he took one bound across and landed lightly in her balcony ledge.

She immediately stepped back in alarm at what just had play out in front of her. A boy just leaping across the street with no effort and staring at her with emotions she couldn't read was a bit awkward.

Silenced liggered for a moment as both stared intenstly at each other, until the girl spoke with surpised, "Are... You that guy I bumped into early....?"

Ikuto didn't answer until he brought his face dangerously close to her's, "Nice to meet you too," he cooed, enjoying the flush spread across her chins, making his own heart bound.

He was surprised she wasn't already freaking out, but risked more by, standing longer and enjoying her hunched back form and how cute, he would be honest, she was, and her her glowing eyes under the starry sky.

"Tell me you name," Ikuto found his lips almost sing, as he brought a strand of her hair between his fingers, feeling its smoothness as he brought it to his lips. Ikuto was surprised by the way he acted. It was like he had three sides; his "eat her" side, his "dazed" side (currently using), and his "normal" side, which was far to be found.

Ba-Bump, Ba-Bump.

Ikuto could hear her heart beat an unsteady rhythm as she spoke with a squeak, "Amu..."

Ikuto could see his red eyes through her glassy ones, and knew his fangs were starting to stick out as she seemed to lose her shylness and shake.

Fear. He knew...But she just stared, and tried to breath calmly while she let Ikuto grip her bare shoulders.

Ikuto felt himself shake as his eager month neared her glowing red neck, and felt her jerk in slight pain from the grip on her shoulders.

"If I can't see the light of day again, let me know my killers name, vampire," Her voiced quivered as she whispered.

Ikuto's arched form over her frozen. Both stood stunned at the remark.

"Ikuto," Ikuto whispered back, knowing this would mean death for her, and grit opened his dry mouth and brought down his fangs into her soft flesh below her throat.

Ripping flesh sounded, along with a grasp for amount. Then a dreadful silence of sucking and moaning filled the space between them.

Ikuto felt his hand grip into her hair , pulling her neck into and arch. Even as he drank he felt like he was still in the stage before drinking, going insane over his prey. It was an intense flavor that made himself go mad.

Sweet crave~


I was careless and released my fang hold on her and blood rolled down her shoulder blades. Licking profusely, then bringing his my month back to the wound, he tried to suck gentle for her knee were shaking and hit his.

Suddenly her knees gave way, and Ikuto impatiently pulled away and support her weight. He had a bit too far, she couldn't even stand.

Gazing down at her pale face, her eyes seemed faded and off somewhere even though she seemed to be looking in Ikuto's direction.

The thought occurred to Ikuto. He could use this advantage for himself. If he could make her fall asleep she could awake and totally forget the incident, besides feeling a bit faint when she a woke.

Swooping her form in his arm, he opened her glass balcony door, and gently rested her down on the bed.

Her lips pulled at the edges and she spoke softly, "Ikuto..." and fell a sleep with Ikuto's palm encouraging her to sleep on her forehead.

Finding himself smiling back, he whispered a "goodnight" in her ear, and slipped out the door and into the night like a light breeze.

FINISH Please comment! Chapter Two will be posted soon! XD
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Posted 12/13/08
Ok Ok u have 2 continue because I want 2 know if Amu and Ikuto will fall in luv
Posted 12/27/08
Written By SnowPlush16: Chapter Two "Staying For now...Maybe" Part I
"Mm-Yaaaaanw...." A long groan slipped from the boys lips, as he stretched up his small arms towards the sky, and squeezed his eyelids tight over his golden ones. Staring lazy around from a certain ...being, Yoru quickly realized his companion wasn't there. Gasping a bit at his sore back, Yoru pulled himself out of the arch of the branch he was in and peered around again, calling in a worried voice, "Ne Ikuto...where are you, nya...?"

"Right here," Ikuto's voice seemed to smack Yoru back into the truck (as soothing as it was) as blue hair suddenly fell from above in front of Yoru's surprised form.

"Don't scare me, nya!" Yoru hissed, crossing his arms and looking away with a pout.

"Sorry, boy...Well, I bet your hungry," Ikuto poked Yoru's stomach after it gave a growl, while smiling warmly. Yoru couldn't help but look at Ikuto's unnaturally bright fast with a bit of awe. Ikuto continued, "Today we will definitely find a job and a better place to stay tonight!"

"Good," Yoru sighed, still staring at Ikuto's confident face confusingly. Sitting up, Yoru could see Ikuto's midnight eyes had a new spark to them and couldn't help but ask, " Ne, Ikuto...What happened...? You seem different than usual...."

Ikuto didn't seem ready for this question, but blinked back a sober reply, "I guess this nights rest helped, plus I want to make it up to you for making you sleep like this. Why...How to I normally act?"

"Emo,nya," Yoru stated bluntly, with his eyelids lazily covering his eyes, in a know-it-all-way, while his bottom lip was lifted a bit of his top.


"Thanks...Yoru..." Ikuto grunted, hopping down from the branch to the ground in a grumpy manner.

"Hey, don't be mad...At least your more normal now-" Yoru broke out into laugh, at Ikuto's hunched back at each word, while trying to slither down the tree without slipping from his tingling fingers of laughter.

Ikuto gave a sigh, feeling the light pitter-patter sounds of his pal caching up to him as they made their way down into the morning traffic of the city. It little smiled crawled on Ikuto's face, for he felt a spark of confidences indeed. He knew it was because of last night. Sure, he felt guilty, but his strength was renewed and he felt like he could do anything now without being diver with his instincts.

They were staying for now, for things were going his way for once...Hopefully.

Part II will continue soon.
Posted 12/27/08
Written By SnowPlush16: Chapter Two Part II
"You're...Not serious...Are you...?" Yoru gawked at the building before them. A castle like school stood before them past the gates in which they peered. A golden sigh engraved into the white walls of the gate read "Seiyo Academy."

"I don't know..." Ikuto said honestly, being not quiet sure of his motive. Sucking it in, Ikuto to the first set onto the campus with Yoru lingering a bit at the gate until following. Both were shot glances from all directions from students on the school ground, but most given towards Ikuto.

Gasping was heard from each girl Ikuto passed, as one gave a whispered remark to their other; each Ikuto could hear perfectly with his sensitive hears.

"He's so beautiful..." "Who is he...?" "A new Student?" "Who knew paleness could looks so good!" "Is that a wig of velvet or it is real!?" "So dreamy..."

Ikuto couldn't help but chuckle at their comment, as he kept his face forward and his strides in rhythm towards the schools tall doors.

"Ne, Ikuto...Do you really think this...Will work...?" Yoru moaned in embarrassment from the stares he got from girls that enjoyed his cuteness.

"Well, a boy that's been through college three times with perfect scores, and four times through high school, though I think I would leave that part out, might just get lucky," Ikuto spoke downward so Yoru would only hear, as they entered into a large hallway with sparkling white wall and varnished floor of honey wood.

"And how old are you again?" Yoru tried to mimic and older mans voice to lighten the atmosphere.

Age was one problem Ikuto hoped, when he was interviewed, wouldn't be a main concern. Looking like a high school boy that has gone through college three time...Would make anyone wonder.

Opening a glass door to the main office, Ikuto leaned attentively over the counter, to a mid-age women who seemed to take and instant fascination of Ikuto, speaking in a flirting manner (that put her age to shame), "May I help you?"

"Yes, I would like to speak to the principle for job offers," Ikuto played along in tempting voice, making Yoru make 'gauging' noise under the counter.

The clerk responded sweetly, picking up a phone off its dock, giving Ikuto a bit of surprised look at his request, and spook in a more office manner, that is, after she turned away from her guest so she wouldn't get a bad image, to the phone.

After pointing down the hall and a few more eye lashing flips towards Ikuto, the blue head's were sent their ways down the hall with Yoru still making guzzled noises of disgust.

"Why this, nya?" Yoru asked in a complaining manner, passing another office.

"Well, most likely it would have good pay and its not as demanding...I really don't know. It's not like I'm going to be a teacher...Maybe just a teachers assistance, or a substitute teacher, or a tutor..." Ikuto trailed off in thought.

They came to the last office down the hall, and with a gentle knock on the wooden door, and a "come-in" Ikuto slipped through the door and left Yoru to curl up in a ball outside with a 'click' of the door behind him.

Part III will continue soon.
Posted 1/2/09
Written By SnowPlush16: Chapter Two Part III

"Well...?" Ikuto coughed, trying not to glare at the large man in an larger, roller chair behind a maple, wood desk, who was staring him down as well. Ikuto had spent that last half hour explaining (moreover; convincing) on why he was for the job and would be good at it too. The vampire looks and voice didn't seem to the surprise the man one bit and he was more stubborn than Ikuto was. This was the only time Ikuto felt like a human. The though of threatening him came to Ikutos mind, but that would not only cause him to show what he is, Ikuto didn't think a vampire would be hired anyway...At least not by this person.

Finally after a bit more dialog between, going through a few files, and doing some phone calls, a paper was push forward to him on the desk to sign as the last hurdle for Ikuto. To sign or not to sign?


Ikuto took -one of the many- fountain pens from a a holder in the shape of a fist and wrote in flawless letters, " Ikuto Tsuki." Leaving out the "yomi" in his last name purposely to protect his identity somewhat while he was in the city, and handed it by to the principle.

"You will be working as a teachers assistance and or a tutor if you wish as well," The man stared over his glasses rims, a Ikuto's sober face, then continued, "You will start today and ....

I will continue tomorrow...sorry, thanks for wait.
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