Kamen Rider Kabuto Hong Kong problems
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Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/13/08
I cannot find anything that is equal to describe my frustrations after watching Kamen RIder Kabuto in Hong Kong. Those who live where I am must know what I am talking about, There are many factors concerning the Kamen Rider series in HKG.

Ther eare 2 corporate channels in HKG TVB and ATV their English sub channels are Pearl and ATV(just ATV) when Kuuga first came to Hong Kong the dubbing and copyright was sold to ATV. They dubbed both Kuuga and Agito which was good because they did not try to rewrite the Opening songs and also the dubbers had emotions in their voices. BUT at some point TVB bought the copyright back and they are now dubbing the kamen rider series. Maybe because the channel is a very family friendly channel because of its excessive crappy cartoons and anime about love and stuff the dubbers sucks.

Okay im gonna get into the main topic today is Dec 13th 2008. Currently TVB is starting their new project AKA project Kraputo The episode today is the second episode (Cast Off) My frustrations lie in the overwhelmly horrible opening theme which is unique for every Kamen Rider. I heard from a friend of mine that the person who sang the rewritten Cantonese lyrics of the Kabuto opening felt like she was screaming IN TO THE MIC!!!

Of course the dubbers voices are mostly equal to the japanese series actors BUT there are certain people's voices which did not match the actors FOR example Shuichi Tadokoro the chief of Zect troopers command his voiced was replaced by someone you would hear when you are doing a documentary. HIS VOICE IS HERENDOUS!!

Another thing because the TVB editors could not replace the word Kabuto in english they decided make antoher name for the TV series from Kamen Rider kabuto (仮面ライダーカブト) ---->幪面超人甲鬥王 GARRGGHHHH

And finally the famous Tendou Souji when he said his line in Kabuto form such as Clock up it sounded more of i dunno COCK UP!!! I donnot want to go into detail about Cast off so it is up to the readers imagination.

What i feared most is that when I look infront and think about Kamen Rider Den O I really don't want them to ruin the ORE SANJO line.
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