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this will allow you to have avi's from moderators or from a creator so if you mind to get one. please follow the reqiurements "here we go for instructions" : please put :
text or it could be username or name :
glittertext : no :warning : glitter may cause ur avi/pic BLINK
blink : yes or no "please choose one of them"
effects :
animation stickers : heart , star , butterflies , other
"warning : if you didn't choose blink and you choose animations sticker this may cause YOUR AVI OR YOUR PIC TO BLINK
pic "please put choose a pic/avi for you :

text/username/name : username : xxbloodangelxx blink : no effects : blur edges animation stickers : none pic :

sample : or this-->
sorry i could'nt do good cause I WAS IN HURRY >< but i could DO BETTER THAT THIS THOUGH
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pointless thread, and you duplicated ur own thread..
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Erm wrong section?
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