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CR Member Of the Year Awards 2008
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Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/13/08

shikanarukez wrote:

b-but I was gonna award you XD for "most flamed"

Lol ... bashing =/= flaming

If anything, tripad should get that award
Posted 12/13/08
Who Deserves the title "most post" CR User?
mauz15 Look at his forum posts.

Who Types really harsh Comments?
No one. They're all attention seekers.

Kindest Cr Member?
Kindest? Does anyone has that quality here?

Mod of the year?
killar Yes, I'm biased. Anyway, does sous chefs count? I'll vote for BasouKazuma.

Worste Mod of the year? XD
I'll be very glad to answer this but I won't. I'm not that dumb.

Cr Member who flames the most?
kinkyhamster? He's just another boring soul here.

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Posted 12/13/08
haha good quality of answers (^ UP)
Posted 12/13/08
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