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Post Reply *TOPIC* what is your strangest habits @_@
Posted 5/5/09
My strangest habit?????????? I its I like to watch television while playing my laptop.I think thats my strange habits.
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Posted 5/11/09
1. daydreaming
2. have to eat somthing sweet in a day
3. watching tv and sitting in front of my computer
4. when i'm bored at home i start to sing aloud
5. when I'm bored at school i start to draw in my folder
Posted 5/23/09
lol sum of these arent that strange ( i think O.o)

1. when something stupid or embaressing comes on tv I hide my face
2. at school in slient work time I daze of and imagine myself and the guy I like and then talk a-loud to what i`m saying in my dream
3. Staring O.o
4. I consider my stuffed animals living O.O if one of them falls when i`m watching tv I can`t sleep till I put it back to its original spot cuz I feel bad.
5. I if the food on my plate touches I won`t eat it
6. I see a spider I SCREAM and then I wont go in that room for like a week or 2. if I do I`m like shaking.
7.If i see a fly in my house I won`t rest until I find it ( my sis says I look like a murder)
8. I play with myslef with imaginary people when i`m alone! >//<
9. even when i`m not bored I always kick my legs in the air.
10. I mumble anime songs
11. I don`t cry in public only when i can`t help iy its wierd O.o
12. I flinch at EVERYTHING it SO annoying >.>
13. WHen I`m alone I dance~

theres a lot more xD
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22 / F / dancing with haji...
Posted 6/20/09 , edited 7/7/09
im not quite sure if i rly do this, but i roll my eyes all the time when i hear bullshit or something stupid. i dont try i just do it. and i think about storys and sometimes say something stupid out loud.
and i cant stand to move to much. drives me nuts when i need to move.
i hate when i get interuppted becuz i forget wat im about to say.
Posted 6/21/09
1. I treat my stuff toys like living things, when i somehow have to put them on the floor when I sleep, I'll lay a Blanket for them to sit on. And i hug them one by one before going to bed.

2. I talk to myself.

3. I eat alot when I'm sad or angry.(Eg. Chocolates, Sweets, Snacks, Rice, Ice cream and etc.)

4. I kill all insects that is in sight, excluding Butterflys. I EXTREMELY detest insects and I'm motivated to kill it when it appears in front of me.
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21 / F / Indonesia
Posted 7/5/09
If I don't have pencil, I always use pen to draw.
My friends ever say that my pen drawings have only a little mistake.
I never feel really hungry,
that's why I able to not eat in 4 hours or more.
It's like my stomach has a self storage.
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21 / F / Earth.
Posted 7/11/09
let me say...
i think d strangest habit i hav is dat my emotion switched instantly...
4 example: if der rn't t'cers teaching(in class) i'll always LOL w8 my frenz, but wenever tcer came in, i'm getting serious n serious^^^ n 4 d one who see me 4 d 1st sight, they'll b shock coz i hav a serious face wen got nothin' to do.
honestly, i'm not a serious person..well, wen d tym to play, i play. the tym to study. i study...
that's me^^^^

LOL everyone^^^
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Posted 7/11/09
1) I talk to myself, things, or animals
2) I stare at people without even knowing i am
3) I start daydreaming while walking sometimes...

sometimes i love, and hate these habits...
Posted 12/28/09
I should laugh for hours or I cannot laugh tomorrow or for a week X3 (tried it its so horrible! when I try to laugh there is only a squeak X3)
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21 / F / ☠
Posted 1/24/10
i tend to get red and stuffy when im nervous or shy & i always put my sleeve up near my face to hide it.
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25 / F / United Kingdom
Posted 2/4/10
Going bed at 3/4am and waking up at 1pm. Or 6.30am if I have college that day O_O
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F / Somewhere studyin...
Posted 2/7/10
Eating cheese-its help me study O_O
Posted 2/8/10
1. I bite my nails all the time
2. i talk to myself
3. I space out alot
4. sleep in weird places
5. I have an overwhelming fear of the dark. So I turn on the light in another room so that the room I'm going into won't be dark and then when I turn that light on, I'll go back and turn the other one off.
Posted 10/17/10
have to watch 3 animes per day
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Posted 10/23/10
Mine is drawing puppies dressed up in costumes, reading, acting like humans, getting jobs. And if I don't do that, I'll go nuts.
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