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Post Reply *TOPIC* what is your strangest habits @[email protected]
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Posted 10/31/10

✖Always Use Computer

✖ Daydreaming

✖ Singing in front of a mirror

✖ Dancing in front of a mirror~ xD

✖ Drawing Random things

Posted 5/6/11
- Daydreaming(about fantasy stuff)
- Clap my hands on my feet
- When I read manga and get exited I clap my hands like crazy!
- Talk to myself
- Sleep while holding a stuffed animal xD
- Punch or kick something
I think that's it xD
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Posted 5/6/11
I hum when I am nervous or anxious, and I have a tendency to run in circles like Doc on "Back to the Future" when I'm overwhelmed or thinking about a lot.
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Posted 6/3/11

Posted 8/15/11
Biting My Nails...
Posted 12/8/11

- saying i am studying when i am not (on crunchyroll)
- standing up and dancing to songs when every 1 is stare o.O
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Posted 1/24/12
uhmm let me think~ XD

1- i can sleep in a whole day after back from school(tired). a very bad habit! X]
2- but i can keep my eyes open for a long time in a midnight XD
3- i eats alot but still maintain a skinny body.
4- like to hug my cutie cat tightly.
5- still can continue my dream even tho i stymied from sleep.
6- love to daydreaming.

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Posted 2/25/12
well.....staring into space?..that often happens alot.
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Posted 4/19/12 , edited 4/19/12
Biting my nails and singing loud when my head phones are on! My mom always screams:Shut the hell up!XD
Oh and when my moms at work i turn the music speakers on and dance around my house while singing the lyrics badly(When my moms working late)!Also i sing when im bored, varies form anime songs to various other English songs.
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Posted 7/15/13
When I'm watching an anime I sing along to the theme song and my little sister looks at me funny since she is right there.*blushes* it's so embarrassing

I always read something when I'm eating. I always have to be doing something when I eat.

My voice is so soft that my mom confused me for my two year old cousin

When I'm suppose to be typing a paper I'm on crunchyroll instead, I get off it so I actually finish my work

I dream about kissing anime characters
I eat too many sweets and I'm trying hard to stop.
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Posted 11/22/14
Looking out the window, waiting for him to show up.
Posted 12/24/14 , edited 12/24/14
What is your strangest habits?
1) Sleeping Late
2) Drinking Diet Coke at night which makes me stay up late
3) Sleeping while watching netflix
4) falls asleep in the morning
5) Eating late plus skipping breaksfast

6) getting lazy to get up
7) re-watching scooby doo on
8) Dreaming about having s3x with my favorite anime characters
9) Lip singing while asleep
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