GuiLun Fanfiction 13
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Posted 12/13/08
As darkness enveloped the entire hall, everyone started to panic.No one had expected a sudden blackout to happen right in the middle of this ceremony.

Realising that she couldn't see a thing, GuiGui began to get frighten.At that moment,she was caught unaware and started to panic.Being afraid, the first thought that came into GuiGui's mind was to seek comfort.And yes, she started to feel her way towards her right.

GuiGui:(panic and crying out) Yalun!! YALUN!! Where are you!!

Upon hearing GuiGui's fearful voice, Aaron became worried...

Aaron:(worried) GuiGui!

Aaron reached out towards his left and pulls GuiGui into his arms.He allows her to lean against his chest as he embraces her tightly.

Aaron:Gui! It's alright...It's alright.Don't worry..I'm here...I'm here my little ghost...

At that moment, at that very moment, tears flooded GuiGui's eyes as they began to trickle down her cheeks...
The feeling of being in his arms...The feeling of leaning against him, feeling his warm body was what she had always liked.It's was always Aaron who have been by her side everytime she was scared.He was like her guardian angel, always there to protect her..

GuiGui wraps her arms around Aaron and tightened her grip as she started to sob.

GuiGui:(crying) Ah Bu...Don't let go of me...(shakes her head vigorously) Please don't...I'm not scared if fans hate us...I'm not scared if we were to get kicked out of the entertainment industry...I just want to be with you forever and ever...I want to hear you call me your little ghost forever and ever...

By now, Aaron was letting the tears in his eyes flow freely.All the pain he had endured for the past few weeks had been tremendous.The break up had practically ripped his soul apart...But now, with GuiGui back in his amrs, the wound in his heart stopped bleeding.Right at that moment, Aaron knew...He knew he couldn't leave this girl ever again.He simply couldn't live without his little ghost....For he loved her way way way too much to let her go...

Aaron:(Leans his head onto GuiGui's) GuiGui...I won't ever ever ever ever let you go again...I was silly to even want a break up...I promise to stay beside you...To protect you forever...To love you forever...

Aaron didn't have to continue.GuiGui understood.Their relationship hadn't been an easy one.And it wasn't going to get easy in the near future. But whatever were to come, she knew that their love was powerful enough to overcome anything...

This round,Guigui took the initiative.In the darkness, she found her way to Aaron lips...Aaron returned her kiss...And they continued until they were gasping for breath....

[A/N: Yes, i still remembered that WangZi is beside GuiGui too!xD Poor wangzi!]

WangZi remained rooted onto his seat.When the lights went out suddenly, all WangZi could think and worry for was GuiGui.He was about to call out for her name and reach out for her when he heard her shouting for Aaron's name in panic...Instantly, he retreated...

WangZi:(Thinking) She still has Aaron in her heart...Even if i want to find my way into her heart, it will be impossible...Because...Because except for Aaron, she has left no other doors open for any other guy who wants to find their way into her heart...

WangZi could hear the couple talking...He listened...He could feel his heart being slashed by a knife as GuiGui and Aaron cried and lay in each other arms...

WangZi Heard Aaron speaking: " I promise to stay beside you...To protect you forever...To love you forever..."Then it was followed by silence.........

WangZi:(Thinking) They are........kissing....

His heart let out a tremendous roar as it shattered into a million pieces...He has really lost GuiGui...

WangZi:(Thinking;biting his lips hard) GuiGui...I have really lost you...But at least i know you will be happy...

WangZi rested his head against his seat as he closed his eyes...A tear rolled down his cheeks as he smiled....

to be continued

HAHA! This is a really broken chapter!! Hehe.I was rather distracted while typing this chapter! I kept talking to my sister who was beside me Okay anyway i will try to write a better one for the next chapter!

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Posted 12/14/08
hahaha..i love this chapter..i hope wangzi give them his blessing..n would help them to find a way out for their problem
i also hope wangzi would get a girl in the end

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Posted 12/15/08
wangzi is better here he should pair up with another girl
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Posted 12/17/08
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Posted 12/20/08
i luv this chapter!!!
but poor wang zi hope he could found the other girl
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Posted 1/30/09
love it
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