Who Was Your Very First/Best Freind on Cr?
Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/13/08
Ragnorock67896 was my best

I forget who was my first lol been a long time

This may be a dupe p.p
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Posted 12/13/08
ummm i dont know my First but..my best friend on CR is:
>Omok=cant forget her...she is so kool lol XD
>leggos=such a nice/funny guyXD
i also mainly talk to:
>yang_thao=veryvery great guy
>Lovly=so smart and awesome
>mamd87=Amazing person
Posted 12/13/08
you have quite a few
Posted 12/13/08
who ish now meh Cr bro^^
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Posted 12/13/08
O__O i can't even remember XD
i think my first friend on CR was my friend i knew in real life.. XD
uhm yeah iunno [:
Posted 12/14/08


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