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Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/19/08
This is where you can RP your daily lives. This RP takes place within your Union.
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|| I think this is where I go? o-O dissappeared for a while since i barely get wats goin on in this guild >< ||

Serena frowned, flaxen strands of hair danced easily in the gravitationless space. Few strands escaped her short ponytail though her bangs framed her face delicately as she drifted around, only her fingertips brushed the cool steel bars that lined the side of the Arch Angel. She had never before been involved in the war, this was indeed her first time. The first time she arrived from her safe home. The first time she had ceased her fearful denial and hiding and came out onto the battlefield hoping to help. Though it soom became clear that she could do little that would help.

Amber gaze affixed upon the ceiling she turned to look out into the distant space before flinching. It often made her feel insignificant, and the feeling never gave her much comfort. As much as she hated going out into battle, it often provided her with a sort of pathetic comfort. An even that allowed her to forget about her petty worries as the adrenaline coursed through her veins. Eyes often alert as they scanned the screen for attackers that became closer to their ship and often keying into the controls to attack numerous enemies. It seemed her life had become a battlefield and short peaceful moments were cherished. Or they should be. And yet here she was, wallowing up in self-pity in her short and precious moments of peace. "Stupid," she murmured to herself beneath her breath.
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