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Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/24/08

We are going to do TVXQ 5th Anniversary Project in Crunchyroll to show our love and support to our favorite, so we are thinking of having the same avatar on TVXQ's 5th Anniversary Day. Their anniversary is on 26th December 2008.

So for that day, we are hoping that everyone will use the same avatar, and leave their congratulation's words for them at the DBSK Group Wall, and I will make a screen caps and if there is no problem, it will be deliver to DBSK. But I can't promise you it will arrive safely. With the same avatar, we can show the harmony and the bond that we, all of TVXQ fans have. We have become one big family, thanks to TVXQ.

Which avatar will we use?
- Well, everyone who have skill in photoshop, u can send your self made avatar to me, please use PM, and when I get your entry, I will display it here, and the voting will begin.

Who will vote?
- All DBSK's fans community in Crunchyroll.

Some information of the avatar

- Must be in vertical, not horizontal because if you use horizontal, it will be small and hard to be seen -
- Picture of avatar : TVXQ's latest pictures which is since their comeback in Korea *you can use Lotte pics, awards pics, or anything -
- Must include all the members -
- Write a quote which give the identity of their 5th anniversary (ex : "Only 5, Forever 5" "Power of 5 Forever" "Spreading 5 years full of Love with TVXQ" -
- Send your entry to, hilary922003 through private message -
- Send your entry before or on 22nd December -
- The voting will start on 23rd December until 24th December -
- Everyone can start using the avatar on 25th December *according to Korean's time* so that everyone can have the same avatar on 26th December -
- It is up to you on when will you stop using the avatar -
- Any question, you can PM-ed me for further explanation -

I wont show the avatar until 23rd December, so make sure all of you check this thread on 23rd December and vote for your choice. I will tell you later on how to vote.

Hoping the cooperation and support from everyone in order to make this happen. And You can tell your friends who is good in photoshop, maybe they can help.

Suggestion and opinion are welcome!

P/S : If you want me to send you updates about this project or reminder on the day to vote, pm me, so that i can get u in the list

* Help spread this news to everyone, specially the DBSK groups in Crunchyroll *
* Take the banner above and put it on your profile *

Amount of entries so far :
1 ♥ by xSillySally
2 ♥ by keisterjoe
3 ♥ by theurbz203

List of members that will be receiving the updates PMs and joining the project :

If your name is not in, and you wish to be added, pm me (hilary922003). I might accidentally left out some names, sorry. PM me (hilary922003) so that I can put your name, as for the one who reply here, I'm not sure if you want to be added to the PM list, that's why I didn't put your name in the list.

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