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Posted 12/14/08
hey ppl!! this is a game where u can list ways to kill orihime!!! the more the better! u can keep posting!
well we all dream about it rite??:)
i'll start..
1.drown her in the toilet bowl
2.slap to death
3.deflate her boobs
(pls dun put erm extremely violent pics or anything thx^^)
Posted 12/16/08
Kick her!

(ima post 1 in each)
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25 / F / Sabrie~ (k k.. Peru)
Posted 12/18/08
defalte her fucking boobs!!!
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23 / F / home
Posted 3/26/09 , edited 3/26/09
1. bazooka
2. kick her 2 death
3. rip her up with my teeth
4. cut her to pieces with a knife
5. pull her hair
6. drown her in the sea-bathtub-pool
7. flush her down the toilet while pushing her in with my foot
8. bomb her up
>>>>>id like 2 c her cry

>>>>>killing orihime rox!!!!!! =3
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25 / F / Heaven
Posted 3/27/09 , edited 3/27/09

I don't like blood .. or doing something extreme ... so ...

1) poisen her food ...
2) scare her to death ..
3) I'll give her a littel push from a clife ... or infront of a car .. < she wont be able to balnce her body quickly becouse of her b**bs ...
4) I'll bay to someone to do my dirty work for me ..
5) drive her to Suicide by Bankruptcing her or anything ..
6) I' paint the walls of her room with Arsenic ,just like what happened with Napoleon
7) I'll bribe the pharmacist to give her the wrong prescription < she will have a hartattack and die ..
8) she will Choke by gas
9) electric shock
10) I'll keep the rist to your imaginatoin ..

l'll write more after a while wait for me ... =P

Posted 5/7/09
1. i would carve out her boobs, than she'll just kill herself. her a picture of ichgio and rukia making out, she'll die in shock.
3.or i'll go and stab her myself, considering she's so weak, she can't do anything about it.
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Posted 1/1/10
1-cut her to pieces
2-send her 2 the moon
3-breng a dog 2 eat her
4-burn her
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