Pheromones and Sex
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Posted 12/14/08
I read this article in a magazine Mental Floss and it was talking about pheromones and how it affects us. I'll let you guys read the article for yourselves. Basically, if we could turn on the VNO (later explained in the article) it could lead to wonders. Like guys would actually know where girls were in ovulation cycles during sex and we'd be able to better detect attractiveness other than with looks.
(I bolded parts that really caught my attention)

The On/Off Switch: Does the Nose Control Human Sexuality?
By: Sam Kean
“If humans can train (or genetically engineer) themselves to harness pheromones, sexual attraction in the future may depend more on how someone smells than how someone looks – or whether they’re a man or woman.”
Scent and Sexuality:

We are What We Sniff

The Flip of a Genetic Switch:

The Sense of Sex:

This was in the March-April 2008 Volume 7 Issue 2 and Sam Kean wrote the original article in Mental Floss.

I don't want to see any religious comments because this is not the place to do so, there's another forum on Extended Discussion if you despise this article so much. I just want to know what you think about it and anything else relating to the topic.
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Posted 12/14/08
I find the article interesting as it talks about evolution from the womb. The 17th week of pregnancy shows that the sensors are turned off.. It seems we've skipped an evolutionary process that animals have not. Animals and humans in general are not so far apart they shows human traits eg the hamsters thrusting and moaning.
The question is now that this has been discovered and if the pheromones can be harnessed will it have a major impact on humanity and the offspring of people?
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Posted 2/26/09
Wow, hmm... This seems very interesting. I don't really recall learning about Pheromones, but they sound interesting. I don't think activating them will be much of a good idea, people will be attracted to others by their strengths, weaknesses, genes, and etc? I think it's a good thing we don't do that kind of thing, I think the human race is nice enough, and I don't think I want to judge my potential partners on that :-/.
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Posted 2/26/09
very intresting,actually during boichemestery class in college the prof asked us to do a research about pheromones,so,i kinda know what's about!
i knew about this experiment,it 's intresting as i said before,
it can explain many things as it was mentionned above!
the prof said after we gave her our works that she wishes that we understand now,why a super goodlooking guy be attracted to an ordinary or" ugly"woman( i don't believe there are ugly women,each one is pretty in her own way!) or how a super hot woman be attracted to an ordinary or "ugly "guy(same here),& understand a part of how sexual preferences are established!
thanks for this thread^^
Posted 4/30/09
wow such a intriguing article this is could help me to learn more about the body. thanks again for this thread ^-^
Posted 4/30/09
wow. I can sniff her pheromones here all the way from Japan. **sexy sigh**
My sniffing distance was as far as S. Korea till I met her. **sexy sigh**
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