Vocaloid Chrismas Special
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Vocaloid Christmas Special~ :3
Miku rushed to her Twin brother happily and ran into his arms hugging him “Nee~ Onii-San?” Miku asked. “What is it?” Mikuo asked. “Is it ok with I go on a date with Kaito?” MIku asked. Mikuo thought about things for a moment. He really didn’t want her too but, since she was going to shutdown soon he agreed for her to go. “YAY!” Miku jumped around happily and went up to her room to prepare for her date with Kaito. Mikuo sighed “I-I’m sorry Miku” Mikuo grabbed his coat and walked out the door. He put his hands in his pocket and looked up at the sky. It was snowing “I’m sorry professor, I couldn’t stop it” Mikuo began to walk away and started to head for Hakus home.
“Nee~, Nee~ Len what’d you get me” Rin Kagamine asked. Len Kagamine handed his twin sister some keys “Keys? What are these for?” Rin looked up at Len. Len smiled “Look outside” he answered. Rin Kagamine walked outside and saw a new bulldozer “YES!” Rin hugged Len “This is the BEST! Gift ever!” Rin was so excited.
Rin Tomone asked her brother what he got her and he gave her a kiss on the cheek. Rin Tomone blushed and smiled. She returned the offer and gave her twin brother a kiss on the cheek as well.
Teto pats her snowman a little more and finishes “Yes! I have the best snowman EVER!” Teto got up and made a proud pose. Sadly, she leaned on her snowman on accident and fell onto it. “NO!” TT~TT Teto cried.
Knocks on door “PLEASE LT ME OUT MIKU! I PROMISE I WONT INTERFERE!” Gakupo crosses his fingers. “No, you stay in there for today” Miku replied. Gakupo whined.
Black Rock Shooter sat on Taitos couch reading a book. “Jeez, all she does is read” taito complained in his head. “Hey Black Rock Shooter, why do you always read” Taito asked. “I don’t think you want to know Taito” Black Rock Shooter. Taito got upset “WHY YOU! TELL ME!” Taito stood up. “It’s because” Black Rock Shooter still looking into her book, “Because?” Taito got curious “Because” Black Rock Shooter continued “BECAUSE!” Taito got impatient. “Just Because” Black Rock Shooter replied. (SWEATDROP MOMENT FOR TAITO :D)
(HAKU! >///<)
Mikuo put his arm around Haku and kissed her cheek. Haku blushed and Mikuo kissed her on the lips again. “I at least” Mikuo thought. “Before she disappears, make this day the best ever for her” Mikuo started to passionately kiss Haku and she blushed deep red. She did not refuse and let him do what he wanted with her. She was so happy! Mikuo kept whispering repeatedly “I love you Haku” in her ear. That day, she was filled with happiness throughout her body.
Miku span around happily in the snow with Kaito. They laughed at each other. Kaito gave Miku a light kiss on her lips. Miku blushed and they continued to spin around. Kaito went to take a break and let Miku spin. Miku lost her balance and fell “AH!” Miku was about to fall off the clidd so kaito hurried over to safe her but she was already falling “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Miku screamed. Soon all Kaito could hear was silence.
Mikuo was looking at Haku and brushing his ahnds through her hair when suddenly Hakus eyes did not have pupils anymore. Mikuo turned Haku around on her stomache and opened her back she was, shut down!
Mikuo got out of the bed and went to put on his cloths. He also put cloths on Haku and carried her to his lab. Once he arrived at his Lab he set Haku in a room on a bed and she was strapped in. Mikuo touched Hakus face “Don’t worry Haku, you’ll come back soon” a drop of water rolled down Mikuos face and he walked away shutting Haku in the dark room. “Professor, the twins have been completed” a girl with green hair and glasses said. “Ah! I’m coming” he walked over to a room and saw his creation of the new twins “Rei and Rui Kagene” Mikuo thought and walked over to them “Tommorow evening, please report this to information to everyone” Mikuo handed Rui Kagene a small stack of papers “Yes Professor” Rui Kagene replied. “Want us to get your room ready?” Rei Kagene asked. “Yes, please” Mikuo put his hands in his pockets and walked out of the room.

The VOCALOID STORY DOESNT END YET! The Epsisode after this ends season 1! Season 2 wont come for a while since i still have the Vocaloid stories before to finish.
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