GuiLun Fanfiction 15
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Posted 12/15/08 , edited 12/15/08
GuiGui could feel her whole body shivering.She could feel the coldness that crept up her spine right to her neck.Then a thought came into her mind..

GuiGui:(Thinking) Yalun!

She scanned the crowd frantically for Aaron.Then, she spotted him.He was sitting right beside Jiro,his eyes overwhelmed with confusion and disappointment.Guiui, her eyes with with desperation and sadness were fixed onto him...

GuiGui:(thinking) Ah Bu..Sorry,sorry.But please...Trust me...Trust that i love you.Trust that i only love you..

GuiGui continues to look at Aaron helplessly as she holds onto WangZi less and less tightly.WangZi looks at GuiGui and he could feel his heart shatter.

WangZi:(thinking) GuiGui...That sadness in her eyes...I'm really sorry.But i've got to do this.If i don't, she will get hurt...Aaron's and her fans are too big of an obstacle for their relationship to continue..

Meanwhile, Andy Ge continues talking before passing the microphone to the couple.

WangZi:(clears his voice) Ahem. Good evening to all! It brings me great joy to be able to stand here today to officially announce my relationship with GuiGui.And to Andy Ge, thank you.Thank you for cancelling the rule.Thank you for allowing GuiGui and me to continue with our relationship....(continues on)

By now, GuiGui eyes were brimming with tears.She didn't understand.Why? Why were there so many obstacles for Aaron and her? Why did WangZi and Andy Ge, the 2 people she trusted so much betray her? All she ever wanted was a simple relationship with Aaron, but it seemed so impossible.And today,she stood on stage to announce a relationship.A relationship that is a fake.A total lie...

GuiGui:(crying out in her heart) I feel so wronged.It isn't like this...It isn't!! Andy Ge and WangZi forced me into a trap...Why? WHY?! Even if i were to snatch the mic from WangZi and say that they were lying, no one would believe me...Not even Aaron...

Hot steaming tears rolled down her cheeks as GuiGui bit her lips to control her emotions.She felt victimized(委屈).She was so afraid that she would hurt Aaron,and she couldn't do anything about it...

She slowly shifted her head towards Aaron's seat and her eyes widened...Aaron's seat was empty...But GuiGui cried in joy because ...There, running down the stairs, towards the stage was Aaron.Yes,he was coming to save her.He was not going to let this lie continue to grow bigger.And he had trusted her.He didn't believe any of Andy Ge or WangZi words.

Aaron raced up the stage as GuiGui ran into his arms,sobbing.She held him tight.Really tight....

Then Aaron released her.

GuiGui:(looking into his eyes) Yalun...Thank you..Thank you for believing me...

Aaron:(smiled and reached out to dry her tears) Silly girl..Come, there's alot of explaining to do...

Aaron held GuiGui's hand and led her to the microphone as he shot a cold glare at WangZi.

Aaron:(speaking through mic) I think there is alot of explaining to do.But, firstly i want to tell each and every one of you...I love GuiGui...I love her very much.And i won't let anyone snatch her away from me because she is mine.

GuiGui grabs Aaron's hand a little tighter and goes forward to speak into the microphone.

GuiGui: I love Aaron too.I really love him...I know that I'm not the perfect girl you guys think that Aaron's girlfriend should be. I know that i can be very irritating at times...But...but i really want to be his little ghost...
(tears fills her eyes again)

Aaron speaks through the mic while he looks at GuiGui.

Aaron: You silly little ghost...In my eyes, you ARE perfect.(Turns to the audience) I understand that you fans dislike the idea of us going out....But...since you are our fans, I really really hope that you will all give us your fullest support.I know it is very hard for you guys to accept the fact that we are dating...But...please...Can you give us a chance? Give us a chance to prove to you guys that we are compatible...

Tears streamed down GuiGui's cheeks and she embraces Aaron.She lies on his chest as he lays his head on hers.They stood together.Their love strong and powerful.Then, the audience started clapping and the claps grew louder and stronger...

GuiGui:(looks at Aaron) Yalun...Our love is powerful enough to overcome anything.No one can stop us...Not anymore...

to be continued
please leave a comment because i wouldn't know how many readers there are...And if there aren't enough i won't post it on crunchyroll anymore~ thanks! :D

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Posted 12/15/08
I'll support you!

*gets emotional*
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Posted 12/15/08
omg that is sooo romantic of arron
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Posted 12/16/08
yeah..that's what aaron should do.hahaha..
hope u still upload here..can't wait to know what's coming up..
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Posted 12/17/08
wow, nice nice~ hope no one oppose gui lun now~
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