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Posted 5/23/09

I am finaly back, and i can open the group..i am totaly sorry about my late reply..

Please post a bigger picture!
Thank you!
Posted 5/23/09

iluvpups wrote:

1. Cut out umm the guy on the right pic's and the guy with the green jacket should be the one remaining
2. iluvpups, denise and "sarang taemin"
3. tall and thin
4. new background and add other touch ups like brushes or watever
make it pretty :)

this group wasn't oficialy closed, but it was closed, now it's open again..
I hope you will like the avii:

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F / .... u dont have...
Posted 5/23/09

pelite222 wrote:

Next time high quality pictures!!!
I will do the next both later!

omg thx i luv it and dont worry i'll wait for the other ones take ur time ^^ THX SOO MUCH
Posted 5/23/09 , edited 5/23/09

the second picture is low quality!

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