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Who wants to know...
Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/21/08

Shiro was now standing outside the school gates with Kuro. There was an awkward silence between them, Kuro had that same expression on, but Shiro had a pained expression on his face.
"L-Lets go now." Shiro turned right, and as he was about to go he felt a hand on his wrist.

"...." Kuro looked up to Shiro with a peculiar gaze. "Shiro is mad at Kuro?"

Shiro didn't look at Kuro, "N-No, of course not." He was half lying, but he doubted Kuro would be able to tell.

"Did Kuro do something bad?" She asked, a frown on her face. She walked in front of Shiro while still holding his wrist.
She had a sad look on her face.
"Was Kuro wrong?"

What could Shiro have told her? It's not like he could say, she was wrong for killing Kina. If she hadn't Shiro would be the dead one right now.
Not only that, Kuro's hand had been injured because she was trying to save Shiro. One could think of it as a gray area.
"....." Shiro remained silent. When he opened his mouth to say something, Kuro pushed Shiro against the brick wall against the school gates.
"Ku-" She had held Shiro's mouth shut again.
'This is the second time I've been in this situation again.'

"Bloody Cerberus is near. Shiro needs to stay quiet as we leave." There was a hint of fear in Kuro's apathetic voice.

Shiro nodded, code for; "I understand."

Kuro released her hand from Shiro's mouth. "We go now."

As Kuro went on her way, Shiro was just about to follow when suddenly,

"W-W-Wait a moment, you don't have to kill me!" It was right on the other side of the wall.

The voice made Shiro stop in his tracks.
There was a small crack in the wall that conveniently allowed Shiro to see on the other side. He completely ignored Kuro's earlier warning of moving quickly, instead he looked and saw a weak, nerdy looking student with straight black hair and glasses running from someone Shiro wasn't familiar with.
The nerdy student didn't have any weapons on him, the other one had a modified Tec-9.
The one with the Tec-9 was most likely Bloody Cerberus.
'So that's him.'
He had dark hair, kinda like Shiro, his hair was short and shaggy.
His body build was about the same as Shiro.
His eyes were as dark as his soul.
A cigarette in his mouth.
He didn't seem to care that he was about to kill someone, not even at all. In fact, he was smiling.
Shiro felt like he was looking into a mirror, Bloody Cerberus seemed like his exact opposite. The way Bloody Cerberus was looking down on his cornered enemy, just pacing around and toying with his prey. Aiming the gun, watching him cower, but not firing, just repeating and smoking at the same time. He smiled even wider as the nerdy student wet himself in fear.
Shiro felt insurmountable anger build up inside him.
'He's just toying with him...! Just let him die if you're gonna kill him!' If it had been Shiro, he would've been merciful and killed him quickly rather than draw it out.
Bloody Cerberus kicked the nerdy student in the chest.
He tried to crawl away but Bloody Cerberus just stepped on his back and filled his body full of bullets.
He twitched for the first few moments, but stopped moving after that.
....And just for fun, he just kept shooting until the cartridge clicked empty.
Shiro wanted to kill him, more than anyone else, Shiro wanted to kill that one...Bloody Cerberus.
'Bloody bastard. If I have to take a life from this, I want it to be yours.' Shiro figured he'd be doing the world a favor by killing him.

"Shiro mustn't stay." Kuro whispered to Shiro, as she pulled him with her, they were now running.
But as they ran, Shiro thought...for just a moment...that he looked straight into the eyes of a monster bred and born to kill and love it.
'He's a monster. He shouldn't exist.'
-On the train home-

They were the only ones on the train, a rare thing in this day and age.
Sitting close to each other, Shiro only thought of one thing. He had seen four people die today, it reminded him of that time years ago.

"Tempting Seahorse, One-eyed Mole, and Lawful Bull have been eliminated in the first day." She explained in a monotone voice.
"Savage Dragon, Rising Tiger, Bloody Cerberus, Caged Snake, and Watching Owl are left." She turned her head to Shiro. "Does Shiro want to know?"

"...Yah..." Shiro figured he'd best be prepared for anything, knowing a little about his remaining enemies wouldn't hurt.

Kuro turned her head forward, in her script-reading like voice she started explaining,
"Bloody Cerberus, birthplace unknown, family deceased, age unknown but believed to still be within student age, real name Jin Majima. He has no morals, no honor, no sympathy or kindness, no restraint, and no boundaries...he'll do anything." Kuro crossed her arms, as if shivering in fear. "A very dangerous monster, do not engage him alone. He's been in over 20 competitions like this, and every time he's come out the winner. Every mission he gets, very few remain alive if any at all." Kuro just kept shivering after her explanation was done. Even Kina and Goza seemed scared of him.
Bloody Cerberus probably struck fear in everyone who had knowledge of what he's done. Even Shiro felt a sense of fear, and he'd only seen Bloody Cerberus in action once.

"What about the other two?" Shiro thought it would be best to get Kuro's mind off of Bloody Cerberus.

Kuro stopped shivering, her hands falling to her said. "Caged Snake...there is no knowledge on them, they have fought in this game 3 times before. We need not worry about them, they won't appear until the end when there's only one left. As for Watching Owl...he is merely a watcher. He is not allowed to interfere with the game, only get rid of left over corpses, and eliminate anyone who shows signs of running away."

Meaning the only one they had to kill was Bloody Cerberus. Even Kuro was scared, how could Shiro hope to survive.
He placed his hand on his forehead, a reaction to mental pressure. "So that means...we have to fight that monster." Shiro was starting to feel hopeless. "We can't win against him..."

Kuro pulled Shiro into a hug. To ease his troubled heart.
"It's alright, Shiro, Kuro will protect you with everything she's got. Believe in Kuro, Shiro, believe in Kuro." She repeated, because it sounded like even she had her doubts about it.

"Kuro..." Shiro returned the hug .“Alright, I'll believe, we'll kick that dog's ass together." Shiro's confidence was coming back.
Shiro heard the train door open, he let go of Kuro as she did the same. Only one passenger came in.
Shiro's chest clenched tightly as he looked on in fear of who that passenger was.
That wicked smile of his sent shivers up Shiro's spine.

"Bloody...Cerberus..." Kuro had a tone of fear in her voice but even so, she stood to face him. Grabbing the long purple clothed object. She untied the red string that kept the cloth attached to whatever it hid. Kuro had been hiding a katana. "This one would rather use a sword if you don't mind, unless you're afraid to fight evenly." She unsheathed the black-bladed katana from it's red and gold scabbard, throwing the scabbard onto the seat while holding the sword in one hand.
He sported an insane smile, he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a regular hilt, no blade attached. When he flicked it, a blade unfolded from out of the hilt. A locking sound was heard. The blade itself seemed like a toy at first, but at closer glance, the blade was in fact real.
A silent stand-off between them, both of their eyes closed, it was as if the world was at a stand-still.
Shiro could sense the tension between them, the invisible attacks they threw at each other's inner selves, neither one budging an inch.
And finally they opened their eyes and charged forward. They both used a strong attack, the blades crashing against each other and sliding off to opposite sides.
A second attack, they used the same attack, as the blades clashed they simply stayed in the center. A test of strength now, neither moved.

'Kuro seems to be struggling.' Shiro could notice that, it might've been because Shiro was here.
'But that bastard...he's enjoying it!' Shiro could see the crazy smile on the assholes face as he traded Kuro's attacks blow for blow. Shiro's insightful eyes could see various times where Jin could've ended it, but he made mistakes. Leading Shiro to wonder if he was making those mistakes on purpose.
Than it happened;
Jin made a vertical slash, leaving himself wide open. An opening which Kuro took, thrust her blade towards his heart.
But Jin had employed a feint attack and Kuro was caught in it, too late for Shiro to say anything.
Jin moved slightly to the left, taking a step forward and locked Kuro's blade arm under his arm. It was only a moment and he threw his entire bodies weight off to one side, pinning Kuro to the ground. He took his blade and stabbed it through Kuro's shoulder.

The piercing sound of Kuro in pain made Shiro want to shut out his ears and close his eyes. But that wouldn't help this situation, neither would charging recklessly, he needed to think of something that would really work.

Jin smirked at Kuro's pain, twisting the blade to cause even more pain in Kuro's shoulder.
Jin looked down to the pained Kuro and tilted his head off to one side. He sighed of boredom, she wasn't crying, or begging for her life.
It was just at that moment, he heard the sound of foot steps rushing towards him. Pulling the blade out of Kuro he made a quick horizontal slash but his hand was stopped. He stopped a knife from being plunged into his chest with his free hand.
He stared into the eyes of an angry Shiro.

Seeing as how his hands were locked in place, Shiro head butted Jin. With the momentary shift in strength Shiro tossed Jin back about 5 ft.
The station was coming in, Shiro had very little time to act. Throwing Kuro's arm over himself, he took her out of the train doors. He saw Jin rush towards them, but the door closed just seconds before he reached them.
Shiro smirked at the now angry face Jin displayed as the train went on it's way...
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Who wants to know...
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Shiro had just finished treating Kuro's new wounds, like he did her hand wound. "Phew...that was nerve racking." Meaning, that entire incident had pushed his nerves to a new limit he never thought possible.
Sitting beside the bed he left Kuro to rest on, he couldn't help but gaze at Kuro's sleeping face.
"...her face is kinda cute when it's sleeping though..." He felt as if he could stare at that face for hours. He remembered that he had not only been hugged once by her, but twice! One time didn't technically count though, but he counted it anyways...!

"Mmm." She groaned in her sleep, she was probably starting to wake up.

Shiro watched her wake up with much interest. Suddenly when their eyes met, Shiro suddenly became embarrassed.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to watch you sleep." He was about to stand up but he felt a tug on his sleeve.

"Don't go...Kuro doesn't want you to go away again like before." She said with tears filling the corners of her eyes, her voice cracking with all the sadness she had kept inside her all these years.
"Kuro remembers that day, the day when our home was attacked how we fought bravely, and were separated in the end. Kuro thought you had died!" She cried out.

Shiro was beginning to understand a little bit, as to why Kuro decided to help Shiro instead of kill him when she had the chance. Numerous chances actually.
'All this time, Kuro had been in pain...searching for me...? Why? Others would've given up, why does she cling to me so much?'

She sniffled as she wiped her dripping nose clean with her sleeve, "Shiro was Kuro's first love!" She exclaimed, "It was only after this one realized you were gone that Kuro realized her true feelings, and when Kuro found you again, this one never wanted to be separated from Shiro ever again!" Her voice raised, almost shouting it to Shiro as she cried even harder.

'She's just like a child.' Shiro frowned, feeling sorry for her. But also...he felt happy. Because she, Kuro, had loved Shiro even after they had been separated. Shiro felt a little guilty, for not trying to find her hard enough.
He pulled her into a hug, refusing to let go. "I'm's my fault for making you suffer like that for so many years. From now on, I won't leave your side, I'll stand by you even after I die."

She cried even harder. "Kuro is...Kuro is so happy! Shiro, Kuro is happy!" She exclaimed while she cried.

Shiro pulled away from Kuro, staring at her as she stared at him.
In a situation like this, the thing that was meant to be done was obvious.
"...." Still, was Shiro really ready to take that leap? They were killers after all. There life together wouldn't be like the ones in movies, it'd be a hard life like any other.
But...Shiro moved forward, pressing his lips against hers.
'I want to believe, that as long as she's by my side there's nothing I can't overcome. From now on...I'll be the one to protect her.'
-the next day-

That day, a strange sign was left by the gate.
It was written,
'We end things in 3 days.' It was written in various languages so it was hard to decipher, people just passed by and ignored it.
Shiro stood by the gate, he caught the evil, dead eyes of Jin Majima.
'In three days...' Shiro had issued the challenge, in those three days, Shiro would take care of the most dangerous enemy he's ever faced before. It would all end.

They didn't say anything, just standing and watching each other while the sea of passing students kept them apart. Shiro felt that same tension when Kuro had stared him down just yesterday.
While he was in school, Shiro would plan his battle strategy against Bloody Cerberus...fighting him blindly with no strategy would lead Shiro to his death, ignoring all school work and finding excuses to leave class whenever he had the opportunity.
But while he was at home, he would spend all of his time with the healing Kuro, he felt like a married couple with Kuro, he enjoyed it and wished that kind of peace would last even longer.
And than finally...Shiro's three days of peace were up. At night, when everyone was gone from school, Shiro awaited his enemy on the roof of the school...
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Who wants to know...
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Other than Kuro's sword, which Shiro had sheathed on his back, he was equipped with an M37 pump action shotgun, the strap hanging over his shoulder as he held it at the ready, aimed precisely at the door leading to the roof.
He was sure Bloody Cerberus would come from that entrance, it wasn't like there was anywhere else he could come from, coming from the roof was just plain stupid and Shiro would've noticed someone climbing over the edge, he'd been walking around the fenced perimeter while still aiming at the door. He didn't want to take his eyes off the door, but he didn't want to stand completely still either.

The door slowly slid open, Shiro bent his knees, ready to move just in case.
Three objects caught his eye, "Smoke grenades?!" The smoke impeded Shiro's vision with grey. He saw a shadow move within the smoke, and so he opened fire.
It was a direct hit.
Shiro, felt something was amiss, there was no way Bloody Cerberus would go down that easily. He cautiously moved towards the shadow he had shot...
When getting up close to confirm, he saw that it was just the anatomy doll from the Science room dressed in their school's uniform.
Stuffed inside the anatomy doll were active grenades, Shiro barely had time to jump out of the way as the grenades exploded. Shiro felt the roof shake, a hole was made where the anatomy doll once lied.
He felt every bone in his body telling him to run away, that this wasn't a fight he could win. He got to his feet, but did not run away, he stood his ground.
'There's no going back at this point.' He had already made up his mind.
Something else was coming out of the door, this time it was the real thing.

Jin Majima aka Bloody Cerberus, stepped out of the doorway, he didn't have any weapons other than a simple knife. Was he so confident in his abilities he believed he was capable of getting in close range against a shotgun with only a knife as his weapon?

"You're crazier than I thought." Not wasting any time, Shiro aimed and pulled the trigger the moment Jin took the smallest step forward.
He dodged the shell moments before Shiro pulled the trigger.

Shiro couldn't keep him directly in his sights, he was so fricken fast.
Before Shiro was aware of it, Jin was already up close and personal. Judging from Jin's sadistic personality, he'd probably go for the most painful method of death possible. Either the neck, or the stomach.
Shiro took a gamble and guess the stomach;
Letting go of the shotgun he palmed Jin's knife arm off to the left.
Shiro felt Jin headbutt him, for a moment everything was ringing, but Shiro returned the headbut, afterwards he pushed against Jin with his shoulder to knock him off balance. Shiro took the shotgun once more into his arms, this was the reason he had it strapped, and pulled the trigger at point blank range.
It looked like a direct hit? And yet he still stood, Shiro closed in and kept firing.
After the last shell fell to the ground, Jin was already sitting against the roof's fence.
Making no sounds, and not moving...not even breathing...
"Is it over?" Shiro wondered to himself, moving around to view the corpse Shiro blood!

Jin suddenly sprang to life, the Tec9 he had from before sliding into his hand from his sleeve. He fired wildly at Shiro. That was probably his plan all along.

It was only by luck that Shiro had seen Jin was still alive, otherwise he'd be full of bullet holes right about now. Taking cover behind the rooftop's entrance doorway, he couldn't get to Jin from his current position.
"He must be wearing a custom body armor, no other explanation how he could stand up to a shotgun at close range, figures...Oh well, moving to next point." He ran down the stairway, he heard Jin running after him.
Now it had become a game of cat and mouse.
As Shiro stood in the classroom entitled, A-3, he opened the window and tossed the shotgun out onto the track field. Without bullets the thing was about as useless as a metal stick.
As he headed behind the teacher's desk he pulled out a fully loaded AK-47.
Next, he leaned against the wall next to the door...nothing happened...
"It's too quiet." He said to himself, at that moment he turned around, half expecting Jin the burst through the window with that wicked smile on his face......but it didn't happen.
Shiro's attention was turned to the sound of footsteps from the hallway, based on Jin's previous actions, Shiro figured it was just a trap or something.
Instead when he peeked out into the hallway, he saw Jin, walking, his Tec9 in hand and smoking a cigarette, it was like he didn't even take Shiro seriously.
'No way...this guy...this is just a game to him...' He was just about to dive out.
'Blind fire might work in this situation, but it seems he's able to counter logical just have to do the illogical.'
Shiro was going to take a risky maneuver that was likely to get him shot. If he was lucky, it would take Jin off guard. Might not kill him, but give him enough time to get that Tec9 out of his hand.
He waited for the foot steps to get louder...
A bit more...
Almost there...
Suddenly he dived out of the class room, charging blindly straight towards Jin, moving along the hallway's walls, if Shiro had a misstep he would've been shot instantly.
It was only by pure luck he got as close as he did, shoving Jin's tec9 out of aim, he pressed the AK-47 up to Jin's stomach. And unloaded a barrage of bullets from the assault rifle, he could only pray that the body armor wouldn't be able to hold from it.
As the bullets clicked out, Shiro attacked Jin with the butt of the gun.

Jin stepped out of the gun's melee assault range, he aimed his Tec9 at Shiro's head.

Shiro ducked as the gun fired overhead.
Stepping forward, he pushed Jin's gun hand away again.
Than Shiro threw a right hook it missed but Shiro didn't lose balance, in fact he cancelled out the punch when he saw it would miss, which gave him the edge he needed.
Shiro grabbed onto Shin's gun hand, forcibly pulling the trigger, he struggled to keep his grip until the gun clicked empty.
Afterwards Shiro pushed Jin onto his back, Shiro than unleashed a flurry of punches to Jin's face. Not stopping for any reason, even as he saw bleeding he didn't stop, even when he thought Jin was dead he didn't stop.
It was only after so much punching that Shiro was done. Jin didn't move anymore.
Shiro's breathing was heavy and long. "It's done." Shiro believed he had defeated the invincible devil, Bloody Cerberus.
As Shiro walked out of the school, through the back entering the track field.
He felt happy with himself, by defeating Bloody Cerberus he figured the last one, Caged Snake won't be a problem.
He fell on his back in the middle of the track field. He laughed dryly, finally enjoying a moment of peace.
But that peace was short lived, suddenly the school was set ablaze. Which made Shiro jump to his feet, "What the hell?!" Shiro didn't do that, or even plan it out. "Could it have been Caged Snake?" He asked. "Or..." He thought it was impossible...
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Who wants to know...
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But just like that, out of the flames of the building...
"You've got to be shitting me." Shiro couldn't believe it himself.

Bloody Cerberus walked out onto the track field, albeit a bit singed but he was able to walk just fine, in one hand he carried the blade he used to stab Kuro, in his other was the body armor he had been wearing up until now.
He figured that the bullets Shiro pumped into his stomach would've shattered the body armor Jin had been wearing, it ruined it at least.

"What is this guy, a robot from the future or something?"
Shiro slowly reached for the hilt of Kuro's sword on his back. Drawing it from it's scabbard, he held it in a reverse-gripped style, he took no stance yet.

Taking the high-guard stance, he simply waited now.
They were now merely feet from each other.
Taking a mid-guard stance, Jin rushed towards Shiro. Striking at Shiro's body with such raw power that each strike Shiro blocked caused him to nearly lose his footing.
The only thing Shiro thought of right now was killing Bloody Cerberus, he could only hear the clanging of blades.
As Jin made a low sweeping attack to hack off Shiro's legs,
Shiro switched back to the reverse-gripped style, it wasn't difficult to block the attack. With one hand free Shiro made a quick uppercut.
It caught Jin in his jaw, but he seemed completely fine as he hit Shiro in the gut with the hilt of his weapon.
Shiro staggered backwards, his vision was blurred seeing two or three Jin's instead of one Jin attacking again.
Shiro used spinning-style parries, spinning the blade in his hand while parrying, which Jin was able to mimic.
Jin kept going for feints, and Shiro flinched in reaction each time. His blade blocking nothing but air, and than continued to parry real strikes that meant only to do minimal cutting damage.
Shiro felt the anxiety of being cut seep into his body, Jin's feint tactics were meant to make Shiro lose focus and cause his reaction timing to slow down, probably.
It was than Jin had made a straight thrust after feinting a leg slice. The blade pierced through Shiro's sword arm, the pain as so intense that Shiro lost grip of the sword. He ended up kneeling before Jin.
As he looked up to Bloody Cerberus' face, he saw that insane smile from before. The satisfaction in his eyes gave Shiro feelings of intense anger.
As Jin raised his blade, Shiro picked up the sword and held it horizontally over his head, one hand on the hilt the other on the blade's edgeless side.
As soon as Jin's blade hit, rather than turn it into a test of strength, Shiro moved the blade along his right side, Jin's blade falling into the ground.

Shiro than dashed by Jin, attempting to slice off his leg. As predicted, Jin jumped over the blade.
Luckily that wasn't Shiro's intention, when reaching the edge of the track field Shiro reached into his pocket.
"And with that, we end this with a bang." Shiro held a detonator in his hand, he showed it to Jin as he ran towards Shiro. "Boom." Shiro pressed the big red button.

The entire track field blew up like a display of fireworks, nothing there but scorched ground and blazing fire.
And now, Shiro took a breathe of relief. Sitting against the equipment shed's door, Shiro felt a wave of relief sweep over him, even the constant bleeding of his shoulder and the intense pain surging through his body didn't bother him as much anymore.
"No way anyone could survive that." Now Shiro could take a long-deserved breather at last. But it was short lived as he heard a battle cry from the flames that engulfed the track field.
Somehow he kind of expected this...
No really, he expected this to happen, he slid open the equipment shed's door, he had stashed a simple Jericho 941 handgun with a full clip of fifteen 9mm rounds in the magazine.
He caught sight of a wandering Jin, now he looked like a wounded dog, his clothe had already been singed now they were torn, his hair even messier than before, bleeding even more than Shiro's shoulder wound.
"Fucking hell," Shiro took aim, his hand shaking from exhaustion; he wasn't a monster like this guy. "STAY FUCKING DEAD ALREADY!!!"
Shiro fired as accurately as he could.

However, it was like Jin could tell where the bullet would go. He leaned to his left, staggering in that direction as a Colt Double Eagle Handgun fell into his hand, he pulled the trigger in a sweeping style, firing 4 shots, 2 of which hit Shiro.

Shiro grunted, in retaliation he took fired in a vertical motion. His aim wasn't accurate but it managed to get Jin in the leg, which caused him to fall on his knees.
Their fight would have to be cut short as 3 gunshots suddenly sounded off nearby.
With those three shots, Jin had finally fallen, hopefully he'd stay down.
Shiro's gaze fell upon the source of the shots; Kuro.
"Kuro?" She shouldn't have been here, she should've been back at Shiro's place. Nonetheless it was lucky that Kuro had been there, otherwise Shiro might be the dead one right now.
He fell onto his back, staring into the smoke filled sky. A laugh escaped into the air.
"Is it over, Kuro?" Shiro asked.

"For Bloody Cerberus..." She seemed distant as she spoke. "All that's left is Caged Snake..." She paused for a moment.
"And Rising Tiger.
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Who wants to know...
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It was as if the world had gone silent with that last sentence.
"Kuro?" Shiro was at a loss for words, it was only Kuro's name that came to his mind.
As he sat up, Kuro had now turned her Maxsell Jackal Handgun on Shiro. The way she looked at him, it reminded him of the way she looked at Kina and an enemy.

She sighed, not because she was sad about what she was doing, "Shiro never figured it out?" She was sighing in disappointment.
"Did Shiro not wonder how this one knew who was participating in this game, their identities, where they would be, how Bull and Seahorse knew who Tiger was? Kuro will explain now;" She paused to take a breathe, this was going to be a long explanation.
"The first one I sought out was Mole, I had worked with him on a job once before, he was good at finding things out and digging up information. It wasn't hard to coerce him into working with Kuro, after that it didn't take long to learn their identities. And than...that's when Kuro found Shiro again. Kuro was...really happy." She smiled with tears in her eyes.
"But, Kuro realized that for Kuro to live...Shiro had to die. Knowing that, Kuro...approached Shiro, this one believed that if Shiro was to die, it should be by Kuro's hand." She wiped her tears and continued with her explanation.
"So, this one called Mole and purposely allowed Seahorse to overhear our conversation of attempting to team up with Bull and Shiro, this one also mentioned Cerberus by name. After that, Seahorse got to Bull before Kuro. And Cerberus had discovered Mole, he used Kuro's own strategy, Kuro didn't help Mole because he was of no more use.
Kuro had used Shiro as bait, because Shiro was the one with the least experience, logically going after Shiro is what everyone would've done, as Seahorse killed Bull, and gathered around you, Kuro killed Seahorse, and Cerberus killed Mole, and now...Shiro and Kuro killed Cerberus, and now...Kuro will kill Shiro." Her hand shook as she aimed the gun at Shiro's chest.
Shiro saw her hesitation; maybe he could talk her out of it;
"Wait, we don't have to do this, you said that Caged Snake would only come out if there was only one of us left, so if that's the case if we find them together than-"

Kuro shook her head, "Shiro will never find Caged Snake, because they were always here to begin with."

As usual, Shiro didn't understand Kuro's way of speaking in cryptic metaphors. "What do you mean?"

Kuro smiled lightly, "A long time ago, their lived a little snake. One day the snake had been taken by an evil god, and placed it in a large cage. He thought of the snake as nothing but a collectable. The little snake had come with a plan, but it would need time.
Many years passed, and the snake had grown to such a length, it was too big for the cage and far larger than the evil god. To keep his collectible happy, he opened the cage to let the snake out and move it into a bigger cage.
But, as the snake slithered out of the cage it devoured the evil god and obtained it's the little caged snake, became a Dragon."
She sighed to herself after finishing her story, "Caged Snake...and Raging Dragon...are the same person."

"That...can't be." That meant, Shiro was the only one now. His only option was to shoot Kuro with the Jericho, but how could he? How could he shoot someone he loved?
"So...everything...was a lie?"

Kuro shook her head, "No, Kuro had planned to kill Shiro, but...those days we spent together, from when we met to a couple days ago, they were the best days of Kuro's life...this one cherishes those memories, this one will keep them in Kuro's heart until Kuro dies as well." At this time, the tears fell from her eyes like waterfalls and her voice cracking with sorrow. "Goodbye."
If this were over, Shiro would be dead. A shot had been fired, but not by Kuro, nor even Shiro.
Shiro stood in the bullet's path, and than more bullets hit Shiro as he shielded Kuro with his body.
"Damn...that guy...just won't stay dead...right, Kuro?" Shiro was gravely injured, an entire Cartridge had been unloaded into his body and he was smiling at Kuro.
"Kuro...can you do it?" Shiro couldn't hold his gun anymore.

"...Yes..." She picked up Shiro's guns, leaning her arms over Shiro's shoulders, aiming Shiro's Jericho and her Jackal at the still-breathing Jin.
She fired every bullet in the cartridges, moving past Shiro to get closer shots, every bullet hit Jin in fatal spots. At last, Bloody Cerberus fell over, dead.

"I hope that bastard stays dead this time." Shiro said weakly. He felt Kuro fall into his arms. And than, it started raining...just like that time years ago.
"Sorry, Kuro...I guess I lost?"

Kuro shook her head as she looked up to the smiling Shiro.
She shook her head, "No...Shiro won...without Shiro, Kuro would've died. So...Kuro will grant Shiro one wish..."

Shiro smiled, even though the pain was so intense he didn't let it show, because he didn't want to see Kuro cry for him.
"Can I wish for more wishes?" He joked.

Kuro shook her head, "Make it something I can do."

"Alright." He mumbled as he looked up to the rainy sky, "...I thought of a wish, can we stay like this, the way we are now...the way we could've been?" Shiro was wishing for an impossible wish, but he wanted, more than anything else, to stay by Kuro's side in his final moments...
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Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/21/08
Kuro was silent for a few moments, before finally answering Shiro's wish, "Alright." She pulled herself to Shiro's level and pressed her lips against his. A tender kiss that tasted salty because of Kuro's tear, it was her way of saying goodbye to Shiro.
She rest her head against Shiro's chest, holding one of his hands...her other hand reaching into her sleeve, she pulled out a low-caliber handgun. It didn't pack much of a punch.
As Shiro's eyes closed, only seconds from death now, Kuro pressed the gun to Shiro's temple. "Kuro...will always love Shiro..." She cried even harder as she pulled the trigger.
As Kuro continued leaning against the resting Shiro's chest her eyes gazed into the cold, dark sky, raindrops fell on her sorrow-filled face.

"Just like that time, I believed the sky was crying."
Kuro's lower lip trembled, her grip became weak as the low-caliber handgun fell from her hand, joining with the Jackal and Jericho.

"That place reeked with echoes of the past, and whispers of what could've been."
She had kept everything in for so long...but she felt that her barrier was breaking.

"As you bled in my arms, the darkness that I saw cleared away."
She clutched onto Shiro's shirt, tightly. Her shoulders shaking.

"Within my heart, this feeling resonated.
To one who has spilled oceans of blood.
Created mounds of corpses.
And cheated death countless times...
Why was I feeling like this?"

She screamed as loud as she could, crying harder than she's ever cried before. Her voice would go unheard, drowned out by the falling rain and the sounds of sirens...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/21/08
-About 2 months later-

With the school year ending, Kuro peeked inside Shiro's former classroom. Class was still going on, but no one noticed Kuro at the door.
She had been staring at the vase of flowers on a desk that once belonged to Shiro. Placed there by students in memory of Shiro.

"Kuro-chan." It was the principal’s voice, this old, portly, balding man had startled Kuro with his voice.
"Mind coming with me for a few moments?" He motioned for Kuro to follow him as he moved down the hallway.
"So, how have you been these past few months?"

"Fine." Kuro said with her usual apathy.

"Great to hear," He sounded pleased, despite Kuro skipping class. "I understand these past few months must've been hard for you. Being a survivor of that incident and all."
When arriving at his office, he slid open the door as Kuro stepped in he locked it. This was something that only Kuro could hear. "At least for now."

"..." Kuro turned around, a Glock 17 handgun was in the headmaster's hand,
"Watching're not supposed to participate."

"Yah...thing is, I bet a whole lot of money on Bloody Cerberus to win. I pretty much gave him an edge in giving him the locations of all of you. But he went and of this as retribution." As he raised the gun, Kuro sprung into action.
Her moves were too fast;
She used a Judo wrist lock and pulled the headmaster forward as she turned.
She had complete control of his wrist at this point.
The barrel of the gun was now a lever that Kuro pulled out of the headmaster's loosened grip.
Now the gun was in her hand and pointed at him.
It all happened so fast that this move might've even worked on Bloody Cerberus.
"......" She remained silent as she took aim. "...It's not my time to die yet..."

"You..." He must not have counted on the tables turning like this. His back against the wall, and his eyes looking around for something to use...but nothing in his office would work.
"What are you gonna do, shoot me?"

"...No, instead I want you to deliver a message...tell them, that I'm coming for them. All of them, down to the last one." She said with confidence, and no longer referring to herself in a third person.

"Are you insane, you can't take on the crime families of the world! They'll kill you-"

"No they won't." She shot him in the leg, "they can't kill me," She placed a hand on her stomach, (Dun, dun, dun, dun, dunnnn...)
"Because 'he' is watching over me." With those final words she reached inside her pockets, a smile on her face...
-Six hours later-

A car pulled up to a small building called; "Azure Loaning corporation." A small company that was rumored to be have yakuza ties.
The headmaster was thrown out of the car, tied up and gagged as the car sped off.
A large looking man rushed outside and went for the headmaster,
"You, what happened, who did this to you?!" He pulled the cloth out of his mouth, so he could speak.

The headmaster breathed, "Raging Dragon, has gone rogue! She's planning to destroy everything we've all come to create!"

"I'll get the bosses on the line and tell them-"

"No you fool, run away now!" A beeping sound was heard coming from his stomach. Becoming frantic he shouted, "Quickly, ru-" It was too late.
A bomb had been stuffed inside the headmaster's stomach, and detonated right in front of the building.
Kuro watched from the rear-view mirror as the building lit up in flames.
-3 years later-

In an oval-shaped room, 12 men sat in comfy arm-chairs around the room.
Behind each man was at least 3 guards. Such tension was in the room, everyone was anxious to reach for their weapons, ironically placed in the center of the table.
A Caucasian man wearing a black long-coat and a wide-rimmed hat raised his hand, "Mr. Yoshinoya, if I may speak freely, you're assassin, Savage Dragon, the winner of our game a couple years back. There's been rumors going around that she's gone rogue and planning to attack the crime families." He spoke with an acidic tone. The kind of tone that you hear when someone is rubbing salt in a wound.

Yoshinoya, an old man wearing a black suit with a red tie, "Mr. Samson..." He folded his hands, but his annoyance was present through the way his fingers twitched.
"We've all discussed it already...the Yakuza have already taken care of their problems. Are you trying to start a fight here? I can assure you, your little gangs of misfits are nothing to our might."

"Oh, big talk coming from a man whose lost his own ace." This time, someone else had spoken up. A rather young man, wearing a green suit and a red tie.
Jet black hair, tied into a pony-tail wearing sunglasses. "Without that Savage Dragon of yours, you don't really have much of an army, do you?"

Yoshinoya grabbed one of his bodyguards guns and took aim at the man in the green suit.
Than Samson took reached for his gun. And so did everyone else, they were all shouting at each other threatening to shoot...
All except one...

A man sitting at the very end of the table.
Wearing a blood red coat, a man in his early 30's probably. He didn't flinch from all the threats and a possible shoot-out happening in his very office. He slammed his foot on the table.
"Gentlemen...if you please, put your pieces away I can discuss with you a matter of grave importance." He said in such a commanding voice everyone in the room stood completely still.
"...." There was nothing but silence, and than everyone put their pieces away.
He sighed in relief. "Good, now than...what I came to talk to you about, is a matter regarding Ms. Savage Dragon. Apparently she-"
An explosion had ripped through the room, killing half the people inside, more explosions were heard throughout the area. Buildings were being toppled onto each other.

The man in the black coat slowly staggered to his feet, leaning on the table destroyed table, "What-"
The screen behind him turned on by itself.
A group of people wearing dirty, battle-scarred clothing, and carrying around a variety of weapons, were seen standing side-by-side.
Kuro stood in the center of them. She looked a lot different from last time. Unlike the others, she didn't bother hiding her face from the camera.
She held the hand of a little girl that sort of looked like her, probably about 2 or 3 years old. And a young boy that looked sort of like Shiro, and about the same age as the un-named girl stood by Kuro's side, carrying Kuro's sword in a scabbard.
Kuro looked straight into the camera...with a clear voice she said the following message;
" those who work behind the shadows, organized crime families, Yakuza, Triad, Gangs, Mafia, Syndicate, whatever. I, Kuro Nagisa," She paused, showing a detonator in her hand.
Five seconds after she pressed the button, the sound of multiple explosions pierced the silence.
A large building was coming down on the meeting place of the crime families.
As it fell, there was nothing left alive. The only thing that showed was the screen.
"I declare war on this day." This message was broadcast throughout the world...

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Who wants to know...
Posted 12/20/08 , edited 11/16/09

I can’t believe how long this thing took to make.
A whole bunch of times I thought about giving up because it didn't seem to pack the kind of punch I really wanted it too. And than I thought about just setting the whole thing on fire.

Also, a couple personal well being problems happened:
Mostly lack of sleep and malnutrition.
But I just think of them as battle scars, besides...when I become a manga-ka, things like nearly dying will be the norm I guess. So I just think of it as training for the real thing.

In truth, I can never tell if any of my work is good.
I can only hope it's good enough.
In Fate Quartet, I felt the entire thing was rushed. The 'short stories' seemed like they'd be better off if I extended it. But if I did that, I'd probably be dead right now.
Most likely, my cause of death in the future will be a small articles that says:

[A man was found dead in his apartment studio when neighbors noticed he hadn't come out within 24 hours.
When police uncovered the body, they discovered a manuscript of next month's release of:
-Steel Wings-
A popular manga by none other than, Tsurugi Kouta, whose identity was previously unknown until now.
It is believed that the man is indeed Tsurugi Kouta, and possibly the doujinshi manga-ka by the name of Ryuzaki Caim, who had released several parodies of his alter ego's work.

After an intense autopsy, it was noted that he had probably died of lack of sleep, malnutrition, and a very high fever.

Questions are raised as to why he couldn't just rest, he probably wouldn't have died?
Well, a note was found in his apartment that read as:
"If you are reading this, I am dead due to being overworked. Though, I guess I was only living on borrowed time. I finished everything, so now I can finally rest...goodbye, to all my loyal fans. Keep me alive in your memories."

Known fans of his works are organizing to meet at the previously unknown apartment studio.
There they will hold a funeral for him out of respect.
Details of his personal life are probably unknown, but it seems he left quite a legacy...
I guess as they say,
"Just as planned" ]

Yah, that's probably what it'd look like.

Well, all in all, I'm happy that I saw it through to the end. Even though it feels like a piece of crap to me.
I wonder if everyone thinks the same thing about their own works?
Oh well, at least I can put this to rest...and finally take a breather myself.
Before my next work that is.
I give thanks to many people who helped in getting me this far.
All of my readers for one, your constant motivation really helped me get through to this long.
Also to the ones who helped me with the editing process because you all know that even I miss a few…okay, a lot of things here and there. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet all your expectations.
Thanks dudes, I can’t name every single one of you , I’d run out of pages to print. And than I’d get someone crying: “STOP KILLING TREES”
With the drawings, there were a couple people who helped me out with certain things, again, I’m not sure if you guys wanted to be named or not, so you know who you are.

This is a work of fiction, any relation to things, people, places, etc that are real is entirely coincidental and not intentional.
Seriously, don’t come around with a lawsuit or something, I put this here to avoid that.
Also if I find this story on another site or I see you walking around with this story, and I haven’t given you permission to view it in the real world or on another site, I will come to your house and split you in half with my bare hands. A lot of work went into this, so PLEASE ask before you decide to print this out.

Terms that come up in this story:

Disclaimer: These definitions come from my own mind, for the exact definition please use the internet.

I originally wanted this to be a manga…but time constraints and lack of skill.
So, for some of you who don’t get certain things I’ll explain a few:

(Note, some of these may or may not come up in the story.)

Loli: Technically, it’s used in anime to describe very small, flat-chested, girls. Basically, girls who look really young, hence the term Lolicon comes into play. Where as a character who enjoys that kind of thing.
In this story, you won’t find any pedophiles. -__- Even I know there’s a line that must never be crossed.
In this story, the loli you’ll see IS the same age as the main character.

Shota: It’s the male equivalent of Loli. The shota character is often spineless and wimpy, so nice it becomes creepy, or in some cases; pure evil.

Tsundere: Usually, a tsundere character is a character who acts mean but is actually nice in some ways. There are certain degrees of being tsundere, such as simple insults from here and there to physical violence towards the main character. It’s an unspoken rule that most if not all tsundere characters have trouble expressing themselves, is always beating up a character or the main character.

School uniforms: What’s there to say?

Yandere: A character who you think is unusually kind on the outside, but usually has psychotic moments.
Usually used in suspense stories.
For the record, Chikane is a yandere.

-San: The equivalent of mr/ms.
Usually used by people who’ve just met in order to be polite.

-Sensei: Meaning teacher.

-Chan: Used to express endearment, mostly towards girls. Sometimes towards pets, rarely used for men. It’s supposed to be childishly cute.

-Sempai/senpai: Upperclassman.

-Kohai: The opposite of sempai/senpai.

-Sama: A level higher than “-san” and used to confer great respect.

-Kun: Used at the end of a boy’s names to express familiarity or endearment. It is also sometimes used by men among friends, or when addressing someone of younger or lower status.

When there is no suffix at the end of a name, first or last, it usually means the two are very close. Possibly lovers.
But if it’s used by someone who is not close, than it can be considered an insult.
Depends on the person using it, and it being used on.

And that’s about all, sorry if I missed anything, good luck reading people
Yah, a bunch of people asked me questions. X__x;;
So I’ll answer a few of them you might have:

1) Why don’t you say what country the characters are in?
A: Because I don’t want to. A couple years back, I used a real place for a horror story and got in trouble for it. After that I just don’t use real locations anymore.
The settings are in 4 different cities, different times, etc. None of them ever meet…ever…

2) I feel like a lot of things should’ve been drawn but weren’t, why?
A: As some of you know, I don’t have a scanner at home. I use the one in my school, (Yes I’m a high-school student, big surprise. )
Usually, I head out of my 3rd period class, when lunch starts and I make a mad dash to the photo room on the 3rd floor, usually I’m on the 4th or 5th floors.
About 2/3 of the time, the computer with the ONLY scanner in the school will already be occupied by someone checking their myspace/facebook.
So, in the short 45 minutes, I had to scan things as quick as I possibly could. Scanning and uploading is slow, so I can only scan a handful of images before the time limit and I have to run to my next class.

3) What’s an anthology? (Yes, a lot of people asked me this, some people I had to repeat the words.)
A: Technically, a collection of works of literature that are compiled into one book, I believe. Usually by different authors, but I made 4 different short stories.

4) Why did you choose the title; Fate Quartet.
A: Quartet = 4 + Fate doesn’t always have happy endings.

5) Exactly how many pages of text is this?
A: Seriously, roughly around 100 pages.

6) What are you gonna do after this?
A: …That is a good question. Expect more of my work in the future if you liked Fate Quartet.
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Posted 10/24/09 , edited 10/25/09
awws nice story!! i finally have time to read it XDD good drawings too!! lolz @ words from the author ;3
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Who wants to know...
Posted 11/15/09 , edited 11/16/09
Holy crap, someone finally commented on this!

Thanks Panda,
I haven't been back here in a while...various reasons, most of which involve my drawing skills improving A LOT...
Now they don't look crappy!

Unfortunately, that's all I'm willing to show. The whole story is about 50 something pages long...about 8-10 of those pages are not intended for younger viewers.
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25 / F / ~*heaven*~
Posted 11/21/09 , edited 11/22/09
ahaha!! your welcome kouta-kun ;D pshh~ various reasons? more like you were a couch potato!! jk~ XP awwies!! nice drawings!! they did improve a lot!! great job!! but i think your previous ones werent that bad o;
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